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  1. strima

    Fork ID

    Or you could just measure the existing seals and order the correct size. https://simplybearings.co.uk/shop/Seals-Fork-Oil-Seals/c19_20/index.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjw5qrXBRC3ARIsAJq3bwr5VyCFf2fG4gUkWtfp7vy_fx_nuNTEMiVa37iSb4800GZScrMWOoAaAn77EALw_wcB https://www.brooksuspension.co.uk/fork-seals/fork-oil-seals.html
  2. I would ride down but the carbs are in bits on the bench...
  3. Cheers johnr, got them bookmarked.
  4. I'm in the process of stripping my Mikunis as the beast is running a little rough. Where's the best place to get rebuild kits? Also the carb diaphragm rubbers are getting a bit past it, can the rubbers be bought separate or as a complete slide unit? If separates how do they come off?
  5. Sounds like a bad connection somewhere. Time to start tracing wires and check for damage.
  6. ^^This^^ I would try cranking it over by hand to give me an idea if anything is catching or jammed, then strip as far as necessary to see what the damage is.
  7. Are all the cable connections in good condition?
  8. Try putting the calipers and pipes above the master cylinder, this should make the air bleed out easier. Once you've got a load of fluid in the system then refit and do the final bleed. Theory being the fluid pushes the air upwards in the direction it wants to go rather than trying to push against it.
  9. A bit more costly would be get the crank away to someone who does crank chroming and grinding. Should come back good as new.
  10. TBH I'd be delving a bit deeper after finding that. Doesn't take a lot to bung up a gallery and shag your engine.
  11. Don't tell my wife but I used one of her vibrators to tease the air out of one set of brakes hoses...
  12. Another vote for fresh fluid. Even a tiny amount of water/moisture in the old stuff can make a massive difference.
  13. At least you found the tappet adjuster, that'll save a couple of quid...
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