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  1. yep but super strong and they buff up nice
  2. the new thinking is after some time the bores will smooth out and give a better seal with the rings which is what you want, if you hone them they will have to bed back in again. if it was mine I'd just fit them back in as is as you have good compression.
  3. us paupers use a file but a mill will come in handy
  4. also triumph use the same but have triumph embossed on them.
  5. ive seen them but don't know where to get them !!! never had an issue with checking the float height the normal way.
  6. are you saying all 4 are sticking ? very unusual if it is !!! i'd be checking the fuel line into the carbs as it sounds like a blockage.
  7. yuck !!!! a new one will make a difference when i got my GSX1100 it wasn't charging very good so checked my genny and it was like new ???? not bad for an over 40 year old, turned out to be the reg/rec and plenty of dodgy connectors. so treated it to an AGM battery and an upgrade on the reg/rec plus a bypass of that silly headlight wire charges perfect now
  8. I don't think a healthy battery will deplete at idle, your not at idle for long enough normally, but worth checking all the connections from the genny up, its an old bike/harness so won't be perfect, also check you have good earths. the charging is a bit on the low side.
  9. they look like the same tops you get on the Z1000J ?
  10. like the battery holder, very smart
  11. interesting read, thanks for that
  12. just knocked this up, bit crude but its just for testing, it will go on the way it sits in the pic (upside down) as the cable will be bent up otherwise. cost me nothing so nothing lost if it doesn't work. not gona get chance to fit and test it for a while though
  13. I'll see how I get on with a longer cover arm first, but thanks for the info
  14. thanks ET, will extend the ally one I found ive done an internet search trying to find some info on the servo setup on the kat's but can't find anything !!!! its as if they have tried to keep it a secret not looking to get hold of one as the chances are pretty slim but just interested in how it works really. what year was your Kat ?
  15. cheers John, ive heard about the servo clutch, it would be great to have one of them fitted but i bet they are pretty dam hard to find !!!!
  16. thanks bud I found an old ally arm in a box of bits today that i can modify
  17. I was wondering that !!! couldn't tell if it was longer or not
  18. on the longer arm do you remember the hole centres ?
  19. nice one, thanks Clive
  20. did you loose much clutch arm travel with the longer arm Clive ?
  21. yeah i already found them but thanks anyway ET
  22. whats the longer arm off ? ive been looking for one for a while now.
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