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78 GS1000 Left for Dead


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This is where the story started.... A Craigslist ad for a 78 GS1000 that had not been started since 1990....$400

I thought it would be a good parts bike for 78 GS1000 I already had.

The bike looked complete, but the Arizona sun had scorched everything within the suns range.

The engine was free, so that was all I needed to know to go through with the deal. I brought it home, and thats when the plan started to change. 


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I knew the crank would turn, so I thought I should see if I could get it to cough to life.

I hooked up my battery charger, turned the key on, hit the button, and it turned over fast and smooth.

I took some starting fluid and sprayed it into the airbox, turned it over again.....and it fired up immediately...:banana:

So I thought WTF, I'll check the compression and see if the engine might be in better condition than the one in my other GS.

Shot a bit of oil in each cylinder, taped open the throttle....and had an even 130psi all across. I couldn't believe that it sat untouched for 25 years and still had life.

I put the plugs back in, and figured I had nothing to lose.....so I put a fuel bottle on the rotting fuel line, plugged the vacuum line (tank off) filled the bowls (no leaks) turned on the choke......


And it fired up on all four cylinders, a minute later i idled it down and was purring like a kitten..... I couldn't part it.....

It deserved to be brought back from the dead.


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The next question was....how do I want to do this...??? I already had a 78 skunk AMA style, and a CBX street fightered out....And a restored GS1000 wasn't that exciting...???

But before I did anything else, I needed a title. So my first step was getting paperwork around to get the bike into my name (bike had no paperwork)

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Needless to say.....it took about six months to finally get a title for the bike. In the meantime I started collecting parts I thought I might want to use, as I still wasn't sure how I wanted to build it. Since I originally hadn't planned on having another project, the bike got pushed off to the side for a while, as I had a CBX to finish up (another long term project, that was so close I had to finish)


Sorry about posting a Gurls blouse pic.....



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non suzuki pic
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5 hours ago, R1guy said:

I'd also like to see some pics of the black gs tucked away in the background of this pic

Here's the other 78 I have....

been collecting parts for this for years to make a time period correct AMA style race rep....

problem is I keep bringing in other projects in front of it....one of these days I'll get it put together with a shelf full of stuff I have waiting...


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Thanks for the interest guys.

I originally had the rear spoke wheel saved for a GT/TR750 project (that is still a long way off)  But I wanted something somewhat oldskool, yet cool and updated just a bit.

So I stole the wheel from the GT and grabbed a GT550 hub, found a 18x2.75 matching sun rim, and had stainless spokes made to fit them together (laced the front myself/first time) The rear was originally on a old drag bike and is a Sun 18x3.5 aluminum rim.

After test fitting the bike with the GS1100 swing arm and wire wheels....I was 98% sure that was the route I was going to take.

The GS1150 rotors were a perfect look/fit I was going for.

The swingarm actually came from Japan....These 1100 swingarms are going for crazy money here in the USA. This one came from a GSX1100S (1984 home market Katana) for about $20. I also was buying parts for one of my RGV's so shipping wasn't a big deal.





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The rat rod look.....I actually had thought that was the route I would take, and try to use the tank. Tape up the seat....keep it rough looking but still able to haul ass.

So I attempted to rescue the gas tank....I put in some vinegar to get the rust out from the inside, but planned on leaving the outside as is.

After about 4 days the vinegar was gone and close to 50 holes appeared...!!!! So it was time to look for another tank, and some new ideas.


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