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  1. I used a shaftie frame on my 2nd Zed build, way more room for a wide swingarm and plenty of chain clearance at the pivot point
  2. that would be a good upgrade for a GS850 but it would need some mechanical knowledge got me thinking now
  3. TonyGee


    Start by getting a new battery and check the small earth wire comming off the main battery lead. It has a spade connector.
  4. put it on PRI ( prime) and then try it.
  5. Ive heard you can still get them in black but i think they would sell well if they made them is chrome or stainless, had one on an old zed, looked the dogs.
  6. looks like a cut n shut !!!!!
  7. ive seen many bikes run sweet but when you look at the spark it looks week !!!! could it be a fuelling problem ?
  8. does it run good or is their an issue ?
  9. sorry Mike can't help, I haven't got one to measure and don't know if its the same size as the bandit oil piece.
  10. yes you can if you are trying to rule out a faulty fuel tap, but when done don't leave it on prim
  11. yes its just a vacuum tap. no RES or ON position, but using a screwdriver you can use prime
  12. I also bought one for my Katzuma project, reasonable price for a new genuine part
  13. OOPS !!!!! yeah it can be welded
  14. would of been interested if i didn't have my GS project but i think baldrick might !!!!!
  15. the little spade connector coming off the main earth next to the battery can cause all kinds of problems if corroded, if you put a bandit into gear and it cuts out when the neutral light goes out first thing to check is that spade connection.
  16. this is what the sanctuary guys do in Japan on the big zed's.
  17. go on Tony, you know you want to
  18. I can't see a problem with it if its welded good and a gusset is behind it for support it ain't gona go anywhere !!!!!
  19. sprocket sizes are all down to personal preference and what you want out of the bike, a 530 chain will do but, can't understand why you need to offset the front sprocket with a 180 tyre ? the oil cooled engines don't need it with a 180 !!!!
  20. has it done a lot of miles ? if so it could be worn needles and emulsion tubes ? this is probably not your problem but the Mk1 has an O ring under the float valve seat that cracks with age and cause leaks. still worth replacing anyway
  21. their not all old, this was my 99 model Katzuma
  22. I think they will fit but not 100% sure ? the pushrod will probably need the right length but not a big problem, you will also need the pickup ring that bolts to the output shaft and if its not already drilled and tapped it will need doing.
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