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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! I have bought myself a very rare NEW 1984 Katana 1100SE gas tank! Now I have to paint my spare cowling in the same Suzuki colour Candy Gypsy Red, Suzuki 00J. Anyone by chance now the equivalent colour-code in modern paint-systems, at my work we use PPG paint on repairing cars and trucks.
  2. Unfortunately as of today as i was going to clean out the head and lap the valves, i discovered a crack between the sparkplugwell and an inlet valve in cylinder 2 and 3. So i guess ill be needing a new head. The rest of the engine looks REALLY good, pistons, walls, cams, rockers etc. What head will be my best option? I've read that a GSXR1100 (86-90) or GSXR750(87-89 short stroke) would be a good improvement cause of better airflow. Are one of these a straight bolt on or what should i be expecting?
  3. Hey Guys, Let me start by saying the Katana like thing I have bought has consumed me. I am just coming off building a turbocharged KZ1000 and am now throwing my efforts into the Kat. This is the only "katana" I've ever seen, let alone owned. I've wanted one for years and have never even seen one up for sale. The reason I hesitate to call it a true Kat is that its an 1150 motor in a 750 frame with gsxr wheels and unidentified suspension parts (but I suspect they are gsxr as well based on a conversation with the PO, but he wasn't firm on that). The frame appears to have been hit by s
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