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  1. One major factor missing from the review - does it fit the bike as intended? Ragged Edge Racing stuff is GRP and very lightweight.
  2. I would be looking into availabilty of sound tanks. As is clear, those for some models are like rocking horse shit whereas others are 10 a penny. Most somewhere inbetween. Sounds a little steep for a load of bits. Does it have a V5? It's always best to start with a complete bike or as near as is possible with docs. If not there's always something missing and sure as eggs are eggs, it'll be the most difficult to source and expensive bits busted, rusted or missing .
  3. What is the condition of the chrome parts and the tank? If you intend a full restoration and these are in bad shape, it's going to cost a lot. Restoring parts costs much the same whether they're from a Hond@ wet dream or a Brough Superior. Chrome is very expensive so some bikes with much chrome work are just not worth an OEM standard restoration. Also do your research on what bits for this model are difficult to obtain and if the bike you intend to buy has them in sound / repairable condition or not. Old GT 250s are quite nice though and if the bike you intend on buying is sound with reasonable chrome work or better, well worth restoring. Personally, I much prefer the older twins to the triples and the later X7 250s.
  4. I recently emptied a set of RS carbs of super-unleaded E5 (Esso). After approximately 6 weeks of standing the fuel inside had gone brown, and was worse in the accellerator pump circuits than in the float bowls. I use E5 to minimise the negative effects of ethanol on seals and O'rings but this shows it's probably a good idea to drain the fuel system if the bike is laid up, even for a few weeks. And if you have RSs, just draining the bowls isn't enough. Remove the bowls so the accelerator pump circuit can be drained too. All the measurements of the same engines (unmodified) I have seen have shown bugger all performance difference between E5 and E10. These are all unmodified Japanese road bike engines though.
  5. From what I understand a GS75x is the same as the early 16v GSX750s we got in the UK, the ones that looked the same as the early model GSX1100: i.e. the engine is massive. If so, then most engines will fit in the frame. And that probably includes those from large cars, small aircraft, trains, ships etc. etc. The later GSX750 (from about 1984) with single shock back end as standard, 16 inch front wheel, and an engine that looked a little like that from an 1100EFE has a different engine, albeit also 16v. It's a lot smaller than the first wave GSX750 so the gap in the frame where the engine goes is also smaller but some people have squeezed in a large capacity oil-cooled engine and made a mighty fine job of it too. Problem here is that Suzuki used different names for basically the same bike for different markets, and the same name for different bikes in the same market. No wonder my brain began to hurt when I read all the above posts
  6. Ray Debben? I have had positive past dealings with him and he has a good reputation.
  7. Do you mean to enable fancy hoses to be attached to an OEM cooler? Or so OEM hoses can be fitted to an aftermarket cooler? Torques on eb@y do adapters to enable fancy hoses with AN8 fittings to go onto certain OEM Suzuki coolers.
  8. I think what he means is: why would you want to raise the overall gearing by so much? A 2 tooth increase at the front is a huge overall gearing increase. To pull this the bike is going to need big weight loss, better aerodynamics, a substantial power increase or preferably all three. Did you try a 16t sprocket or going down 2t at the back first?
  9. It's on their website customer-service@harris-performance.com
  10. I just emailed Harris, using the address provided on their website, giving the frame number. I got a reply very quickly stating 'Magnum 2, made February 1987, 1100EFE engine.' A dating certificate on company headed paper with all that info on it was £25, and was with me within 2 days.
  11. I am surprised as their record keeping always seems top notch. A few weeks back it took them precisely 10minutes to find all the info on my Magnum 2 frame that I have had for the last 35 years. I am getting all the info ready in order to get it on Historic Vehicle reg in 2027.
  12. Hidden? The seat doesn't look that secure to me
  13. When are you going to get stuck into this bike? It's another rare Spondon we need to see resurrected ASAP
  14. OK, so no difference in carb positioning between GSXR v teapot DOT heads; the difference is DOT v non-DOT, with DOT being higher
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