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  1. Swirl

    Gsx750es options

    Been having a play today, got the wiring finished, rear indies finished back light back in, started looking at the front end.
  2. Swirl

    Swirl's Harris

    Perfectly normal in the realms of the galaxy known as OSS, use the force Nelson
  3. Swirl

    GSX750ESD Exhaust??

    Yes pictures required
  4. Swirl

    Blandit forks and yokes into GS750

    What's the problem with it, is the stem to long,
  5. Swirl

    1052/1127 base gasket

    Ive got the 1052 bottom end and i think powerscreen block took out to 1186
  6. Swirl

    1052/1127 base gasket

    Yes it's getting turbo on it,
  7. Swirl

    1052/1127 base gasket

    If there the same how big can you go on a 1052 block,
  8. Swirl

    U704 Reduced Power

    What I was thinking
  9. Swirl


    @Nick_C_Hotrodsany slabby bits
  10. Swirl

    U704 Reduced Power

    I have picked up a U704 1052 slabby bottom end with a bit of research it seems it's from France and West Germany with a reduced power output, how would this be done carbs/exhaust is the bottom end the same as u703
  11. Right so I have a 1127 powerscreen bottom end which we know is helical and various reports no good after 200hp, I've now picked up a U704 1052 slabby bottom end which I believe has a better clutch basket and straight cut gears, now we come to 1127 gsxr which we know has straight cut gears like the b12, although the mk2 b12 has a stronger output bearing, anyone care to add any experiences
  12. Swirl

    1052/1127 base gasket

    So using a U704 slabby 1052 bottom end, 1127 powerscreen block which base gasket would you order, will be a cometic or suzuki but which one 1052 or 1127 or are they the same
  13. Swirl

    GS750 trike shockers

    Think they done the 750g in certain climates
  14. Swirl

    GS750 trike shockers

    1. Cut the back seat off and leave the Mrs at home. 2.Leave the back seat and get a lighter Mrs. 3.ignore both of the above and spend on decent shocks and a 3rd shock mounted in the middle similar to goldwing trikes.