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  1. cool couldnt remember if i need the bandit mounts or use the standard ones. cheers ears
  2. right i know this will of been asked a 1000 times but cant find it on search function. bandit 1200 motor is it a straight swap into the 750 frame or do i need the different mounts etc cheers chaps
  3. are there any ignition pickup differences or anything
  4. whats the difference between mk1 and mk2 1200 bandit motors ? its for my 750j for turbo purposes cheers in advance
  5. do they fit without to much hassle and do they clash with anything cheers chaps
  6. gonna put it up for sale see if theres any interest
  7. really dont like polishing lol. but dont wanna make it worthless if i ever sell it
  8. would i vastly devalue this bike by powdercoating the frame lol
  9. Had it running yesterday sounded good (also went quite well). Removed the airshifter so will be getting shut of that oh and removed the shitty bar-end mirrors lol
  10. thats the idea at the min run next year and decide from then
  11. its got the air tank in for the airshifter lol
  12. Apparently started making frame kits again. was talking to them yesterday about this bike just wanted to make sure it was a martek. I bought this very cheap of an old chap that is packing up biking. He knew what it was worth but let it go cheap to get it out of his way ................my win there then.
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