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  1. good link dezza, i was wondering about the brake lights on my 2 bikes, they both only have a front brake switch (never got round to sorting the rears) now I don't have to bother
  2. do you get the feeling the O.P. isn't that interested ?????? not been back on since he posted the question
  3. one of the things i like about suzuki's, interchangeability
  4. a bit pricy Rocker cover gasket fits: SUZUKI GS, GSX 550 1981-1983 | Eblag
  5. yes the red locktite can stick like shit to a blanket.
  6. the B6 doesn't have the small sprocket between the cam sprockets so their will be a chain length issue, plus I think they use different chains. best bet go for a GSX750F engine, you don't have to use the extra power if you don't want to
  7. im probably talking shit but could it be the fairing vibrating and sending it back through the frame ? i know they can vibrate and be noisy ????
  8. yeah probably Toni, but if you have a steady hand and a grinder
  9. forgot about the half ring but could a grove be made in the bearing I posted ?
  10. this will fit, just pull the seals out. 25x62x19 Flywheel bearing (25x62x19mm) fits: DAF CF 65, CF 85, LF 45, XF 95 01.01- | Eblag
  11. have you been smoking wacky backy ?
  12. looks ok to me, at the end of the day its the size/shape of the mixture screw that matters. this is the hole in a 34mm carb body.
  13. only spring pre-load, I only said the 43mm B12 forks as they are a step up from the 41mm soft B6 forks.
  14. the bandit 1200 forks are better than the 600 plus have better callipers. and you can pick em up pretty cheap.
  15. the pic is a bit blurry when i zoom in but it doesn't look great !!! whats the bore like ?
  16. I used to work at a garden machinery shop and my boss used to sell it, the customers said it seams to work. but before I get any flack its NOT my opinion that it works.
  17. well let me enlighten you, i was given a link on a BMW site to a "vin decoder" I put my vin number in and it came up with plenty of info, build date/spec/options from new owner and low and behold the COLOUR !!!!!!!!
  18. that wiring is crying out for some Bolognese sauce
  19. are they ???? give me an old bike any day
  20. it does with cars but never tried it with a bike ???
  21. the big kwaka 6 pots are meant to be good, i know a few lads who have fitted them to busa's because of the spongy problem on the suzuki. i looked into it and it turns out they use different seals. I fitted a set of kwak seals to a busa once as the customer asked me and low and behold they blead up no problem and not spongy !!!!!!!!!!
  22. TonyGee


    it does make a difference if its done right.
  23. I set the butterflies up on the bench first, open the idle screw a fare bit so you can get a thin drill bit under one, then set the rest the same. then you can do them on the bike with the gauges. (dont forget to adjust the idle screw before starting)
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