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  1. I went for a Slabby one in the end of E-Bay
  2. Are the Slabby & Slingshot steering stems identical?... I know the whole front end fits on complete... been there... done that... & on fiches they only list the whole bottom tree so can’t see if part numbers match... tried the search function... just wondering if there are any differences between the two Actual stems Side by side... wanting to fit a completely different front end (Buell) & wondering what’s the best stem to use for my 750F frame !! Cheers
  3. I was given these with my B12K4 engine... I assumed they were the carbs to match... was never sold with carbs... but he found them in the shed & threw them in anyways... bonus... though only good for spares & repairs... as they were apparently used to fix his original carbs. They are marked ‘32fo t3y1’... any ideas... TPS is missing !?
  4. Possible... but not with my skills !!
  5. Great idea... but will probably need a fair amount of chopping... think I’ll take the gamble if I see a ‘fish’ one come up cheap... or buy a new one !!
  6. Soooooo... if my memory serves me correct... I need the Slabby 750 cover to fit the B12 engine so it’ll fit in the Slabby frame... issue I have is I have the speedo sender built in to the cover... my thoughts were would one of those fish looking aftermarket sprocket covers designed for the K series B12 fit in fine with the Slabby frame !?
  7. Are the fuel tap mounting holes all different sizes as well?... or just 750 compared to 1100 !?
  8. This is news to me as well... very interesting... I always thought the ‘85 750 UK/Japan... not sure about ‘86 USA... had the smallest tank... then ‘86 & ‘87 750 used the ‘humpier’ tank !! I remember pulling up to Performoto in North London In early 90’s... & before I got off my bike... Ed said “Nice... first model of the 750’s... a ‘85... I can tell by the flat shaped top of the tank” !!
  9. Looking for recommendation for someone local to Leighton Buzzard to fit Hayabusa Pistons in to a B12 K4 engine... & roughly how much it should cost so I don’t get ripped off... lol !! Also would you recommend anything else to be done/fitted/checked whilst it’s being done before putting back in the frame?... assuming a lock up clutch can be fitted afterwards whilst in frame !!
  10. Was wondering what these were !!
  11. Wooden skate?... 150-200kgs apparently !!
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