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GSXR1100W some mods.

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Hello all.

I'm a bit of a user of PB Forum seen a couple of familiar names on here. 

Anyway here's my Water Boiler. 

39mm FCR's, Weisco one over, K8 front and back end, Yoshi rearsets. R6 seat unit and subframe.

I lost my licence  for a year back in March speeding on my Duc Monster. The W is going off the road for a track duties only so it's project lighten in full swing at the moment. A V4 Tuono is turning up next April so I don't image I'll have the licence for much long after that. 9_9

Currently about 187kg with about half a tank. I have a man who is giving me a price on a set of Dymags tonight and have a Nitron R2 shock on it's way. Exhaust is another area and obviously the seat unit etc. Any way cheers.


Sydney, Oz

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Welcome aboard, we need more water boilers !

I'm on a budget lightening mission with mine, so keep us posted and keep the pictures coming.

So far I've saved loads of weight by taking all the bodywork, tank and headlamps off,  unfortunately some of it will need to go back on.


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Some stuff has arrived.

Nitron shock went in.

Dymags, M4 calipers have turned up. T Drive rotors are arriving tomorrow. Just need tyres and wheels back from fitting and should all be attached bolted on etc by next weekend.

Domino q/a throttle on the shelf. I have a fork seal issue so won't get the wheels on until next weekend.








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On 2/15/2020 at 10:16 PM, spondonturbo said:

looks great and being put to good use

Supposed to do a track day last week but the weather here was fucking biblical. March looking like an opportunity but I started a new job this week and have already booked two days off to go away with the fam. So it looks unlikely. Haha I actually get my licence back next month so maybe pulling a sicky that Tuesday. Need to get the Tuono out on the road. Not ridden the fucker yet.

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