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  1. Haha only place to find Fbob on that weekend.
  2. F**k I've just jinked myself for the 28th, the Chevy Astro is gonna let me down.
  3. Ooooppppsss no, he can borrow @Paulmvan proven workhorse
  4. Borrow @Bow van, as long as it doesn't break down
  5. Looks like the full menu is being ordered at this rate
  6. Cracking looking bike that, looking forward to what you do with it.
  7. Swirl

    Is this a K

    Top fairing damaged, no front indicators, exhaust blowing at collector
  8. Swirl

    Is this a K

    The dilemma starts what do I do with it, restore it, get an mot on it and move it on, get it running and move it on, break it ?
  9. Swirl

    Is this a K

    What engine code should it have
  10. Swirl

    Is this a K

    Proper pics tomorrow
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