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  1. Is a dot head (minus breather cover) shorter in overall height (head gasket face to breather cover face) than a B12 or GSXR 1100 head? If so, a B12 engine with dot head may have a slight clearance advantage in the breather area, even though it may still cause problems with carb clearance. Also, has anyone found a way to use an 1100 slabby breather cover on a non-slabby head? The 1100 slabby cam cover is the slimmest cover as it doesn't have a removable breather thingy.
  2. Are your electricals all 100%? if so, go Li and you'll get huge power from a titchy battery. The oilcooled engines have a more sophisticated charging system than the neolithic air-cooled engines. If all is in good shape, using a Li battery is therefore probably much less likely to end up with the involement of the fire brigade.
  3. Can a stock Blandit head be skimmed to up the compression ratio without causing other problems? The dot head conversion gains seem to reside mainly in the increase in compression ratio and the racier cams of the GSXR750 j,k models. This comes at a cost of potential clearance problems due to the carbs being raised and set at a different angle to the stock Blandit 12 head. If the Blandit head can be skimmed safely, and j,k cams fitted, then wouldn't it be all the gains but none of the cost?
  4. A 180/55 can be used on a 6 inch rim. A 5.5. is preferable but the problem is obtaining decent secondhand 5.5 inch wheels, especially fancy aftermarket ones.
  5. Nice bike but the dog is nicer
  6. I don't understand: someone is voluntarily re-fitting an OEM exhaust to an OSS bike
  7. They should 'bottom out.' But when they do so, if there is the correct rubber/clip combo, the carbs will be held firmly and there won't be any leaks. So my guess is your clips are too big, the rubbers have walls thinner than they should or possibly a combination of both.
  8. Depends on the exhaust manufacturer: for slabbies, some systems have the same pipes for both 750 and 1100 (e.g. some Cobra, some Yoshimura) whereas others the 750 pipes won't fit the 1100. For some cobra systems, the downpipes are the same but the link pipe differs. If the pipe fouls the oil cooler fitting then the fitting on the left side of the sump has the flexibilty to move out the way. There's a plug on the side of the sump. Switch the plug to the existing oil fitting hole and make another oil line for increased clearance.
  9. Are you sure you have the correct clips for the bike? The correct rubber/clip combo is designed to work best as they tighten up nicely but it's impossible to overtighten and crack the rubbers As Tony states, jubilee style clips can be easily overtightened causing your expensive new rubbers to crack. It sounds like you have the wrong clips so that when fully closed they still don't grip the rubbers enough. EFEs have the largest OEM carbs for aircooled bikes so you may have EFE clips or even clips from another make bike. Alternatively if you have pattern rubbers, the rubbers may have slightly thinner walls than OEM so the correct clips don't tighten up enough when they reach the limit.
  10. It looks much better in the flesh than in picures .
  11. The efe doesn't exacly have a good reputation for handling well, even when new. The basic suspension, 16 inch front wheel and shear bulk of the thing all adds up to produce something that can get a bit wayward at even moderate speeds. Worn suspension components and roads that are poorly surfaced and full of potholes aren't going to help either. Changing the suspension, wheels and brakes will go a long way here, as will changing the stock exhaust, which weighs several tonnes. +1 also for doing the basics on the engine such as a compression test.
  12. What make sprocket is it and what model bike is it made for?
  13. Dezza

    O rings

    If they're anything like the ones for the Blandit 12 (the large ones for the motor body) then they are square section and expensive when bought from Suzuki. I would be very surprised if there is a generic alternative. It's not impossible but in my experience rarely does a generic o'ring fit 100 % correctly or perform as well as the OEM item This holds not only for big, old Suzukis but other Jap bikes too.
  14. I think I'd be checking the main earth. If that looks OK, try a starter motor to frame earth bypass cable to check the engine to frame connectivity. Also, did you make new battery cables with crimp only without the aid of a special (i.e. expensive) crimper? If so, I'd definitely be checking these out. Also try checking the starter relay to motor cable. You effectively bypassed all this lot and the motor spun so the fault lies here if the relay works correctly.
  15. When you checked and confirmed the starter motor was OK, did you use the same battery and earth connection? You may have a dud battery / dodgy main earth, i.e. battery negative to earth, which in its present state may be OK for light loads but not be able to handle the biggest load of all, when cranking the starter.
  16. 1100 slabby (1052) has the smaller rear mount. The engine is a bit shorter than the other 11/12s due to it's unique cam cover, which does not have the removable breather thingy. The breather spigot is cast into the cover.
  17. Dezza

    Efe wheels

    What he said Putting a 16 inch front wheel on an old bike that originally came with an 18 or even a 19 inch wheel as stock seems like asking for trouble, even if you change the yokes to compensate for steering geometry changes. And 16 inch tyres are a bit limited too. The wheels are cheap though (for a reason).
  18. In 1974, my mum made me a tank top
  19. This is one of those times a LeDAR induction kit is required, one of the greatest inventions known to humanity. Fit an air-corrector and a larger main jet to each carb; seperate filters and 4 into 1 to your aircooled four, now runs perfectly
  20. Dezza


    Elaborate: how did you get the once stuck barrels to part from the top case?
  21. Now tend to be regarded as a 1990s streetfarter cliche, in the same mould as knuckleduster shaped heel plates, old simpson bandits stuck where the headlight should be, and 916 seats mounted at a silly angle .
  22. Sometimes pressed in carb bits become loose with age and simply pull out. The last time this happened to me, on the fuel hose spigot on an ancient small Yamaha trail bike, a smear of Three Bond on the base cured the problem. Petrol does not affect Three Bond. In fact, getting the stuff off can be a major pain in the backside as it's such a good product.
  23. If you set the carbs up on a bench on a secure stand, a retort stand is ideal, and the complete apparatus is set in a large tray such as a cat litter tray, by connecting a small auxillary fuel supply, you will be able to identify exactly where your problem lies. This can be achieved by removing the float bowls each in turn and manually closing the valve by moving the float gently upwards. If it doesn't leak then try the next carb and so on.
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