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  1. Swirl


    I thoughtbof asking the question but that's answered it
  2. Did anybody get to the bottom of the 750 gearbox in a thou motor
  3. Black chrome would of been nice
  4. If it ain't right it ain't right cut chop and modify is the name of the game, if that includes a change in colour hell yes get the rattle can out
  5. Yes I would if it didn't go with the colour scheme
  6. Haha it was Golden Blazed green
  7. Yep candy apple be good
  8. Need to change that spring colour now
  9. Nice bit of kit
  10. Ooooooo nice, need some bar ends for the bike we were chatting about the other day that cannot be mentioned here, where you get them from
  11. Can you tell what it is yet
  12. Looking good Clive, much better colour for the stunning bodywork
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