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  1. I have had two Racefit systems made (one modified) they are very well made and extremely light, but they are noisy, even with NRI (noise reduction insert)!! on my GS then bigger can then new one on my EFE build
  2. what MeanBean said, got both on my GS (bandit motor) and also fitting to my EFE build (bandit motor also) works great
  3. thinking of doing something very similar with my nylon mate
  4. got mine the other day, going to get it on the mill
  5. I was told that PJ1 makers were told they would have to get EU certification ( E mark) for import into European Union for their "full Fat" paint, would have cost them around £100K for the process, so they ditched the formula for a less harmful one, thats why you can only get "proper" PJ1 if you order it from non EU countries from my understanding.
  6. Dash2 has adjustable tacho
  7. Think i would have taken it apart too if it was drinking my beer
  8. did the spacer thing with my h/lamp mounted ones, going to do the same with the rear ones
  9. Might want to put a grommet in that hole the leads goes through mate! chaffing and all that
  10. GPS speedo not legal mate!! just saying
  11. If you find out please let me know, I have a set to fit too
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