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  1. Swirl

    Suzuki Nuda

    Cool vid, was it me or did the gsxr have a straight spoke front wheel in, rather than a curved one
  2. Swirl

    Suzuki Nuda

    https://www.rideapart.com/articles/245015/cycleweird-short-the-suzuki-nuda-concept/ About the same info as above, interesting read thou
  3. Someone has to make a fool of themselves for the good of the masses
  4. First daft question, Deck height, to measure deck height do I need to install a base gasket or can I install the block for a rough idea where I am with this block and pistons
  5. I'm embarking on a massive learning curve, my mate builds engines for a living and usually does most of my engine work, this time I want to go solo, right some of you know I've recently purchased the start of my build, 1186cc Je pistons and block powerscreen bottom end and head, I'm probably going to buy a bandit bottom end rather than use the powerscreen for the usual reasons.
  6. Swirl


    How cheaps cheap buy it
  7. Swirl

    1216 advice

    Some pics with and without the blank gasket/plate in and the only markings I can see
  8. Swirl

    1216 advice

    A dry build seems to be in order, im in no rush thou this is a long term turbo build
  9. Swirl

    1216 advice

    oh Ok, wasn't DAVECARA going to use one of these on his efe
  10. Swirl

    1216 advice

    Duckndive whats a t3
  11. Swirl

    1216 advice

    Cheers Clive, loads of daft questions to come, next up the snail
  12. Swirl

    1216 advice

    Not sure if they have been machined down, JE's website states casting numbers are the same on different compression ratio pistons, cast the same and the crown finished differently, will have a measure up when I get in the garage
  13. Swirl

    1216 advice

    When you pump the number in the Je website, it comes up with nothing, it's only a casting number, build number should be on the top unless special order
  14. Swirl

    1216 advice

  15. Swirl

    1216 advice