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  1. That's good news Clive
  2. OK oil cooled peeps, I know 7 and 11 slabby shock/knuckle stuff is different, but just how different, I've got a special frame which was built with slabby running gear, easiest thing for me will be to reinstate a slabby arm but which one 7 or 11, not the best pictures
  3. I like the purple bodywork CC
  4. You don't won't the courier loosing that
  5. It looks good all ways around
  6. The job on Busaash's Exup is superb, I will be using black chrome on the GS1000, will look good in black chrome
  7. For some reason that actually works, nice Clive
  8. Excellent news, seen on Facebook but good news all the same
  9. Still no closer to finishing one , got another GS1000 rolling chassis and engine though
  10. I also bought a rolling cbr600f2 chassis for 100 pound not so long ago for the running gear for a 2 stroke triple project beginning with K
  11. Rear spindle is 20mm so not really a issue, front powerscreen spindle is 17mm and wheel is 20mm, haven't decided on drilling the powerscreen leg out or sleeve it, b12/slingy/rf9 all 20mm spindle but the above i had living around
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