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  1. The time and money shows, it looks great.
  2. Philistine! That's not Beige, it's 'Otter's Arsecrack silver'.
  3. It's just my approach obviously, but I tend to start with what I want from a bike, and most importantly which aspects I'll compromise on, and go from there. Sounds simple but when you get into it the options get narrowed down pretty quickly. If you want to hoon around on a quick tight handling bike then you'll never be able to build anything comparable for much less than double the 'off the shelf' price. If you want something just how you want it, like no one else (or very very few) owns with compromises only where you decide then you'll have to build it. So for me at the moment for example, pure speed and Tron level handling are less important than fistfulls of torque with good handling and '80s looks. Which means rolling on the throttle rather than dropping one or two cogs, predictable turn in, stable in a corner but still able to brake fairly late going in. I can't buy that off the shelf so I have to build it. The other thing to consider is which do you want to do most of :- riding on the road (buy one), or bankrupting yourself in the workshop (build one)?
  4. If it were mine, they'll do no harm so box it up and good to go. It looks like old damage and the engine was built up again afterwards.
  5. Or one of the tiny ball bearings that blank drillings in carbs, or bits of metal dropped off of a rag etc etc. The universally accepted engineering term for the ingress of foreign bodies being "some shit in [insert name of place shit shouldn't be]".
  6. That doesn't look like detonation damage to me, the dimples are too deep, small, and uniform in shape. It looks like some bits have been drawn in or left in. Something small and metallic and hard I'd say. Too round for ring bits, but it could be anything really. The other thing that makes me say material in there is that nearly all the damage is on the low side of the piston. When it's all closed up and in the frame anything in the combustion chamber drops to that side. It's where you see the rust if an engine's been sitting with water in the bore for example.
  7. imago

    Gsxr1100 (1127)

    This emoji sums up the OSS approach to urgent about perfectly IMHO. "It is what it is. It happens when it happens."
  8. "Yeah. It's running a set of Murray's." "Of course. They come ready set up to run with exhaust wrap." "That's right. Another chai latte before we head off?"
  9. I'll check on the lock, but it wasn't me that wanted a Kat mudguard.
  10. Tank, panels, most of the chrome tat stuff is a bit crusty, and aside from being hideous the seat cover is past its best. Basically as per the example photo below I'm keeping the frame, wheels and engine. Do bare in mind that none of it is a shiny as in that photo!
  11. Better? It's actually all sat on the top of racking I think. I doubt I'd get any takers if I put it in the freebies section.
  12. TBH I'm more interested in the build than chucking the kitchen sink at making it go a bit faster. Adding a bit of torque or a few hp with a big bore kit or fuelling improvements is OK, but once you start into the big boy power increases you get diminishing returns for the money spent. You've only got to look at the tiny differences between the stockers and superbikes at the TT to see how expensive fractions of a second are. Even the gap between the 600's and the litre bikes is small now.
  13. Same output (and much cheaper to increase), lighter, alternator, easier to convert to injection. Technically it's not actually going into a GSX, so don't worry I'm not killing an air cooled classic. I bought a GS 1100 L import some time back for the engine. All the fugly bodywork will go over the hedge leaving me with a good tax/MOT exempt GS/GSX frame. I have spare ET tanks and bodywork to go on it, and I can use the Bandit engine and running gear to get me where I need to be with the project.
  14. I have a plan (don't we all) to avoid that happening. When the time comes I'm going to pick up a cheap sv650 for hacking about. Then strip the Bandit and get it on the shelf.
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