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  1. busa1300

    78 GS1000 Left for Dead

    Dyno today. It is dialed in as close as possible.....flat A/F ratio except one area about 5500/6000 it is a hair rich...So I'll drop the needle back to the middle clip and should be done. Oh yea, the clutch appeared to be slightly slipping here and there.....damn 40 year old parts just don't hold up 85.2HP at 7900....not bad for what started out as a parts bike I'll try to down load a vid to youtube and get it on here at some point.
  2. Yes.... Being a two stroke addict, I had to have a 4 cylinder stroker.....and a RG500 in similar condition is just too much money And I didn't want a boat anchor steel frame, so I used my connection in Japan to get a home market aluminum version.
  3. And just this week I picked up a set of competition Sugaya right side exit pipes.... I just need to get my RZV project moving along and the RGV will be up on the table next for a full on rebuild.
  4. Then later on I picked up a good set of rear bodywork, GSXR400SP swingarm, and a VJ22 rear wheel and rotor, when I imported my VJ23 in boxes. Then when I imported my RZV in, I had another VJ21 engine thrown into the crate to add to the collection of bits.
  5. The bike had set for untold years not running when I threw the front end parts on. So I figured before I spent any more money maybe I should see if the bike even runs. Pulled carbs and gave a good sonic clean, bottle fed it some gas and it fired right up. Then rode it up and down the road just for the hell of it.....no plates/title/lights.....just smoke Looked terrible but ran pretty good....
  6. I parked it in a corner in the garage and went to work on the SP. Then followed Yahoo actions for various bits for the VJ21 on occasion when searching for parts for the VJ22. I managed to get a set of VJ21 SP forks, RF600 3.5 front wheel, early 600 Katana/teapot drilled rotors.... and mounted them.
  7. I bought this VJ21 as a side note to a package deal, when I bought my VJ22 SP about 5 years ago. The SP was my main focus, but I couldn't say no to a cheap VJ21 even though it was in poor condition. It is an Australian L version so it has the 34 Mikunis and better ignition. The frame looked good and had a clean tank inside....but everything else looked like it had no love for a long long time.
  8. busa1300

    Rgv VJ21

    Looks great, and makes me want to get mine out before the weather turns to snow. Sadly, I haven't had any of my strokers out or worked on anything since I got my new 1290 SDGT....
  9. busa1300

    16v GS1100?

    All 8 valve 1100's were shaft.....all 16 valve 1100's were chain.....I think 79-80 also had a chain drive GS1000L version too here. GL is shaft, and just an L should mean chain.
  10. busa1300

    78 GS1000 Left for Dead

    Wanted to double check compression just to make sure engine is still in top condition. It’s a question when it comes to getting a bike tuned just right. Bike is still putting out over 150psi in each cylinder...!!! Still planning on getting this in to a dyno, but I’ve been trying to work a deal on another bike. So the dyno time has been pushed back until I have that figured out.
  11. busa1300

    78 GS1000 Left for Dead

    Bike is now up for sale..... Time to move on to my other GS1000 https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwi/mcy/d/1978-suzuki-gs1000-left-for/6675034428.html
  12. busa1300

    VJ23 in a box

    It feels better than the original master....I have one on my RS250, and the feel is incredible....I can bring the back up easily with my pinky finger....But I'm using Brembo 4 pad calipers on it which probably makes a big difference. I also realized that the calipers I just bought have smaller bolts going through. The bolt mounting area looks too small to drill and retap larger, and still have enough metal left to be safe....or sleeve down the bolt holes in the fork..? Or just leave the damn thing alone now, and ride it
  13. busa1300

    VJ23 in a box

    The radial master definitely help the front brake feel, but the calipers still don’t feel right. I have a pair of brakes same the RC51....except black instead of gold. They fit the bike perfect, but I’ll need to make new brake lines to make it look right.