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  1. if you mean the 16valve engines then yeah, the 8 valve engine has different mounting points to the 16 valve but not miles different.
  2. they say not to do that !!! its meant to go on the outside of the connector to keep the damp out.
  3. probably the best way would be to fit a wider swingarm, an aluminium one will be stiffer and look better than the steel one.
  4. have they got the anti-squeal shims in ? ive had the same problem a while back and removing the shims fixed it.
  5. if it where mine I'd just fit an OEM filter and be done
  6. yeah what Joseph said, some bikes don't like a free flowing filter unless you change jets or settings to suit.
  7. lol, ive no idea how wide the R1 swinger is at the pivot ? but where theirs a will theirs a way
  8. yeah i wondered that, i did the same thing with a Zed 1000 shaft frame with a B12 engine in it. loads of room for a decent swinger
  9. GS850 ? its a shaft. but anything is possible
  10. you can get an idea from the colour, mines factory black and they came out around 83, 80 to 82 where silver. but be careful it hasn't been painted by someone. not much help though, sorry.
  11. sounds like the clutch basket is not fully seated, are the alternator and crank gears fully engaged? undo the alternator and see if it goes back all the way. if it does the alternator gear is wrong or not engaging.
  12. it was a GS750 frame with a GSX750 engine, but i used a GSX1100 swingarm. this one
  13. ive got a memory like a sieve but i think i had the RF carrier turned down 10mm and that give enough clearance for the tyre. but i did have to fit a thick washer behind the front sprocket for alignment, i wasn't gona pay £60 for another offset sprocket when a washer did the trick
  14. its not the end of the world bob, the only down side is the expense
  15. RF 600 will fit. the sprocket mount surface is a bit lower than the B6 but it might not be enough to line your sprockets up ? i used one on one of my builds but still needed some more skimming off it.
  16. not healthy you put the ring in the bore to check the ring gap.
  17. usually oil burning on start up is a sign of stem seals !!! did you use good quality ones ? i cant see the valve guides being worn at that mileage but worth checking. if you are pulling the top end off then worth checking the ring gaps.
  18. stick an 1100/1200 engine in it, a lot easier.
  19. you guys never heard of front wheel drive I saw a security video years ago, it was a custom built van and yeah a couple of blokes in the back with a winch, it was sound proofed to help hide the sound of an alarm. i don't need to prove anything to anyone by the way, if you don't believe me i don't give a shit.
  20. talking of security, have you seen them van's that have the floor cut out ? they open the rear doors reverse over the bike and shut the doors, then lift up the bike and their off
  21. he has way too many bikes but the Kat is one of his fav's
  22. ive got a B12 swinger in my ET and yeah the slave cylinder rod needs tweaking to clear, its now close to frame and swinger but no contact.
  23. I used to work for Crooks Suzuki and he has many parts for the old bikes . upstairs is an Alladins cave, worth giving him a ring.
  24. my mate fitted a B12 motor into a 400 katana frame, yeah he had to modify the frame a bit
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