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  1. she's already mentioned it Toni
  2. I forgot to say, I might fit a B12 wheel AND the B12 swinger I really am loosing it
  3. my current GS project has a GSX1100 swinger in it, ive got a B6 wheel in it atm with a 160 tyre on it, if i push the wheel all the way forward the tyre rubs on the swinger but half way down the slots it clears. im happy to use the B6 wheel as it makes chain line up a lot easier, but i might fit a B12 and wheel i have at a later date ???
  4. I did the same thing on the Katzuma, but i didn't use a cone filter i just covered the hole with wire mesh and cut some air filter sheet over the top. had no room for a cone filter as the battery was in the way
  5. if this helps im using a standard airbox on my GS1000 project and using B6 carbs, the airbox is a 2 piece affair but not using the rear section, so gona use a pod filter that i can tune the air flow. all trial and error !!!!!
  6. shame thats not a legal plate
  7. Yeah their way to expencive
  8. feck im loosing it !!!! i was meant to say Timeserts i never use helicoils anyway.
  9. if theirs enough meat then helicoil or go up a thread size, but that would mean drilling the mounting holes out.
  10. B12 forks would be better but if you want to use the B6 forks upgrade the springs and maybe thicker oil as they are very soft.
  11. had the same issue with my 1100, went back to OEM plates and new OEM springs
  12. looks more like a 550
  13. a popular front end is off the GSXR1100 from the early 90's. but finding a good set of forks is getting harder, but a pretty easy swop.
  14. can i join in ? B12 with triumph front end, actually longer than standard B12 forks.
  15. you could always fit the airbox for now and get it on the road, then pull the carbs off and sacrifice the airbox by cutting it so it can be removed !! on my Katzuma it didn't look that bad as i didn't use the chrome covers. but a bit of carbon wrap might look ok.
  16. this bike was a ground up build, started with the 750 frame and fitted a B12 engine, the problem i had was the B12 carb tops got in the way of the tank so went with the B600 32mm carbs, I decided to use a zuma airbox to save fucking around with jetting, it all worked out perfect with no changes to the settings of the carbs. its the same set up a 1200 inazuma uses and also the GS1200SS. I also like the way the bike runs with smaller carbs with the increase of bottom end and mid range grunt. im doing the same thing with the GS im building atm. by the way you can't fit or remove the airbox with the engine in place, yeah i found out the hard way
  17. I don't know !!! with a bit of ingenuity it could be slimed down and strengthened with gussets. just having a look at my Katzuma project pic.
  18. yeah ive looked for a tap with the lever with 50mm spacing and had no luck !!!! the tap on my ET tank is 50mm but would prefer a RES position as I probably won't have/use a fuel gauge.
  19. I did contemplate fitting an ET tank to my zuma but couldn't find anyone local who would take the tank mod's on, thats why i went down the Kat route. could of got the frame modified but decided against it in the end. I think the frame mod is the way to go as you could fit other tanks if needed at a later date.
  20. you will have to do some major surgery on the underside of the ET tank to make it fit, or modify the frame. !!! as to footrest hangers i used some thick ally plate and made my own, could never find zuma ones in the UK, but they doo come up sometimes over in France. if you click on the pic and zoom in you can see the hangers i made and bolted bandit pegs to it
  21. the tanks are getting hard to find and fecking expensive but they look good on a zuma
  22. bandit footrest won't fit the zuma frame, completely different. as to the tank i'm with you on that, not keep meself !!!! but you will struggle to find a tank to fit, the top frame rails are to wide for a "normal" tank to fit without some surgery. but a Katana tank fits fairly easy.
  23. its the only way to go
  24. yeah but is he wanting to convert a shaft drive engine to chain !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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