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  1. yeah, looking at the genny cover it does look like the later EF !!!!!
  2. I assume you are using balance gauges ? if so raise the idle more till the carbs level out.
  3. TonyGee

    Stafford 2022

    that sounds drastic Ash !!!!!!!
  4. TonyGee


    sorry i misread your post reading isn't my strong point
  5. It could be a tiny stone or something !!!!! how many times have you seen bits of crap round a spark plug ? and when you take it out the crap falls in to the combustion chamber
  6. yeah, it looks the same as my engine 83. should have a welded crank
  7. TonyGee


    the carriers are not interchangeable from B6 to b12. 5 rubbers Vs 6 rubbers
  8. TonyGee


    yeah, the B12 is very slightly longer but not much. i found that out when i put a B12 swinger in a B6 as the chain was to short enough but I put a smaller rear sprocket on to get a bit more top end and use the chain it had on it.
  9. TonyGee


    im pretty sure a B12 wheel will fit in a B6 swinger as they are the same width !!!! but better to use a B12 swinger as well, stiffer and looks better.
  10. ive used D&K many times, yeah they are not cheap but pretty good too me !!!!!!
  11. not cheap !!!!! and why do they take bits off it just to make a few more quid Suzuki GSX1100 ET ES S Katana 1980-1983 Engine GSX110X163669 | Eblag
  12. I bet the knobhead was on their phone glad you are ok
  13. in theory yes, ive seen them run for years with teeth missing with no problems, but if it was mine i wouldn't be able to sleep at night worrying about it
  14. I think thats gona be a constant problem with none UK bikes when the word Katana is plastered all over the bodywork !!!!! what where Suzuki thinking
  15. Looks like its not charging !!!! could be the reg/rec or the geny ? you have 3 wires coming from the geny, two wires go to the reg/rec and the other goes up to the light switch. you need to bypass the light switch wire and go straight to the reg/rec with all 3 wires.
  16. the question was IF he did find someone daft enough who could do the job and its an 18 inch his tyre choice would be limited, is that ok by you ?
  17. I had a bandit cooler that was cracked in the same place as yours and it never leaked (replaced it eventually) but looking at your pic it looks like the crack has reached the O ring surface !!!!!!
  18. they can get damaged by stones off the road, I'd clean up any trace of oil and run the engine till you see where its weeping from.
  19. it is a nice bike but the exhaust hanger is pants not to keen on the front mudguard either
  20. 2006 is the last (i think) of the GSX750F and is an oil cooled bike. I wonder if someone has fitted a fan ? if so their must be a switch somewhere ????
  21. im sure a specialist could repair it but at a high cost, better to find a good used one.
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