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  1. helps with human body parts as well
  2. feck !!!! thats a bodge by the P.O.
  3. I made mine out of bits of angle iron, it does have wheels but cant see them in this pic.
  4. just cleaned my set of B12 carbs and no holes in the pilot jets.
  5. like I said Joseph, Ive had good results with Dowty seals
  6. not a problem mate, I was a bit out of order as well, but as some will know I lost one of my best mates last week, and ive just got over covid and to top it off ive got fecking toothache and not much sleep !!!!!!!! all forgotten sorry to Joseph as well, hope you sort your leak.
  7. You do know he'll put you on the nauty list !!!!
  8. I often put a bit of sealant on the fuel tap screws along with new washers, even though I know the washers will do their job theirs nowt wrong with a bit of extra piece of mind knowing theirs less of a chance of a leak, especially when it comes to petrol.
  9. I don't care what list you place me in !!!!!! putting a bit of sealant on any thread thats holding a gas or liquid isn't a bad thing. if it improves the chances of stopping a leak then all good, especially petrol over a hot engine.
  10. to me that him saying he can see the fuel leaking from them !!!! but if you wan't to split hairs
  11. I think Joseph already said its leaking form the screws !!!!!!
  12. I have a tube of grey 3bond sealant, ive used that on some threads and it worked.
  13. have you got sealing washers on the screws ? ive used dowty washers on some of mine
  14. you could go for a big oil cooled engine (Bandit 1200/GSXR1100) and convert to chain drive.
  15. do you mean the oil cooled gsx1100g ? if so their will be plenty of room for the engine but will need to make new engine mounts, can't say how the shaft will line up and fit though !!! you might be better to use the gsx1100g swingarm and wheel as well.
  16. yeah I here you, I need a car and mine needs work but just can't be arsed but my old MG ZT is pretty cheap for parts luckily
  17. feck me baldrick i might not be around in 2027 to see it finished !!!!!!! sod the cars concentrate on the bike
  18. TonyGee

    Clutch woes

    I wonder why they dropped the ball bearing thing ? probably about cost
  19. TonyGee

    Clutch woes

    I prefer a cable over fluid, will convert my zed project bike to cable at some point.
  20. its always good to know, when i get a bike i do all the research i can find. knowledge is power
  21. they don't look to bad TBH !!!! a tad weak maybe, what are the carb settings right now ?
  22. one thing to remember though, they might be welded but not fully, but better than no weld at all
  23. the black 83 engine i put in my ET you could see the welds on one of the crank webs with the clutch cover off.
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