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  1. I fitted a K4 headers and mid pipe to a 92/93 1100W. Cut out the valve in the mid pipe. 15kg saving. For 175 bucks. There was a bit of jiggery pokery to get it to fit.
  2. Good news. No fuel pissing out of air vents. I'll take that as a win.
  3. The tank and valve arrived after a considerable wait along with some genuine FCR velocity stacks from an seller FCR on Eblag. Bit of fucking about with fuel pissing out of air vents and we were good. Not convinced that issue is resolved as I drained the tank for painting. I'll stick a litre in tomorrow and take it round the block and see.
  4. As an update I've bought an Airtech 'slammed' drag tank and Pingle fuel tap. Should save 3-4 kilos. Probably take another couple of months to arrive.
  5. Thanks mate. Not out here nor Readly just yet.
  6. Yay! Which issue is this Steve? Just looked at Readly and couldn't find it?
  7. Removed all the mid pipe valve and extraneous stuff during the week. Two track days booked.
  8. Thought I'd better update. Found an R6 race seat unit with a bit of jiggery pokery and a piece of chunky square bar ally to get the seat height right. Came with an almost new Moto Valter seat foam. K6 headers and mid pipe from a local'ish wreckers for a 175 bucks. That and removing the fan. Has saved a whopping 15kg. Pretty fucking stoked with that. Now weighing in at 180kg with half a tank of fuel.
  9. Supposed to do a track day last week but the weather here was fucking biblical. March looking like an opportunity but I started a new job this week and have already booked two days off to go away with the fam. So it looks unlikely. Haha I actually get my licence back next month so maybe pulling a sicky that Tuesday. Need to get the Tuono out on the road. Not ridden the fucker yet.
  10. Exhaust and seat unit still to do. Several options on both being considered.
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