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  1. The 86/87 GSXR1100 had 18x4 which would work great with a 160 tire....near exact same spoke design. The 85/87 GSXR750 had a 18x3.5, but either will go into the swingarm with no problem....might have to get a different sprocket hub though for chain alignment. (GS500) Or check this place out https://www.custommetalspinning.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=wheelwidening
  2. No year designation in a home market 11 digit number. Usually have a sticker of some type by headstock that designates year A-B-C and so on L=90 M=91 N=92
  3. The bearings on the crank are definitely rusted, and the crank has to be split to put the gear on either way. The bike will be a keeper and only want to open it up once. So many parts from Suzuki have gone NLA since the Covid crap completely screwed things... Parts for my RGV250 VJ23 are non existent now, and anyone with NOS spares sells them for more than their weight in gold. It's sad where things have gone. I guess I should have bought the bearings 10-15 years ago when I was collecting some of the other parts for the project. Never thought that bearings would be that much for the GS crank, as I have rebuilt a number of two stroke cranks in the past of more obscure bikes for much less. The crank in the bike is perfectly fine as far as I know.....but I have the straight cut GS1100 count primaries and billet basket I want to use.... Had hoped I could just simply rebuild the spare, but maybe I will have to use the one in bike after all.
  4. I have a GS1000 crank that I need to rebuild and put my straight cut primary drive on. I have a good crank in bike now, but have had a spare crank on the shelf for years that I was intending on doing the gear swap. That crank has bad bearings after sitting for over 12 years. So I need new bearings. It looks like GS1000, GS1100, and various other GSbikes have the same bearing part numbers. Suzuki has 5 of the 6 needed bearings still available. But I had no idea how freakin expensive they are....WTF. Anyone have a source for the same quality or better bearings for crank rebuilds?....or a source for the NLA end bearing?
  5. I know where I can get two more Spondons, but I am waiting for the guy to give up on his project. He had them on a TZ350 he bought. I have always wanted a set of Astralites....but also quite rare over here....love those front rotor carriers...definitely vintage cool. Looks like 88-90 GSXR forks. Cool bike, I have seen that before online (probably on here at some point.)
  6. My straight cut crank primary showed up from MTC today. Next step is to start looking for crank bearings. Thinking GS1150 bearings are the same size but have more balls in the races…? Research time again.
  7. Guess I’ll figure it out at some point. Picked up some GS750 oil pump gears, to help get a bit more oil flowing when I put on my oil cooler….which will be needed when I put my 1085 kit in.
  8. I picked up a billet straight cut GS1100 clutch years ago. Originally I thought about cutting it down to GS1000 dimensions to fit under the cover. But not sure if that would work. The other thought was to make a spacer for my clutch cover, to move it out so the throw out arm shaft lines up…. …anyone try either method?
  9. Yoshimura even used them on occasion
  10. Wheels are EPM on the bike, 19 front, 18 rear….but I have a pair of 18’s I’m putting on the bike. Also have a set of Kosman 13 inch cast iron first gen floating rotors on aluminum carrier’s, and full set of Lockheed calipers front/rear.
  11. Looking into bringing a project I started collecting for 15 years ago, back to life. Started collecting bits for it when I could still find good stuff on the E auction site at reasonable prices. And then 2009 hit, and damn near wiped me out…$$$... I managed to save the bike, but when life slowly got back to normal, I got into two strokes, and the GS collected dust instead of more parts. Then around 2016, I bought a parts bike for my 78, because it was close to home and cheap. But after I started looking at it and got the parts bike running….my GS was left behind once again. The parts bike (Left for Dead GS1000) took my attention and $$$. Parts bike (Left for Dead GS1000) was sold a few years ago, and I think it’s time to bring my old skunk back to life. But…..after looking for bits I still need, it seems parts I need from Suzuki are NLA now…. As are most parts I have needed on my two stroke projects…Covid really shut off a lot of parts from factory parts lists on everything it seems. This will not be a quick project. I will be happy if I even get a chance to start it by winter (providing I have the parts I need by then.
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