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  1. Something loose in the clutch? It sounds a little like a Ducrappy with a dry clutch but maybe it's my imagination instead.
  2. If the cable connection is the same (likely) then maybe. The gearing in the tacho drive may be the same as the 750 or maybe not. You'll have to try it to find out. From memory the early GSs have cable tachos but maybe some later models have electronic ones. Is this so???
  3. In my (usually relatively ignorant) opinion, the seller is being completely unrealistic in his valuation but we see that all the time and not just with bike-related stuff. It may be worth 2500 to someone though although given the time it took to sell that S & L job, we may not be around to witness it happen.
  4. All depends on how much. It's not worth anywhere near as much as a Spondon/Harris alloy frame or similar. Someone was having trouble selling a Saunders and Lewis frame kit on eb@y that seemed to go for ~2500, which is a steal for a frame from a bona fide maker. This gives you much leverage with the seller. It's worth what anyone's prepared to pay but personally I wouldn't be allowing my wallet-moths to see the light of day for anything over 500 and that's pushing it as it's a gamble, especially if no frame number/V5. I have 2 frame kit bikes already so if you really want such a bike then the
  5. It was definitely not made by any well-known aftermarket producer of bike frames nor by any of their welder people on the side .
  6. It looks like the tank's off of a mass produced sportsbike and the frame has been made to fit, rather than the tank made to fit the frame. All of the well-known frame makers concur with ii) not i). It's also not got a 'matching' swingarm. This suggests the frame is probably some sort of one-off, but it looks well-done from the pics. More close-ups needed though, especially to determine the quality of the welding.
  7. I hope they are more careful than the fuckwits that powdered my Harris frame - some plonker dropped it onto a hard surface No mention of any names but they are based in REDDITCH and they do SHOTBLASTING.
  8. It's called 'Blue Skies research' when it it results in something interesting e.g. Watson and Crick....
  9. I now have snow blindness
  10. The use of the word "Katana" here is really confusing. Do you have a 91 GSXR1100 M frame, with 1000 K7 forks and a GSXR 1100 K swingarm? First, I would check the basics, especially from the symptoms described. Are the headraces correctly adjusted? Is there play in the swingarm pivot? Are the tyres at the correct pressure and are the wheels centred correctly and in line? Is everything tightened up as it should be? Is the frame straight? Check all the obvious first, then go from there.
  11. It looks like the trolls invaded from Norwegian Lapland and shit in the carbs. My guess is the mess is the result of very low temperature freezes and then thaws of fuel containing increasing amounts of water via condensation in the fuel system. It looks wierd.
  12. Ace! Bit of carb cleaner and some insulating tape and job's a good'n
  13. Most use -6 for these pipes as you can only get the Torques fittings in this size. The Earls parts cost a fortune by comparison and I think are (were) available in either -6 or -8 but I may be wrong here. Yes, smaller pipes increase fluid pressure. This is the reason why high blood pressure is an indicator of clogged arteries and an early sign of heart problems.
  14. The set up could originally have been for a 750 slingshot which has a shorter block than an 1100 or a 1200. Hence, the pipes are too short when fitting to a bigger engine. I would unscrew the hoses , fit the case take off and the cam cover fittings, and then see if the pipes go on. If not, all you need to make it work would be to buy some correct size hose and cut it to fit so you have 2 hoses of the correct length. Making your own oil cooler pipes is not difficult. Even I can do it.
  15. Looks like the lines are arse about face to me: when on the bike the shorter hose should be on the right and the longer one to the left. The hoses will simply unscrew so loosen them all, fit to bike, then tighten everything up the right way round. Or remove the bits thsat go onto the head and the Y piece, fit to the engine, then fit the hoses. Dunno about the different id of the hose.
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