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  1. Quarter mile. 11 sec if ya have quick reactions but you should be under 11.7. guess it depends on the track really.
  2. Yes, They were used on the rf900. Guessing you are looking for spares?
  3. If you are going to use a CLAMP METER for DC, Make sure it has a Hal sensor in the clamp. Old trans former type only measure AC ,one wire at a time only.
  4. yes, but you will need to match up the bearing shells to your new crank case and crank shaft. they aint cheap. tho they may have dropped in price since i last looked.
  5. oh and don't get the ones with the balance pipe between No 2 and 3, just makes the job harder but ya could just cut it and sleeve/weld it up.
  6. k1 1000 ti pipes and later will fit (y and later k series750 are too short) with a bit of heat applied to spread them apart , but the lower part will need adjusting to get round the sump but i cheated by fitting an rf 900 engine instead but you could swap out the 750 sump for an rf 900 one but you will need the rf900 pump pick up as well. Can't remember if anything else is needed. my memory is not very good anymore.. SRAD ones won't fit as the pipes are the wrong diameter. earlier oil one may fit but you will have to ask them who know. Don't mention watercooled bikes in the oil cooled section
  7. Err hello and all of the above. but if you like , check the loom and connector on the front right side of the bike under the faring trim thingy. just below the right handle bar. you will need to know which way to turn the screw driver handle thingy. i see Vizman is still on form. nice. laters.
  8. compression on these bikes are 11.3:1 standard.
  9. OOOOH. That is Just AWESOMENESS. love it. And welcome to the show.
  10. Hello, Not standard graphics tho they look cool. Good bikes to live with but as mentioned can make yer hands and wrist numb at low speeds, anything above 55mph are good tho. Just check the usual things on older bikes. Much better than a 600 blandit any day of the week. Good fuel range as they hold 4.5 gallons too. loads of mod on this forum for this model. seats are a bit wider tho so if ya short in the leg, where some high heels. Laters
  11. I would doubt very much the 750 gears would hold up in a 200mph behemouth. But the good news is the 750 clutch case will fit the eleven but you would need a 7 mm(i believe) spacer made to clear the larger clutch on the 11. Not sure how the the clutch pinion would fit tho. I have not done it but someone has on the old forum.
  12. the mains shells on all the w/c motors from 600cc to 1100cc are the same. the big end shells are different, tho. the clutches only match the the engine cc they came out of as the outer gear to crank gear very in size.
  13. Nowt wrong with Hi-Flo filters. Been using them for years too. I heard somewhere they are made for suzuki but that could just be chinese whispers.
  14. not as pretty... tho i would not say no if someone gave me one for keeps!
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