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  1. are you trying to push the broken tip down where the mixture screw goes ? if you are your going the wrong way !!!!! push it from the bore of the carb up and out of the mixture screw hole. it'll never come through the tiny hole in the carb mouth.
  2. has the tip jammed in the hole ? if it has it might be sticking out so you will be able to push it out with something hard.
  3. yep, it had a longer arm at some point
  4. my 83 engine has a plug in the upper crank case thats held in place by the generator cover.
  5. thats a nice bit of kit but way to expensive i think !!! mine was free but not as trick. i find pulling the clutch lever near the end also helps, still not as light as other bikes but a big improvement.
  6. I was gona say that Toni but whats the chances of a 600 engine going back in ???
  7. easy peasy, just drill out the rear lower engine mount holes to suit the 1200 engine.
  8. someone will chime in soon and say "fit a turbo"
  9. I had an old small screwdriver that I cut a groove in the blade, and gently tap in-between the head of the pin and the post if theirs enough room, the downward tap is safer that a side tap.
  10. them posts are very fragile so be very carful, the pin is tight at the head end as its slightly wider to hold it in the post so support that post.
  11. the plugs are different from 600 to 1200 so i don't think they will fit, but you can swap the plugs over.
  12. that bike looks well with wire wheels Tony, if I had the cash I would build a pair for mine,
  13. 2 tyres of the same size but of a different make will prefer their own pressure, best thing would be to experiment on track
  14. talk about a bodge !!!!!! some people eh
  15. I suppose it depends on what hub you are using ? if its a wide one then the spokes will be further apart. the size (width) of the rim won't make any difference but a wider tyre might !!!!! are you using kat forks ?
  16. I think thats a B12 top yoke, B6 handlebar clamps are part of the casting.
  17. got an old gear lever and cut it down, had to flatten it a bit but looks better than the bodgy one i made. 55mm hole centres if anyone is interested. the only drawback is i have no freeplay at the clutch lever to stop the drag but no slip when wound on.
  18. I'm pretty sure they are Toni but can't 100% guarantee
  19. what about a short timesert ? if its short enough it should lock in place and with the aid of some locktite.
  20. I make my own, just buy the hose and fittings then you can get them exact.
  21. £42.44 full set. Ignition Switch Lock & Fuel Gas Cap Key Set For Suzuki SV650 GSX1400 DL650 QS UK | Eblag
  22. hope you didn't pay to much for it !!!! good project though
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