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  1. Sv650 forks are shorter than bandit 600's. Any use on the drag bike? guessing yokes would be needed too. Just a thought if you are swapping out USD's
  2. What bike?? I still no see one. Not real I am guessing.
  3. Nice bike. Looking good so far. TIP: Turn yer phone 90 degrees when you take photos. gets rid of the black outs.
  4. I was thinking of short sprints up the strip and not for road use. I just wondered if anyone has done it on the drag strip. Maybe another First for OSS? Or for Long distance...... Add a trailer thingy. yeah, I know, Me is mad!
  5. slightly off topic but Could you use LN2 to cool the IC instead of water? Just a thought.
  6. I don't understand what you are trying to achieve. I have had by bike since 2005/6 And not really had anything to write home about the electrics. Nowt wrong with standard generator. Just seems an Un-necessarily expensive mod, But, If you like modifying stuff, One shall look forward to see how it all turns out.
  7. Any chance of comparing how it feels with the new tank?
  8. I never thought that could ever be,, in the best possible taste!
  9. I had a sneaky feelin what it was going to look like after they mentioned all the cars they worked on.... Is he still moving the waste gate? , Just above the filler on the petrol tank.
  10. Asking Questions is always a good way of breaking the ice. And Welcome. Pics are REALLY good too. We like pic here!
  11. I am bloody guessing Your GOOGLE has broken too? Yuasa YB5L-B 120L x 60W x 130H their ya go! my google works brilliantly. WHOOSH. Oh, and Hello.
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