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  1. Dezza , no your not missing anything. I think there has been a bit of confusion throughout this thread and I've added to it by misunderstanding your reply when you quoted " the cdi produces sparks ............. ". I took this to mean this is what the CDI unit SHOULD do, whereas you were basically quoting what i had described !! Durrrrrrrr ! Thank you for your input , much appreciated. I may swap the loom for a B12 ( winter project ) as old gsxr parts are getting hard to find. GeorgeE17KO: Cheers for the info , do you know of anyone who repairs these units ? Gaz
  2. Right then, the saga continues. New coils ( as the originals were 31 years old ) made no difference. Replacement CDi unit ( 1100 Slingshot ) fitted this evening and the old girl fired first time on the button !! NOW , I carefully checked as before , and with the ignition on and the kill switch to run, there were NO sparks at any of the plugs. Sparking only ocoured when i pressed the starter button. This is exactly the same on the EFE . I'm certain this has always been the case on all of the bikes i have owned. I am currently a happy bunny , but cant help being confused over the fact that the information in Dezza's post seems to go against my findings. I cant understand why the CDI unit would produce sparks on a static engine, what would be the point ? I have just had this scenario on my bike ( plugs sparking on a static engine ) and it proved to be a faulty CDI unit. Off to put Suzi back together. Gaz
  3. PS, it doesn't happen on the EFE, I've just tried it !
  4. I may well be totally wrong , but I thought you only got a spark when you pressed the starter button ???????
  5. I am getting sparks at all 4 plugs when I put the kill switch to the run position. I thought it was a faulty kill switch but I've changed it and it made no difference. Obviously the bike won't start if all the plugs are firing constantly as the timing is not operating correctly. There is no difference to the sparks when I press the starter button. I am starting a process of elimination as to possible faulty components.
  6. Yeah ,it still is. I never said it wasnt
  7. Its using the 750 CDI with 750 ignition advance . the actual pickup is still the bandit unit ( although I do have the 750 pickup plate if I need to swap it out ). using 750 ignition switch. Its worked fine and run well up to the point it just died on me. If it was supposed to have the resistor in the switch wiring and it didnt, would it have run at all ?? Gaz
  8. Cheers bud , put new switch gear on but made no difference . Rechecked all wiring for continuity, cleaned and checked all fuse board connections, cleaned all CDI connections, all seem good. Changing the coils this week , if that don't fix it , its got to be the CDI unit ? Would the CDI from an 1100 gsxr be ok to use on the bike. Its using 750 wiring loom and a 12 Bandit motor ? Thanks again Gaz
  9. Well I'm not sure the plugs should spark constantly and my question should have read. "any ideas why they should be sparking constantly ?" I havn't tried to start it until I'm sure everything is OK and right now I don't know if it is. Gaz
  10. Cheers guys, just had a look round and 1. ign on getting 12v at both coils 2. Getting 12v at the CDI Flicking the kill switch several times has resulted in a constant spark at the plugs ( in the run position ) !! Stripped the switch and it crumbled to nothing. if I join the two wires that go to the switch I get a constant spark at the plugs . Rechecked all block connectors , fuses all seem ok. Any ideas ?? Anyone got a RH switch gear for a 1990 slingshot for sale ? Gaz
  11. Just out for a bimble on my slingshot 7/12 when it comes to a sudden stop ( no warning ) and refuses to start. Checked all fuses ( ok) and all electrics working fine. Engine cranks OK but no start. Just got it recovered home and there is no spark at the plugs. quick check under the tank and all seems ok ( no loose / damaged wires ). Any ideas as to possible problem ? Any ideas gratefully accepted. Cheers Gaz
  12. Gsx1100er

    Fuel Tank

    Does anyone know if the fuel tank from a GSXR1100WP will fit on a GSXR750L frame ? Ta
  13. Hi mate , the hole centres are 14.5 cm up from the bottom of the base rails ( on all 4 uprights ), Gaz
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