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  1. My pipe showed up at my doorstep today, built to TM400 specs but TS400 mounting position at the baffle.
  2. Had a chance to take the VJ23 out for a vintage ride around some lakes in Michigan last month, still runs beautifully….helped me remember why I love it so much.
  3. Engine is out….original piston still installed….all looks good but will be completely rebuilt regardless. differences between TM and TS cylinders … bigger intake port on the TM Taller deck height on the TS as well as the compression release valve and exhaust port flange. The TM and TS use the same piston and head, the lower deck on the TM is where the higher compression comes from. As well as bigger ports inside the TM400 cylinder compared to the TS400 ____________
  4. Some parts showing up. TM400 cylinder, new Wiseco 1mm piston, and the closer ratio TM400 trans.
  5. Searching and buying parts I need is taking some time, as well as $$$ I had not planned ahead for. So while the project is setting, I decided to get my VJ23 out for the first time this year, and clear out some cobwebs. TS400 / VJ23 Polar opposite’s as far as two stroke tech is concerned in almost every aspect. Hopefully the TS/TM400 will be just as fun….. _______________
  6. The RM was later in the 70’s. Very different engine castings. RM had reed valves where the TM/TS was piston port design. The RM came from the race only TM, and the TM and TS are almost identical except for the cylinder. the TM cylinder will give at least an extra 5-7HP, over the TS
  7. Finally got my wheels put together today. Need to make sure they are straight after I get my wheel bearings in… then some tires, and I can see if they are going to fit.
  8. I wish it was, but still searching for parts I will need for the rebuild. Going to a swap meet/auto jumble tomorrow to try and find a few things.
  9. New rear shocks, but will be same 13 inch dimension. Forks will get rebuilt with emulators, but not sure if I’ll change the spring or not yet. It will basically look restored when done other than the wheels and pipe….but should have a bit of a bite to it. Just a fun bike, and something to get me back into the mood of building bikes again. It’s an experiment more or less….not sure if it will be what I think I wanted until done.
  10. Parts….!!!!Time to get off my ass and start cleaning up and drilling out some hubs, and relearn some lacing tricks.
  11. Rims and spokes ordered…$$$$ also put myself in line for a new pipe from Jemco…. All of those parts are completely unnecessary to rebuild this bike… which is why I bought those first. Also working a deal on a TM400 cylinder and head for some added insanity.
  12. Yes. that is the part that is removed to unrestrict the exhaust. The ignition is pretty restrictive also.
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