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  1. It should only need a little bit of sealant around the bottom of the half-moon sections of the rubber gasket. 3 bond is grey so doesn't stick out like a sore thumb but it's a pig to remove.
  2. If you get those in the UK (22 quid each), they are half the cost as in Sweden. Can you get the electrical connectors for them easily?
  3. No, the 750 and 1100 baskets are different. The 1100 basket is stronger. I suspect they are interchanable though, although someone more knowledgable will confirm this soon.
  4. Is the marmite red bodywork for the Magnum?
  5. You may have 2 problems. The poor starting sounds like some of the very fine cold start drillings that go up from the float bowls are blocked. This can occur in the float bowl drillings, the carb drillings or both, and can make cold starting a pain in the backside for obvious reasons. The other symptoms sound like blocked pilot jets/drillings. Personally, I'd strip the whole lot (including splitting the bank) and soak it all in acetone/thinners for a couple of days, then ultra-sonic 2 or 3 times, then rebuild with new O'rings.
  6. It is not true that a single cylinder not firing cannot be caused by an ignition system fault, other than in the components unique to that cylinder (lead, cap, plug) as my bike ran on three with a faulty CDI. Don't ask me how this works though. But it won't harm in changing the plug again and checking the lead and cap. Also, check the connections to and from the CDI as they often corrode. Switching the carbs will reveal if it's a carb fault though.
  7. I had the same problem. After eliminating carbs (as described above) I found it was a faulty CDI unit
  8. If it sparks and there's nothing obvious, borrow a known set of good carbs, those from an oil cooled bike or even an air-cooled Krapasaki are spaced the same so will work for diagnostics, then see if it runs on four.
  9. My guess is an efe with the oem top fairing section mounted a bit lower than stock with lower bars would look really cool.
  10. Dezza

    Oil cooler

    It is mandatory to have as big an aftermarket oil cooler as is possible on an OSS bike, or even 2 coolers on oilcooled machines, allegedly
  11. Cariper is a direct translation to Japanese English, allegedly.......
  12. That website is surely Japanese based, with direct phonetic translations I'll get me coat......
  13. Fair enough. They should go on then
  14. What bike is it and does it still have the stock carbs? 'Slingshot' is a term that covers several models and even my limited knowledge on this enables me to conclude that some slingshots are much easier to set up with non-standard air filters than others. The 1100M,N models have massive 40mm BST carbs, the 1100 k,l have BST 36, and the 750s have either BST 36 or BST 38s. So I am guessing an air filter kit designed for a bike with BST36s is going to be a challenge getting it on a bike with larger carbs and vice-versa.
  15. Look at the rules for the race class you want to use the bike for and it will tell you which wheel sizes you are allowed or indeed if you are allowed magnesium wheels at all. If you want 'bolt on' then you'll have to order them new from Dymag so you'll need very deep pockets unless by chance a 2nd hand set with all the correct spacers etc. for a stock GS come up. Then you'll need slightly less deep pockets. If you are only allowed 18 inch wheels, 2nd hand Dymags aren't going to be that easy to get and new they cost a fortune.
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