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  1. had a bit of an idea, gona find a gear lever that'll fit the splines and cut it down to length. might look a bit better.
  2. its a shame they don't make em anymore
  3. yeah saw them, will need some TLC though
  4. update, finally got round to fitting the home made clutch arm, and its made a big difference. i can now pull the clutch with 2 fingers but better with 4 really happy with it as I was thinking of changing the engine or selling the bike as it was pretty painful. but now its a joy to ride just need some warmer weather now will make or buy a better looking arm at some point.
  5. yeah i agree things are different under load but it'll get your mixtures in the right ballpark, it does say in the instructions to go through the rev range !!! my old XS11 had a small flat spot at 3-4000rpm and i could see it was running weak with the colourtune, so lifted the needles and the flat spot has gone with a nice blue flame. it takes the guess work out of it and at £40 its a dam sight cheaper than a dyno run for us who are skint
  6. yeah got it off the bay £40 new. they are a good bit of kit and can help get your mixture set right through the rev range. have you got another exhaust system to try on ?
  7. how does the bike run ? has it still got an airbox ? an exhaust change or an end can doesn't really make much difference, ive just bought myself a colourtune to set mine up, works a treat.
  8. 750 will drop straight in, 1100/1200 engines are a bit taller though.
  9. they will, also the tanks but not the front mudguards
  10. I get my seat covers off begay, theirs a seller on their that sells good quality covers but not cheap, ive had a few off them but at £45 a time. just as good as OEM i think.
  11. the best part is trying to drill the hole in the right place
  12. they won't stay tight on the bars, you need to drill for the peg. or wrap tape round the bars. ive used some shim steel in the past, you can get it in sheets.
  13. I think widening the original wheels is a good idea (if its possible) as it makes the bike more OEM but with the benefit of better tyres. but far easier to fit modern wheels.
  14. yeah i know what you mean about the US spec smaller GSX tank, the larger GSX UK tank works with a GS 1000 tail unit like on my bike. but the GS1000G tank will look ok.
  15. other than the harness its got me !!!!
  16. it would, and you can do a burn out without trashing the tyre
  17. not something that give much trouble but could it be the pulse coils ? or maybe its a wiring fault ?
  18. whats the condition of the plugs after it stops running, are they wet/sooty or dry ? could be a fuel problem !!!
  19. im hoping that was a misprint ???????
  20. you can't beat an old bike with upgraded wheels and suspension, what tank are you using ?
  21. ive had a few bandits, i think they are great bikes and ive had so much fun on em and they are tough as old boots.
  22. TonyGee


    im no fan of faired bikes but that looks good Joseph
  23. got to agree on the bandit frame, they are pretty stiff but let down by the suspension which can be upgraded.
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