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  1. when i got the 1100 engine for my ET the comp was down a bit and it smoked a tad, but after 500 miles the comp is up to a reasonable amount and no more smoke. yeah it had been standing for quite a while.
  2. that doesn't look like a standard GSX1100ET swingarm in your pic !!!!!!! when I fitted a B6 wheel with a 150 tyre into an ET swinger the edge of the tyre was up tight against it when the wheel was pushed right forward, but with a slightly longer chain the wheel sat further back and had enough clearance. and im sure a B12 wheel with a 180 tyre would of rubbed against the swinger.
  3. you need to find a proper bike shop
  4. ive used shim steel in the past to take up the slack
  5. if you are using the OEM swinger then you will only get the B6 wheel in with a 150 tyre, the B12 wheel/tyre is too wide. you will need to use a bandit calliper hanger so it matches the bandit disc, but because the torque arm is on top you will need a GS 500 calliper as they are top mounted.
  6. you can use the OEM aluminium swinger or a B12 one, dont use a B6 arm their not as stiff. you can press out your gsx stem and use it in the bandit yoke.
  7. saying that I put a B12 wheel (and swinger) in my GSX1100 ET, my chain runs close to the frame and the edge of the tyre and even when the chain is slack i haven't had any contact with the tyre or frame.
  8. as wraith said a stem change on the yokes, if you use a B6 rear wheel you will have to machine the sprocket carrier down some, but you will have to offset the front sprocket a bit to get the chain straight. what swinger will you use ? you will have to change the calliper hanger and possibly the calliper as well.
  9. not my favorite bodywork on the GSX but we can't all like the same thing !!!! but I do like this one
  10. its running rich on no3, (over fueling) could be a leaking float valve.
  11. yep, a GSX750/1100 1980-82 fit the B12 wheel. I used one on mine (GSX750ET) also an offset front sprocket needed.
  12. the cases are a matched pair so should stay together, but I bet someone has done it
  13. If the seal has a lip on the outer edge then its a crank case split
  14. was the seal OEM or after market ?
  15. its not about being complicated its I have a problem with reading numbers
  16. there you go with bloody maths again
  17. to avoid any cockups I just buy the longest chain I can find, then just chop it down to size. I don't do maths
  18. you do know the US spec bikes will only do 80 mph anyway !!!!!
  19. when i did mine i got it as tight as feck, also used locktite and peened it as well, if that nut comes off it can make a mess
  20. yeah make sure the nut is tight and secure !!!!
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