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  1. I also bought a rolling cbr600f2 chassis for 100 pound not so long ago for the running gear for a 2 stroke triple project beginning with K
  2. Rear spindle is 20mm so not really a issue, front powerscreen spindle is 17mm and wheel is 20mm, haven't decided on drilling the powerscreen leg out or sleeve it, b12/slingy/rf9 all 20mm spindle but the above i had living around
  3. Bandit swinger, CBR1000 shock, Cbr600f2 rear wheel, Slabby yokes, powerscreen forks cbr600f2 front wheel, mocked together, not far away.
  4. I've got 5 kids and 5 bike projects
  5. It does when you bolt a turbo to it
  6. @Nick_C_Hotrodsmay have one for sale
  7. So the bottom pipe goes out the back
  8. Will it mount sideways
  9. Are the GS1000 and GS750 points plates/dyna ignition, will a 750 work on a 1000 motor
  10. Soap used to be good for a temporary repair to get you home
  11. I fitted the 11 cooler to my 7/11 teapot, can't remember it being to hard
  12. Oct 86 the cut off date i think
  13. If I remember right when I sold it to Clive it's registered Make Harris year 1980 so yes pre 86 indicator rules,
  14. Will that pass a MOT Clive, I'm sure there was something about indicators and rear light combined, can't remember what it was though
  15. Do you want to sell the gs1000 top hats, message me i need some
  16. Surely it would be cheaper to just buy a complete WP than all the bits seperate, but I suppose were is the fun in that, ok I'll get me coat
  17. They come apart quicker than they go together
  18. I'll rephrase that, it wasnt a 1127 powerscreen it was a 750F with a 1127 motor and powerscreen front end,its now owned by Fbob and is a 1216 tricked up track bike
  19. I triked a 1127 Powerscreen was ace, I'm a bit busted up after a smash
  20. Unlucky, the OP asked for alternatives not a specific tank
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