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  1. noooooo they take away the fun of looking for the 6th gear you haven't got
  2. I remember once at the streetfighter's do at Sheffield one of the stunt bikes was a B12, it was a red hot day and Garry Rothwell was doing a burn out till the tyre popped, the headers where glowing red I asked him later about it and he said he does it all the time on that bike. tough as old boots
  3. if it hasn't been totally abused 50K is nothing on the oil cooled engine.
  4. ive had 6 bandits and worked on countless others and the vast majority where a bit on the rattley side !!!! saying that ive heard others that where quiet.
  5. you can always tell a bandit engine by its valve rattle
  6. its a tricky job as the clocks are sealed, you have to peel back the edge of the rim to split the clocks, ive seen the faces on bgay.
  7. or has it been in the rain and water has got into the tank ?
  8. I'd be checking the airbox if it has one ? found a rag in a customers airbox once must learn to read better !!!! it hasn't got an airbox
  9. my thoughts are if it was a totally standard motor then maybe I'd be happy with it but it would always be on my mind !!!!!! on a tuned motor with a turbo I'd be looking for another head. yeah im probably paranoid
  10. if it is because it was upside down it'll eventually burn off.
  11. this is one of the reasons we fit big fat wheels for modern tyres plus it looks the dogs danglies
  12. chill out man, it was an innocent question, if you dont know it doesn't hurt to ask.
  13. 3.25 x 19 and 4.00 x 18
  14. I think the best idea would ride the bike through the summer and enjoy it, then you can gather the bits you need and do a winter project. their is a mine of info on this site to help you if you go through the project section. and don't be afraid to ask questions
  15. then an 1100 engine and different tail unit (GS1000) and GS 750 side panels
  16. bikes tend to evolve over time, i know my gsx750 did this is how i got it
  17. anything is possible but depends on your skill set !!!! i dont think a gsxr or 1200 bandit wheel will fit in the swingarm as they are 180mm wide ??? maybe a bandit 600 would be better as they are 150/160mm wide. better to change the swinger as well, then theirs the offset for the chain to sort out as well as brakes. a complete front end is also a better option with thicker forks and better brakes. its all gona cost as well !!!!!
  18. TonyGee

    Repair kits

    if you are rich then genuine are the way to go but im not, so i use Tourmax stuff made in Japan. never let me down yet like some of the Chinese crap !!!!!
  19. normally they are all set about the same, but i wonder if someone has tuned them with a colour tune ?
  20. TonyGee

    Carb hassle

    probably running a bit on the rich side on the cooler cylinder.
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