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  1. first pic. is that the standard stand with said wood?
  2. ooeer, i would love mine to be as clean, but me is to lazy . should squeeze a touch more when ya richer top. track or road or both?
  3. 18 plate KTM 1090 Adventure for the same price of a good T500. Ktm over priced....
  4. Madb

    Swirl's Harris

    Deffo get an AWESOMENESS from me. yummy yum yum too!
  5. Water wetting agents can be got from photography supply. very cheap and ya only need a few drops The 1100 braced arms are 60mm longer than the 750 version As Joseph said, may want the longer one. The six speed box is not worth putting in the 1100 w/cooled bikes.
  6. We have all been there. Oh, i won't need these anymore. .... A few weeks later, Now why did I put them carbs, "why did I sell them!" Oh the moto X days,(70 and early 80's for me) I do miss them, Single carb so much easier to set up. With exception of them evil Lectrons. flat out and nothing else. I have and rf900 with the 750 head and 38mm in my suzy 750 frame and i believe the 600 shares the same frame. Not much room for the carbs. How the 1100 will fair is going to be tight. you may better off going FI and add and Ignitech ignition. gsxr 600 throttle bodies are the ones to look for. Very good gear. Ask in the General section on here. someone will point you in the right place. If ya fancy going that far, otherwise they do and ordinary type to replace the standard cdi. . Clutches are fixed to the cc of the engine. rf9 fits only rf9, 1100 only fit the 1100 etc. Been there and thought nah. It would be doable but Not worth it as would wouldn't achieve any benefit from it. So, yes you did the right thing too. I hated the thought of a hydro clutch but now i have arthritis it has been worth keeping. second gear is a known fault on these 1100 motor but as you say under cut them and you should be good to go.
  7. Nice to see another lover of w/c. If you are getting 40mm look to the uk. You willl need the carb rubbers to go with them. Don't know how the 38mm would work on the 1100, but worth checking out. As for the "Braced" swing arm , it was fitted to the 94 and 95 models. not specific to the sp. you can fit the later K 750 arms too, Bit not both at the same time. If you have a 5.5 rear wheel don't fit a 190 on it. It will pinch it and make the handling weird. Ask me how i know. you would need a six inch rim. Oh and of coarse, Welcome to OSS.
  8. Sv650 forks are shorter than bandit 600's. Any use on the drag bike? guessing yokes would be needed too. Just a thought if you are swapping out USD's
  9. What bike?? I still no see one. Not real I am guessing.
  10. Nice bike. Looking good so far. TIP: Turn yer phone 90 degrees when you take photos. gets rid of the black outs.
  11. I was thinking of short sprints up the strip and not for road use. I just wondered if anyone has done it on the drag strip. Maybe another First for OSS? Or for Long distance...... Add a trailer thingy. yeah, I know, Me is mad!
  12. slightly off topic but Could you use LN2 to cool the IC instead of water? Just a thought.
  13. I don't understand what you are trying to achieve. I have had by bike since 2005/6 And not really had anything to write home about the electrics. Nowt wrong with standard generator. Just seems an Un-necessarily expensive mod, But, If you like modifying stuff, One shall look forward to see how it all turns out.
  14. Any chance of comparing how it feels with the new tank?
  15. I never thought that could ever be,, in the best possible taste!
  16. I had a sneaky feelin what it was going to look like after they mentioned all the cars they worked on.... Is he still moving the waste gate? , Just above the filler on the petrol tank.
  17. Asking Questions is always a good way of breaking the ice. And Welcome. Pics are REALLY good too. We like pic here!
  18. I am bloody guessing Your GOOGLE has broken too? Yuasa YB5L-B 120L x 60W x 130H their ya go! my google works brilliantly. WHOOSH. Oh, and Hello.
  19. I hope that frame has beefed-up to take that shingel shydid arm. Looks only. ruins a prefect bike. but me is bias as fuck really.
  20. where does this go?

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