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  1. I tried a hel master on my old k7 1000 but I don't think it has enough travel to clear the clutch and it dragged no matter what I tried (put the stock one back on and bled straight up and worked perfect) spoke to shaun I think at hel and he offered to give me my money back. they have had issues with this before.
  2. somebody tried to use a 6mm bolt?
  3. has anybody had any joy with aftermarket slingshot mirrors ?
  4. I wanted one a few months ago but it's all sorted now cheers
  5. youll need to move the shock remote res as well, but looks like it will take the standard bodywork
  6. bandit 1200 kit has been ordered and there is nothing that cant be reversed so that answers my question cheers guys
  7. its currently got twin k&n filters
  8. Am i right in the thinking that turbos dont like carbs with dynojet kits previously fitted? I have a set of stock carbs at the minute (bandit 12) and i want to run it as is no turbo to make sure everything is working fine before carrying with the turbo idea. its and b12 motor in a 750j frame with a few other mods. now i need it to run fairly well in the meantime, so if i fit a dynojet kit am i i gonna fuck these carbs up for turbo use. cheers guys
  9. not mine but this is how it fits apparently, i tried it yeah it fits. but now waiting for new master cyl as mine is fucked lol
  10. yes im a dickhead didnt realise the mastercyl threads directly into the brake adapter .......... what an absolute wanker i am
  11. wobblegob

    abm pegs

    anybody else had this issue with abm footpegs not fitting the rear mastecyl see pics. whats the solution? is it wong master cylinder for the bike
  12. didnt pip higham do a six cylinder gsx ?
  13. I get some through the carbs on my gsxr7/12 (with ignitech system) but presumed it was my set up / valve clearances maybe (this is just on the bench)
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