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  1. Swirl

    Gs750 spoked wheel rim swap

    Can't believe I haven't got more pictures of this bike the only one I found, sorry for the crap pic
  2. Swirl

    Gs750 spoked wheel rim swap

    I know a guy that had it done, will try and find a picture
  3. Swirl

    Swirl's Harris

    Heck another one, at this rate Shed and buried will be coming round for a nose
  4. Swirl

    Advice on my first project

    Dug a 750f swingarm out yesterday, will get you some pics and measurements this morning
  5. Swirl

    GSX750(ES) swingarm options for 6" wheel

    5.5" any easier
  6. Swirl

    Oss stickers do make a difference

    Regroup for next year, another year to prepare and he experience of this year, well done to all concerned
  7. Swirl

    Gs1100 moded time capsule

    Looks good get it bought if it's the right price, worry about the rest later
  8. Swirl

    1993 gsx750f project

    Have a look for a complete gsx1100f powerscreen you can pick them up reasonably cheap, I sold a complete running but cosmetically challenge one last year for 500 quid
  9. Swirl

    1993 gsx750f project

    I put a 1127 powerscreen motor in a 1991 750f (same as 600f) very easy, used the 750 breather on the top of the engine as it's shallower than the powerscreen and the 750f cable clutch, only because the slave cylinder on the powerscreen was leaking, straight in on the 750 loom and plugged the 1100 cdi in, went like stink, any oilboiler will go straight in
  10. Swirl

    Turbo placement.

    No technical info here, but I wouldn't want to hide it, big and brash and hanging out for all of the world to admire
  11. Swirl

    A few pics of my gsx750 es doing the classic tt

    I'm in no rush at the minute, legs up in plaster after subtaler fusion so I'm out of action for a good while
  12. Swirl

    A few pics of my gsx750 es doing the classic tt

    Any close ups of the rear shock mount, I've got to do min with a 750m arm
  13. Swirl

    A few pics of my gsx750 es doing the classic tt

    Me likey, more pics please
  14. Swirl


    Need a screen on it