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  1. its usually the casting that goes fucked as well........you can buy new ones over here guys, think they are around 80 quid
  2. wobblegob


    Magic. This head i got is a lock nut and screw so should all be good , cheers
  3. wobblegob


    are gsxr11 and bandit 12 heads interchangeable will the bandit cams fit the gsxr head and how do you tell the difference cheers chaps
  4. no gonna use a stand alone ignition unit, but for the rest of the stuff was thinking an m-unit and was wondering what people thought of them and their experience of them
  5. anybody used the m-unit
  6. wobblegob


    Putting a 12 bandit motor in my 750j, no electrics for either motor, anybody used these motogadget m-units any good. Also what is worth using for ignition side (going to be turbo use). Cheers chaps
  7. cool couldnt remember if i need the bandit mounts or use the standard ones. cheers ears
  8. right i know this will of been asked a 1000 times but cant find it on search function. bandit 1200 motor is it a straight swap into the 750 frame or do i need the different mounts etc cheers chaps
  9. are there any ignition pickup differences or anything
  10. whats the difference between mk1 and mk2 1200 bandit motors ? its for my 750j for turbo purposes cheers in advance
  11. do they fit without to much hassle and do they clash with anything cheers chaps
  12. gonna put it up for sale see if theres any interest
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