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  1. I've got a set off a 750m, they have been exhaust wrapped at some point, @Kid Kearsleyhas borrowed them I'll get them back this week for some pics
  2. Swirl

    R705 engine

    Well I got it, it will be broken up for spares, it come with a butchered to death gpz750 A2 with slabby running gear, a box of bits including another set of 29mm flatties and a under the seat exhaust and link pipe
  3. Swirl

    GS1000 pipe

    How much was that in total mate, with the coating
  4. Swirl

    R705 engine

    Slabby then, I may buy it
  5. Swirl

    R705 engine

    Which model were they fitted too, it's in a rough D reg slabby
  6. Swirl

    Engine paint

    While we are on the subject, how many 500ml tins do you use to paint a engine properly
  7. http://old-skool-suzuki.proboards.com/thread/4959/slingshot-tank-bandit-frame
  8. I'm sure I have seen slingshot tanks made to fit in the past, dont know what's involved thou
  9. Ok haven't got any, have got a few tokico
  10. Swirl

    Swirl's Harris

    Black black and more black
  11. Swirl

    Bakker Turbo

    Shit, heres to a speedy recovery
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