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    Clutch woes

    I prefer a cable over fluid, will convert my zed project bike to cable at some point.
  2. its always good to know, when i get a bike i do all the research i can find. knowledge is power
  3. they don't look to bad TBH !!!! a tad weak maybe, what are the carb settings right now ?
  4. one thing to remember though, they might be welded but not fully, but better than no weld at all
  5. the black 83 engine i put in my ET you could see the welds on one of the crank webs with the clutch cover off.
  6. sorry guys but i do prefer them without a fairing
  7. Its funny how most people call's them an ET no matter what year they are. I tried to find a pic of the last model with the round clocks and headlight but coudn't find one !!!! i do have a pic or 2 but they are on my other (broken) laptop
  8. the 80 (et) and 81 (ex) where the same bike but im sure the last one they did in 82 had different clocks and a round headlight with the same bodywork. also in 82 they changed the look of the bodywork with the EZ. in this history the 3rd model with the round headlight and clocks isn't shown !!!!!!! Suzuki GSX1100E model history (suzukicycles.org)
  9. somebody touched a nerve their !!!!! "everytime you write something theirs a smart ass remark" youve only got 2 posts time to chill out its just a bit of banter.
  10. in the words of f.b.o.a.b it won't make a farts worth of a difference,
  11. did you replace the O rings on the valve seats ?
  12. anyone converted a 1400 to carbs ?
  13. their is a few 1400 owners who fit an external fuel pump, theirs plenty of room under the seat for one.
  14. really like the look of the 1400 ET, thats what Im thinking about with my 1400, it would be a bit easier to fit/modify ET bodywork to the GSX1400 frame, that way I get to keep the standard wheels and suspension, their will be a lot of work modifying an ET tank though.
  15. what year is your GSX engine ? 83's where mostly welded at the factory.
  16. he said he will make shock mounts for it but didn't say if he's going single or twin !!!!!!
  17. yeah i agree, but still better than the original skinny wheels
  18. yeah i think a 180 is about the biggest you can go on our old bikes, any bigger then as dezza says lots of machining.
  19. some say vapour blasting is better as it closes the pores in the ally, but ive no idea if thats true or not
  20. bare aluminium does corrode pretty fast, its a problem i have living on a small island surrounded by the Irish sea
  21. mine with a 180 and a 530 chain. their was 2mm from the frame to the chain and about the same on the tyre side. never had any contact with the frame as no paint was scratched off
  22. yeah had a 180 on mine, and bang on with the width of different makes of tyre, they do differ.
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