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  1. This is one of those times a LeDAR induction kit is required, one of the greatest inventions known to humanity. Fit an air-corrector and a larger main jet to each carb; seperate filters and 4 into 1 to your aircooled four, now runs perfectly
  2. Dezza


    Elaborate: how did you get the once stuck barrels to part from the top case?
  3. Now tend to be regarded as a 1990s streetfarter cliche, in the same mould as knuckleduster shaped heel plates, old simpson bandits stuck where the headlight should be, and 916 seats mounted at a silly angle .
  4. Sometimes pressed in carb bits become loose with age and simply pull out. The last time this happened to me, on the fuel hose spigot on an ancient small Yamaha trail bike, a smear of Three Bond on the base cured the problem. Petrol does not affect Three Bond. In fact, getting the stuff off can be a major pain in the backside as it's such a good product.
  5. If you set the carbs up on a bench on a secure stand, a retort stand is ideal, and the complete apparatus is set in a large tray such as a cat litter tray, by connecting a small auxillary fuel supply, you will be able to identify exactly where your problem lies. This can be achieved by removing the float bowls each in turn and manually closing the valve by moving the float gently upwards. If it doesn't leak then try the next carb and so on.
  6. That's taking the easy way out!
  7. Fitting a race fairing to a bike in a non-standard frame, and make it look like it was all meant to go on that way, is much easier said than done. I ended up having to get a bespoke exhaust system made that went in much closer to the engine than a system made for a bike with a cradle frame and downtubes. No way was the fairing going on otherwise without it ending up with more cut-outs/bubbles than unmodified fibre. I think the main issue is that most race fairings are for bikes with 750 slingshot motors, which are shorter than the bigger 1100/1200s. Have you done the cut-outs for the headlights yet? Good luck
  8. Isn't cerakote a really thin layer of indistructable coating suitable for almost anything, including engine parts? If so my guess is it would work well on an oil cooler. However, if the oil cooler is aftermarket it would probably be cheaper to buy a new cooler than tart-up a tatty cooler via vapour blasting and then cerakote.
  9. What would we do without Sam: he is a star
  10. Looks smashing: but what's going on with the exhaust hanger?
  11. Yesterday I took a leaky aluminium alloy tank to Rory at Spondongia for welding. I drained the tank last week and flushed it with water a couple of times. He was completely unfussed about the prospect of vapour and checked by holding a lit lighter inside the tank. Nothing happened
  12. Love the front discs. The last ones I saw like that were on a 1979 TZ750
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