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  1. I put a B12 swing arm/wheel in a GS750 frame with a b6 motor, 520 chain and 180 tyre without too much trouble
  2. "The exhaust system and silencer should be in such condition, or of such a type, that the noise emitted from the motorcycle is not clearly unreasonably above the level expected from a similar motorcycle with a standard silencer in average condition." leaves a lot to the inspector!!
  3. you put the details of your frame into the boxes for make, date, model etc , then it brings up a list of all the forks that will fit and the bearings you need to fit them, just scroll down till you find Suzuki GSF600 2000. it gives you the bearing sizes i have already said with their part No's in blue top bearing = 25 - 48 - 13 bottom bearing = 30 - 48 - 12
  4. measure your GS bearing seats on frame top and bottom (bearing outside measurement), then measure the stem you want to use top and bottom seats (B6? bearing inside measurement) then find bearings to match, allballs thing shows GS750 1978 frame with bandit 600 2000 forks top bearing = 25 - 48 - 13 bottom bearing = 30 - 48 - 12
  5. nice job Clive
  6. https://www.allballsracing.com/forkconversion
  7. looks like a great finish that Clive, have you used it before? is it hard wearing?
  8. Ignitech do stick coils and they come with the connectors for your loom
  9. Rene, the 44252-00A00-57S part No for the GSX1100 seems to be blue, but the 44252-00A00-58R part No for the GS1150 looks to be listed as black, all the knee straps listed on Robinsons foundry are the 57S ones!
  10. i can only find the one part No for the lower pad (44252-00A00-57S), i have both top and bottom, but the bottom one i got is "Midnight blue" not black like the top one? does anyone know if there is a different No for the Black pad?
  11. its an AN6 mate, just needs cleaning up a bit as the anodize on mine had built up the threads
  12. B&C Express https://www.bandcexpress.co.uk/
  13. Metric Dimensions Chain Pitch Width Roller Diameter 415 12.70mm 4.88mm 7.75mm 420 12.70mm 6.35mm 7.75mm 428 12.70mm 7.75mm 8.51mm 520 15.88mm 6.35mm 10.16mm 525 15.88mm 7.85mm 10.16mm 530 15.88mm 9.53mm 10.16mm 532 15.88mm 9.53mm 11.10mm 630 19.05mm 9.53mm 11.91mm 632 19.05mm 9.66mm 12.68mm Side plate thickness varies with grade and make of chain. As a rule, 1.5 to 2.6 mm. It is important for safety to join chain with the manufacturers correct Rivet Soft Link or Split Spring Link. Size, Manufacturer, and grade are often stamped on some of the side plates.
  14. looking at it Clive, you might have to swap the two top plug screws for something a little shorter, looks like frame will be close!
  15. fitting this to mine mate.
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