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  1. Good evening gents, having a few minor electrical issues the warning lamps on the dash for the headlamp, tail lamp and brake lamp, seem to stay on then they go on and off intermittently, but all the main light work ok, also the indicators are a bit dim. The horns are also very weak. I was thinking earthing problems, but i am open to suggestions, but could someone tell me where all the earthing points are, so I can check these first. regards Rod.
  2. Rod


    On my recently acquired Us GS1100e the gearing seems quite low, compared to the UK one I had back in the day, is this a American thing! At the moment the vibes come in just under sixty on my old one I think was just over seventy. Ideally just over eighty would be good, any ideas on gearing, thanks.
  3. It’s Champagne gold, looks lovely, just like the one I had back in the day. Any suggestions on brake pads to improve things a bit.
  4. Good evening gents, I am just in the process of acquiring a 1982 GSX1100ez, it’s a US bike that’s been over here since about 1990, but it’s still got the silly 80mph speedo, I wondered what my options were, is there a way of altering it with a stick on face or do I have to replace the whole thing. thanks Rod
  5. Good afternoon Gents, thanks for letting me join. Back in 1983 I had a gsx1100 ez, I am now looking at buying another, but the one I am looking at is a American import, now I know the engine is 10 horsepower less on the us ones, however I don’t know what they changed to achieve this, also was there any other differences between the two specs apart from speedo, and no light switch. thanks in advance. regards Rod.
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