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  1. I'll rephrase that, it wasnt a 1127 powerscreen it was a 750F with a 1127 motor and powerscreen front end,its now owned by Fbob and is a 1216 tricked up track bike
  2. I triked a 1127 Powerscreen was ace, I'm a bit busted up after a smash
  3. Unlucky, the OP asked for alternatives not a specific tank
  4. No idea on paint prices etc, but if I could of afforded it I would of bought one of the 2 ali tanks for sale, depends on how long you plan on keeping the bike, steel tanks are very hard to come by and only going to rot more over the years
  5. There was a bear unpainted Ali GS1000 tank on facebook a couple of weeks ago for about 800 if I remember correctly
  6. Swirl

    Are these B12

    I put it in google and didnt get anything, cheers came with a b12 in a bag of stuff
  7. Swirl

    Are these B12

    Found these in a bag of bits, jc031n16 3-28e0, jc03in15 1-28eo, jc03in16 3-26e0 B12 maybe ?
  8. Swirl

    1200ss info

    Ohhh I missed that
  9. Swirl

    1200ss info

    Wheres he gone
  10. That looks proper
  11. I've not seen it but interesting if so
  12. Has anyone done a GS1000E with a XR69 fairing, thinking out loud, if you used a Gsx tank and painted the tank to look a similar shape to a XR69 tank, maybe cut up a Slingshot/b12 tank, just kicking ideas round, expensive mistake to buy the fairings if it isnt gonna pan out
  13. Doctor wont help, will go down as Covid 19 on the death certificate
  14. I got a message from a mate before, he has been offered a frame, got me thinking where the spare GS1000 motor is gonna go in the future. Note to self get the 3 on the go finished first
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