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  1. in the pic it is a stock B12 basket.
  2. He still uses the "Martek" name
  3. I found out a while ago that he had a terminal illness and was trying to sell the business, but was asked not to say!
  4. might just have to try to get to both then
  5. think i might come down for a nosey for the two york dates is there camping on site?
  6. what delay are you using? i have found 60Ms of kill good so far
  7. one it came with jacked up looooooooks goooooood
  8. GS 750 with MV F4 four pot Nissin caliper (GSX14 arm, CBR1000RR wheel) just goes to prove that anything will fit with a bit of thought and effort
  9. never had problems swapping engines on any of my builds whatever their reg No
  10. SNT Race engineering make excellent XR69 frame kits
  11. Remove any paint/primer from around the tank edge under the filler,for around 10mm, leave it bare metal, the problem with paint between the two surfaces is that it "wickes" the fuel. i use a Viton rubber gasket to seal it.
  12. i am no expert on its fitment and onto which bike it will fit, but i do know it fits into a stock bandit 12 clutch basket with no modification. some one with better understanding of GSXR 750/1100 clutches and their similarity to bandits might be able to answer that, or contact Sigma as i am sure they can be of help.
  13. sigma make one for the GSXR750/1100 and also fits the SRAD, they also fit the Bandit (PS i have the one in the pic for sale with new plates and springs, never used)
  14. very similar solution to yours mate
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