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  1. I did mine in gloss black (close enough for me) and got the decal kit of the bay of E. the company do the full range I think !!! SUZUKI GSX1100EX GSX750EX DECAL KIT | Eblag
  2. time to pull the cam cover off and check clearances, and maybe do a compression test before you go any further just to rule them out.
  3. I fail to see how putting your hand on the exhaust you know its sucking ????? if 1 and 2 are running then the timing is fine, check for a good spark if so then look to the carbs.
  4. use a single hex socket on the end of the spindle not a double hex, but make sure the pinch bolts are loose on that end.
  5. GSX1400 shocks 330mm from eye to eye.
  6. yeah very slightly different but some 600's use the same carbs but with different jetting.
  7. black/sooty plug is a rich mixture, did you do a bench test before refitting them ? it could be a leaking float valve making the mixture over fuel.
  8. when I bought my used GSX1100L years back the OEM damper was fecked, I priced up a new one out of interest and it was over £700 and at the time you could get an Ohlins fully rebuildable and better than the OEM one for £350 !!!!!
  9. it might be worth thinking of using the 32mm carbs that are on the 750 for the 1200 engine, I did this on my Katzuma project and loved the way it ran, it had a lot more bottom end and mid range and still would pull 130mph.
  10. did I see that on bgay ? time for a 1200 engine
  11. TonyGee

    Clutch woes

    I think I'd be trying a cable conversion
  12. TonyGee


    same with a chrome bandit one in good nick !!!! if you do find one it won't be cheap
  13. as long as you don't piss them off
  14. im sure i saw that bike in mad max
  15. im not %100 on the width of the Metmachex swinger compared with the B12 one, if its the same width then yeah the wheel will fit. B600 will fit a lot easier with chain alignment. their can be an issue with tyres, different makes of 180 can be wider than others even though they are the same fitment, some have a wider edge !!!!!
  16. Hi Nick, what swingarm do you have ? ive used B12 rear wheel with a GSX1100 sprocket carrier but I used a B12 swingarm as well. you will need an offset front sprocket to get the chain in line, the 530 chain will be close to the frame and the edge of the tyre but on mine I had no contact. using the B12 swinger you can use all the spacers and calliper hanger and calliper. for more chain clearance you could go down to a 525 chain kit.
  17. here's one of them boring streetfighters with twin headlights I built earlier
  18. helps with human body parts as well
  19. feck !!!! thats a bodge by the P.O.
  20. I made mine out of bits of angle iron, it does have wheels but cant see them in this pic.
  21. just cleaned my set of B12 carbs and no holes in the pilot jets.
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