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  1. imago

    Cam choice.

    They've gone up since then it's £360 vs £840 or there about but still a large difference.
  2. Another small but important step forward, the V5 arrived in today's post, straight online and declared SORN. The next little hurdle with the DVLA will be to send it back to them with a colour change and get the cc upped from 1000 to 1100.
  3. There are a few makes available, along with the spendy option of having some ground to suit, so I'm after opinions from the collective. 1100 ET engine, ported and flowed head with bigger EF valves, some pretty special 'one off' batch pistons with the bore taken out to 1170, bottom end checked and sorted. It'll be running flat slides with Ignitec ignition and the gasses will be going out via a nice free flowing Cowley. Use will be predominantly road but favouring a track set up. i.e. lots of pressing on enthusiastically and not used for puttering about town. I reckon with the above and the right cams I should be in the 150+ hp range. What're the cam recommendations to suit that scenario?
  4. More meddling about with 'make work' and digging out the unobtainium this morning. Cleaning out threads on the frame, measuring up for brackets and the like. Basically trying to get ahead a bit before stuff starts coming back next week.
  5. I think the only thing I'd add is have a look through the projects section. Quite a few people have done what you're planning, and there are some little variations some of which may suit what you have in mind better than others.
  6. All you need is one or two people looking for a Bakker, Harris etc and they go for silly money. On the other hand, if those one or two people aren't looking they seem to either hang about for ages or sell for half what they started at. I've noticed that there doesn't seem to be as much money between 'boxes of bits' project bikes and ready to ride or show bikes as you'd expect.
  7. Same here, in fact most of the steel special frames I'd only seen in magazines or racing. When you think about it that's not really a surprise given the small numbers made, Harris being the exception and the exception to the exception being the Mag 3. Once things moved on to aluminium there seemed to be a few more kicking about, but even then Bakker are a rare thing in the UK.
  8. It is spendy, but I imagine it'll sell if someone's looking for a special frame. More so if they're after a Bakker as the come up for sale so rarely, especially the early stuff.
  9. There's some right chancers about. The way it's worded though I can't see how they'd make any money from doing it? Maybe it's just one of those data/identity phishing things? Whatever, hopefully karma will kick in and they'll end up with a foreskin full of fibreglass. Haven't you convinced him to sell it to you yet?
  10. Yeah I saw that, not exactly a great scam though. I can't see what e/they are hoping to achieve with it?
  11. The final/actual cut will either be a radius or two angles as it will need to cover the brackets in the corner.
  12. I reckon trimming the lower front edge to follow the frame line and putting a grille in the scollop will help the look?
  13. I'm starting to come back round to keeping the RG tail unit. The stripes aren't bringing anything to the party, but I reckon in metallic grey it could work well.
  14. Now that some of the parts are coming back and others like bolts etc are imminent I can start bringing them together.
  15. Come now, we both know that's an unachievable dream. On a serious note, Now that the Dresda and Throwback are sorted I can use one for the other ET that'll get built at some point, and the other will get moved on. I've never been more happy that the G is a shaft drive other wise the spare swing arm would be the start of a trip down another project rabbit hole.
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