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  1. Does the bike have a e.g. USA spec loom? If so this will differ slightly to a loom meant for a bike for a market that requires a 3 way light switch. It would have been easier to fit a USA spec 2 way light switch (on/off) but the 3 way switch will work if you wire it P for on, so the lights will stay on when switched through to ON. If you wire to ON, the lights will not come on when switched to P. In the UK, some pedantic MOT testers may have an aneurism over this and fail the bike but that's not going to be a problem in the US.
  2. Dunno: member search, then a PM???
  3. What country is the bike originally from? Right bar switches have always varied according to the market the bike was sent to for bikes 70s,80s,90s. E.g. UK bikes have a 3 stage switch: off, parking light, main light. The rear lights work on the parking light circuit and the switch has 2 separate circuits: parking light and main lights. For USA models, they never had a parking light. The switch was on/off, so the rear light works off the main light circuit. The switches I have seen with no on/off function (lights on all the time) are more recent. I assume this is due to market standardisation a
  4. Ashby Folville is near to me: how about an OSS meet-up there in the near future .
  5. The person who never made a mistake, never made anything .
  6. Imago on here may be able to fix it. He practiced on a knackered one I had and found and fixed the fault.
  7. Check the cycle parts. The last time I had anything like that happen was due to one of my tank rubbers becoming displaced.
  8. It's a shame odometers don't register negative values as otherwise it could be pushed backwards for 0.9 miles and then it's value would go up, allegedly .
  9. Just take the inner bit out of the speedo cable. It'll then stay an 0.8 mile bike for as long as required .
  10. I was amazed to find out that if you don't want red tops and a little Yoshimura sticker on them, TMRs are a grand cheaper .
  11. Dezza


    Advertise it in the UK: if the price is in any way realistic you'll be beating potential punters off with a stick.
  12. If it's not offered as an option from the usual sprocket suppliers (e.g. JT) then you'll need to get a custom made sprocket from a specialist such as Talon or by buying a blank and getting it machined by someone who knows what they are doing (cheapest option if you know someone who will do this for you).
  13. Already have Blandit 12 head, just like everyone else on here .
  14. I asked as 0.06" = approximately 1.5 mm, which seems quite a lot to me, but I know relatively little about this
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