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  1. It wont be for long if I buy it, look at the positives some of them have to die for the good of others.
  2. Poached some older pics from his facebook
  3. Partial doner hopefully if I can get the info off the seller before a 3 hour drive, only being going on for a week, but I've got a motor carbs loom cdi so all that will be surplus hence wanting to know what it is. Before biting the bullet. It's off the road no mot etc.
  4. Waiting on more info from seller
  5. Hard to tell from crap pic
  6. I did think the V could be a 7, I havent seen the number, that's the number he sent me, if it was U70.... wouldn't it be U703 or U704, my thinking 705 was 750 as R705
  7. Been looking at a streetfightered 1100k/L, I've asked the seller for the engine number he says it UV05 106591 cant find any info on the engine number, any thoughts
  8. Swirl

    Oilboiler loom

    That would be great, dont think it is beyond me being a electrican/electrical engineer and it's going in a Z1-R so going to be altered, if the plugs are good that's great
  9. Swirl

    Oilboiler loom

    It was half a cheeky who's got a loom for sale that will fit to
  10. Swirl

    Oilboiler loom

    B12 seems a bit dearer than teapot stuff, when I done the 7/11 teapot I just used the 750 loom with the 1127 cdi, can get a teapot loom for 15-20 quid, but will it work
  11. Do f fairings fit g/h if you use it all and vice versa
  12. Swirl

    Oilboiler loom

    Right so I am awaiting delivery of the 1100k motor with 40mm carbs, I'm going to need some carb rubbers at some point, I've just got a 750 cdi, I'm aware of the difference in rev limit etc but from what I've read it will run, I need a loom, I've got a couple of ignition with keys here, 750 slabby and I think gsx750es both 4 wire with a green plug, so recap 1100k motor (I think) gsxr 750(slingy model unknown) cdi and slabby/gsx750es ignition, what looms will fit, there alot of cheap looms on Eblag at the mo gsx600f/gsx750f/gsx1100f/b6/b12/ gsxr what will fit thanks
  13. Swirl

    Slabby tanks

    Mines different to them all, it's got a hole in the bottom, but otherwise solid, you dont get to see inside them very often
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