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  1. Seriously they look amazing it's a shame to torque them down in a motor and not admire them.
  2. You admired your hair in the reflection from these....
  3. Hey mate, It has it's pro's and cons. The bike feels certainly lower and it's an easier reach to the bars. It has a drastically lowered capacity but still enough for a 20 minute session on track. However in heavy braking areas into 40mph hairpins etc I am missing somewhere to really lock my legs into. Obviously this tank is'nt at all designed to cope with those stresses it's more a drag tank and indeed those forces being completely opposite. I like it though it's obviously lighter than stock and looks trick.
  4. We've been in LD here for months. So the opportunity came up to get a bit of engine work and wiring tidying. A great mate of mine George on here. Has ported and polished the head to an exceptional degree. While that was happening I sent off a spare inlet cam for Waggots Cams to regrind to Yoshimura Stage One spec. George also took care of the loom removing all the extraneous road stuff. And taking off the alternator and knocking up a blanking plate. Ignition barrel removed. I think this should be just over another 4kg lost. This picture also shows how simple that loom is now. Spring tab welded onto the link pipe cleans up a mess of spring and clamps I had there previously. Pretty excited about getting out on it on Sunday TD booked, along with the other one. .....a slightly newer water cooled GSXR.
  5. I fitted a K4 headers and mid pipe to a 92/93 1100W. Cut out the valve in the mid pipe. 15kg saving. For 175 bucks. There was a bit of jiggery pokery to get it to fit.
  6. Good news. No fuel pissing out of air vents. I'll take that as a win.
  7. The tank and valve arrived after a considerable wait along with some genuine FCR velocity stacks from an seller FCR on Eblag. Bit of fucking about with fuel pissing out of air vents and we were good. Not convinced that issue is resolved as I drained the tank for painting. I'll stick a litre in tomorrow and take it round the block and see.
  8. As an update I've bought an Airtech 'slammed' drag tank and Pingle fuel tap. Should save 3-4 kilos. Probably take another couple of months to arrive.
  9. Yay! Which issue is this Steve? Just looked at Readly and couldn't find it?
  10. Removed all the mid pipe valve and extraneous stuff during the week. Two track days booked.
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