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  1. GSX400F was my first Big bike too!
  2. Have you got any contact info for Andy A
  3. Any recommedations for re-upholstering a Katana seat in something close to the 2 tone original?
  4. I didn’t have a lot of choice…Cost a fortune that I won’t get back! The crank work including welding cost me £700.
  5. Not sure if anyone is interested but I thought I would update this thread... So I tore down the engine and found that someone had been in there and had fixed it before....not! They had forgotten to put the peg in the outer crank bearing behind the ignition. The bearing had rotated and blocked the oil way starving it of oil. It rolled like a spherical bearing lol there was so much play! I took the crank to Dave Branch who had a good secondhand bearing with a peg (Not available from Suzuki), replaced the odd 2 conrods (2 different types on one crank plus one was bent) replaced a main bearing and welded it up for me. Started her up at the weekend after putting it back together with a new to me set of cases, new wiseco rings and a hone, new camchain, camchain tensioner blade, manual tensioner and lapping in of all of the valves, Pleased to say she sounds a lot better now!
  6. Could someone please tell me what the length should be of the plain portion between the 2 M6 threads on a standard Katana Gear Shift linkage Rod? Cheers
  7. Cheers for the info, I'll pass that on to my mate
  8. Does anyone know if you can get hold of weld in billet straight rear axle adjusters to replace the concentric ones in a JMC braced aluminium swingarm?
  9. Is there a 320mm alternative front disc that will fit an 18" slabbie front wheel? (750 is 300 and 1100 is 310 I believe?) Cheers
  10. I saw this mod recently to go with your extended lever
  11. Dave Branch has now done mine.....Picking it up on Saturday
  12. Unfortunately with SEP now closed, I think there are only race builders left.... It looks like Dave Branch will be doing mine. Grumpy 1260 uses SEP so he now needs to find a new builder too. Dave Branch or Chris applebee were his suggestions.
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