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78 GS1000 Left for Dead


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I originally went with 18's because I thought about vintage racing at one point, and rules call for 18's. but I also think the 18's help the bike look a bit smaller comparatively than if it had 17's.....plus 17's would have cost quite a bit more than my investment in these old used things....


The tach cable has plenty of room, I made sure there was no binding or clearance issues of any kind for any parts up front when I did my dry build.


I wish I still had my first GS1000, bought it back in1982 with under 1500 miles....original owner had a friend who bought one same time. They went out riding one evening and only one of them ever came back....the bike never moved again until the guy sold it to me....This was where my love started for Suzuki's

Traded it in June 0f 1984 for a new FJ1100.....OK, you can hate me now :(


This is me back in fall of 82 smoking behind the building :)

A perfect bike for a 19 year old to raise hell on :D

ads-cars-bikes 096.jpg

ads-cars-bikes 097.jpg

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Wiring....not my favorite thing to do, and I held off as long as I could to do it.

The hand controls were pretty rough, so I took those completely apart and restored them.

Generally cleaned up all wiring and ends, and fixed the chopped up ends from having a fairing (ignition and headlight were gone...had to hot wire it the first time I started it)

Added new throttle cables and re lettered everything back to new fresh white labels

Added Dyna coils, wires, and ignition to replace to old original parts....just because I don't want any problems with the old stuff while on the road.

As well as rewired for a new super heavy duty reg/rectifier and lithium battery to keep peace of mind....if that's possible....







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With most of the wiring taken care of, it was time to get to the brakes.

I had rebuilt the rear 600 bandit caliper, and figured out how to mount the 600 Katana master in the original position. But I had to make an actuating rod from the stock pedal to the master.

I also had to make my own brackets to adapt the 600 Katana front calipers to the GS1100 forks and GS1150 rotors.

And was hoping that a B-King radial master would be enough to get it working without too much lever travel, with the antidive.







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I stole the seat off my other GS1000, and put the near mint stock one back on, that originally was with that bike.

This seat has a very good base, but the foam was a bit chewed up, which was why I cut it down.

After I got the foam shaped how I wanted it, I made a half assed cover for it, and actually looked almost usable.

It will get a better cover before it's all done, don't worry :D


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I started dragging my feet a bit, as it seemed I was almost afraid to finish it....

The carbs still need to be soda blasted, sonic cleaned, and rebuilt with a Dynojet stage 3 kit.

I had imported a RGV250 VJ23 from Japan around this same time period, so I was having a hard time concentrating on one thing for very long.

(as the VJ23 came in pieces in a box, engine shipped in a separate box))

I'd show you what was in the box.....but not sure if that's against the rules...???






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11 hours ago, gsx said:

Both you gs thousands spot on ,would be happy to own either of them !

Like the shape of the seat ,may copy it ,stored for future reference 

Copy any of it you want, that's why I'm showing all I did...:tu


Since I had it running now, and almost had brakes (still having bleeding/internal leaking/flexing caliper...? issues of some kind) It needed to get off the operating table, and work up its strength a bit. Plus, I was worried that at some point it might ride itself off the table while running :o And I had that bike out of the box (remember the box I had to open...?), which was waiting for the table in need of some surgery as well.

I still needed to get the inside of the tank cleaned up (scale, and crusted on old gas) before I could use it, And I had to rebuild my fuel tap too.

But it did finally make it out in the sun, even if it wasn't quite ready to ride on the road yet. :banana:






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I took the seat to get recovered, and bought a brand new fuel tap (GS850 which I needed to modify to make work) The one I rebuilt had a hole ate into it from the acid/vinegar, that I had in the tank... :( 

Put on another seat that I originally  bought for the black bike, (since I stole the one that was on it earlier) that has an excellent base and good foam to work with....but ugly cover.

Tank was reasonably clean inside, and I got an extra fuel filter to keep out as much crap as I could from getting into the carbs.......And.....


I decided it was time to run it up the road....!!!!!!

No plates, no insurance, no riding gear, no worries.....:stop:

I didn't give a fuck, I was going for a ride...!!!!




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It ran perfectly, although after checking plugs, I could see it was running a little rich (put the bigger of the two main jet options from the Dynojet kit in).

The seat didn't turn out exactly like I hoped, but the guy would have needed the whole bike to make it right (maybe before spring?)

Brakes are still an issue, and I need more time on the road to get a feel for the carb settings.

Tank needs cleaned out better yet, and my piggyback shocks need to get sent off to rechrome a rust/leaking shaft...

But considering all I did to it, I'm happy nothing fell off or has blown up yet.

Snow is here now, and the project has stopped.....I'm seriously burned out from working on bikes (finished 3 of them this year...but not the VJ23 yet) But I will do a story on the VJ23 here soon in watercooled/two stroke/V-twin.....which it fits all three categories...B|

Time for a break until early spring I think....

Happy Holidays to those who read this soon, and to those others......I'll be back in spring to give a full ride report :P 













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