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  1. I went through a very similar experience a few years ago on my old ES, I could never get it running cleanly on the original carbs and as you say Getting it running something like without the airbox was the way I also approached it. But I never got it running right it would often run on less than 4 cylinders intermittently and it always felt as though I was trying to drag the revs up or out of it, I gave up and fitted Bandit 1200 carbs and Ramair filters and it was 100 times better, like a brand new bike!
  2. Autumn update, No further progress until recently was making the most of the dry weather but with the night's closing in iv'e pulled the trigger and started the dry rear end build. I've loosely assembled things to check the fit and alignment and clearance and all those other things to consider. Iv'e got to make some new dog bones, just waiting for the steel to arrive, before I can put it on its wheels and double check the alignment. A couple of questions, how freely and easily should the swinger pivot without anything else involved, I forgot to check my original before the strip down
  3. Just working on the swinging arm ATM, getting all the bits together. I'm going to get the axle slots and blocks welded up and then re-machined to suite the new 25mm spindle and wheel bits and pieces, that way there's less parts to be messing with once its done. I will then use the Prillier caliper and bracket and to make this work I've got hold of a locating peg for the caliper bracket and will mount that into the Busa swinger, I will drill and tap it into the arm, but I am concerned that the single skin of the arm won't be strong enough to take the braking forces. I am wondering if its worth
  4. Measured the wheel and its approximately 110mm from centre to inside sprocket face.
  5. Thanks for all the info guys, I've discounted the bearing swap as all the bearings I can find with the correct i/d & o/d are wider than the current ones so would need machining to fit. So will go with the spacer option. As suggested going through the caliper bracket as well is a great idea. As for the hub width I think it will need machining as the sprocket bolts catch on the arm as it is, I'll measure the sprocket to centre line as MeanBean suggested.
  6. Been doing some mocking up and measuring today, to check that things will basically fit together and then working out a plan. Still trying to resolve the 28mm to 25mm axle issue & was wondering if any other Suzuki axle blocks might already have a 25mm spindle hole, spent hours looking today but not found anything, maybe some of the newer GSXR's might fit, any suggestions? Anyway some pics coz I know you like em.
  7. Cheers, I’ll get it all mocked up and see how things line up and if possible will go 530 with a custom sprocket . If not will go for top quality 520.
  8. The issue is that I'm going to use a forged OZ Prillier rear wheel and they come with 525 chainsets or 520's so I'm trying to keep it simple as JT do 520 front sprockets for the bike so 520 is the common denominator. I would prefer 530, to go 530 would mean getting a custom rear sprocket made and I'm not sure how much that would cost? maybe that's the best option though....
  9. Just going through all the minor details of this rear end swap and it looks as though II'll need to go for a 520 chain-set without going for custom one offs. This should also help with chain clearance but will a 520 be safe on my standard 1100? I'm not planning on tuning it apart from maybe going fuel injection at a later date. PS I plan to add a slight stretch to the Busa arm as well as its currently shorter than the standard arm, so maybe going with the bolt on extenders or something like them, not sure if this makes the 520 chain issue better or worse?
  10. Update - I've gone for a Gen 1 Busa arm as I'm assured they are an easy fit. Also got a forged Prillier wheel coming too. gone for the matching Prillier caliper and bracket as well. so this issue now is 28mm Busa rear wheel spindle and 25mm for the Prillier wheel etc. I'm in no rush as this is all gearing up for the winter but need to work out the easiest option to make things fit. The option I'm warming to is getting new adjuster blocks made for the smaller 25mm Prillier spindle along with getting the swingarm adjuster slots made smaller so everything on the Prillier wheel, cush and c
  11. NRP or Allen’s performance do them, I got mine from Allen’s
  12. Thanks Mark I think I’m going to go either Busa or K1-4 arms with a Prillier wheel, the arms should fit fairly easily so it’s then just the wheel alignment.
  13. Cheers Ade, Yes that's the one, I'm looking for really slim spokes and with the Aprilia ones there are a lot of them about even some forged ones and with me being on a budget and all. As for the arms I'm wondering what the lengths are as I want one at least as long as the current one, nothing shorter.
  14. I'm looking to start planning the next round of mods for the coming winter and am looking to fit a different Swinger to my WP, not sure if WP's are the same frame pivot dimensions as earlier slingies are so not sure where exactly to post this, Admins please move to wherever you think is best. Anyway I'm aware that Gen 1 Busa's are a relatively easy fit and that's the style I'm going for straight with the top bracing. but I wondered about SRAD's and say what now!? K1's to K4's as they all have that similar look? Iv'e dug into part numbers etc and some are similar and others aren't so I'
  15. Welcome from a fellow Water Boiler owner, keep the pictures coming. Yours looks pretty clean.
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