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78 GS1000 Left for Dead


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  • 3 weeks later...

Once a year (for the past three years) the town shuts down Main Street from regular traffic, and allows everyone to cruise, just like the old days (town shut down cruising for good in 1986...)

A reason to get out and see old faces and remember those crazy days of street racing (1978/1985 for me)

And just like those old days it was me and my GS1000.....and always a girl on the back .....My wife takes care of that spot these days :)


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  • 2 months later...

I sold my GT750 a month ago, and felt sad when I saw it leave in the back of the pickup.... But I sold it for a good cause...(RG500)

As I looked around in the garage, my neglected GS1000SZ looked like it should go somewhere where it could be used more as well. So I figured I would wash it (first time with a power washer in about 15 years) and get it running again. After getting it all clean and took it out for a 10 mile ride about.... I had to park it and really think if I wanted to really say goodbye to it....


It runs too good, and really needs nothing...I realized I could probably never sell my high school dream bike. (I graduated in 1981)...I've owned it since 1986, so no point in saying goodbye....its lasted longer than any relationship/job/residence....


...but it at least it's clean now....


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On 2016-12-16 at 9:34 PM, busa1300 said:

Once the engine was out, I wanted to soda blast it and get it back to fresh aluminum. Repaint the top end. Then pull all the covers and polish them back up like new, and check the bottom and top end before I put everything back on with new bolts


I didn't want to repost the picture, but you did a beautiful job on soda blasting the motor!!

Would you be able to post some info on how you blast a motor without pulling it apart? I have been wanting to do this for a long time but I have never seen a good post describing the process. I finally have a compressor with the balls to run a blaster and I have a motor with a crappy paint job just begging for the treatment! Would love to see some pics or a description of how you go about it and get such good results. 


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9 hours ago, Swiss Toni said:

Can't you post it here? We want to see it too! 


The soda blaster I used was this version here


All I really did to prep the engine was to block off the exhaust ports out of the head, and plug up the intake ports....also the crankcase breather 

It works pretty slow so it's easy to control where your blasting....the main thing is to make sure the engine is totally sealed up. After your done blasting wash off with water and and blowdry with air compressor....thats it....paint should stick great as the surface is as spotless as it can get.

It will not take off oxidation like aquablasting....but it's hard to do aquablasting in your own driveway:D

I'm going to be soda blasting the frame/swingarm/suspension linkage/wheels/rotors on my RZV500R project in a week or two....could take a video if in no hurry.

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  • 2 months later...

Time to dial in the GS better. Had carbs set so it would run, but never fine tuned them. Put in a bigger baffle for my header also, as the standard baffle is pretty small. Putting new plugs in and oil change this weekend, then I can see where to step up the fuel.



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On 12/17/2016 at 3:34 AM, busa1300 said:

Once the engine was out, I wanted to soda blast it and get it back to fresh aluminum. Repaint the top end. Then pull all the covers and polish them back up like new, and check the bottom and top end before I put everything back on with new bolts







Where do you get gaskets and other bits for her ?

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Almost all the gaskets/seals/cables and so on came from Suzuki. Surprisingly, there are quite a few part numbers that still work off the microfiche. Bolts came from Eblag, as did the entire front end and rear wheel. Some parts came from auctions.yahoo.co.jp, good prices but high shipping. Took about 6 months or more of collecting parts before I really ever started to tear into it much.

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Pulled carbs again, this time to get #1 cylinder to work better. It seemed to be running richer than the other 3. Finally decided to take all the old choke parts out and put new parts in, in case there was a weak spring or the seal at the bottom of the plunger was no longer sealing. Also put in bigger pilot jets #25, in place of the 17.5....made a big difference. Next step is move needle up one more notch just to see how it feels. Runs extremely well at very low RPMs now, but I think midrange could use just a bit more. 


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Pulled carbs again.

This time to move needles, and go up one main jet size. Feels a little stronger now and still pulls great from low RPMs. Have a dyno run scheduled for my RS250, and I think I will take the GS1000 along too. Get a good baseline on it to see if I’m close enough to finally leave it alone.....and just ride it.







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  • 3 weeks later...

Wanted to double check compression just to make sure engine is still in top condition. It’s a question when it comes to getting a bike tuned just right. Bike is still putting out over 150psi in each cylinder...!!! :banana:

Still planning on getting this in to a dyno, but I’ve been trying to work a deal on another bike. So the dyno time has been pushed back until I have that figured out.






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