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  1. Also from memory the Gearing commander (or whatever its called) gearing website has calculations of what length chain you need with different combinations of sprockets. I used it when I went 530 on my TLR. You can also buy and fit your sprockets and then just measure what length chain you need and then convert it to the number of links to be 100% sure.
  2. @Jpich85 - Just to confirm you fitted the busa arm and then a GSX600F knuckle without getting a new bottom bracket adaptor plate from DanM ? and the suspension feels sort of normal ?
  3. Thanks pal, much appreciated, I'll get in the shed when the rain stops and measure up.
  4. Would you be able to provide me the dimensions of your bracket please, distances between mounting holes, width of the 2 pivot areas etc ?
  5. Yes I have so far, but if the suspension travel increases once I soften the rear end it might not as its fairly close ATM.
  6. Yes it’s nearly done, it all works but the suspension is very hard due to the angle of the dog bones. I need a lowered bottom bracket, to get the suspension leverage back to what it was. I’ll put some pics up later
  7. Yes I agree, I’ll focus on getting the geometry right first off.
  8. Thanks Guys, I'll chase up DanM and see if one of his adaptors will fit my bike, if not then it's probably time for a custom shock.
  9. Just following up on this as I'm not sure if Dan still makes the adaptor plates, the alternative is a new softer rear spring, so my question is do we have or know of any spring rate charts for standard bikes or easily available "alternative" rear shocks? I've seen the shock length chart but that doesn't cover spring rates.
  10. Doe anyone know if Dan still makes these as I could probably do with one as well for my WP, Also does anyone have the dimensions of one so I can see if it will fit my WP since they were designed for oil boilers and not water boilers?
  11. Evening gents, I've gone and added another water cooled Zuk to the collection, its been stood for a while so the brakes are properly goosed and seized on. Given they are the notorious 6 pots which are expensive and a pain to recondition & bleed, can I fit Nissin 4 pots 90mm spacing from a say what now!? or Trumpet or anything else? Anyone done this are can recommend another cheap alternative as this one needs to be done on a budget!
  12. Not sure if it’s relevant but Tl1000’s have a similar issue where the charging voltage drops as revs increase. There is a wiring mode to fix it maybe Srads are the same, certainly the same era?
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