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  1. Bugger on me hols in Cornwall until 30th but could roll up on the Sunday morning with a bike if you need an extra one mate
  2. Forgot to say they also work closely with Torque Tune dyno services where we previously had an OSS dyno day
  3. I’ll echo @Dezzacomments on NRP they are proper old skool you even get a cuppa when you visit,made my link pipes for the Killa K I rode there on a Saturday morning he made and fitted the pipes while I waited and will be making a full race system for my slabbie race bike Nigel is a top bloke and decent racer as well. Hes much cheaper than you’d expect but less money doesn’t mean less quality, he was making a full system for an XR69 when I last visited.
  4. Thanks for the replies good sensible input, this confirmed my gut feeling guess there’s more to lose these days than gain by trying to beat the system and cut corners
  5. Coming back to this after sometime now I have my ET registered as historic can I transfer parts over to the new frame and just stick my old plate on it as it will never go for an Mot or am I just chancing my arm and should go the MSVA route etc,any thoughts or experience with this? @Dezza @yantosh @370steve
  6. I think Uk model 750 G and H also protrude, at least my H model does.
  7. Race number confirmed today retained 51 as used on the blandit
  8. It’s a non shim head L model Mark will be 771cc. if I get spanked then apparently with a few mods 980 is an option
  9. Still over in Denmark so no chance of getting on with anything back home but here’s a few pics of this week’s progress on the engine
  10. As @Dezza says o ring as per red arrow no o ring on the other side,I’ve rebuilt many sets of these BST carbs. The emulsion tube should be a very firm push fit to seat in the guide they should also be oriented in the guide in order to align with the peg in the carb body when fitted in order to seat correctly before then fitting and tightening the main jet.
  11. Spending more time away with work but got a nice text then phone call in Denmark tonight with an update from my tuning guru as he has acquired me a low mileage later model engine which is already in bits and looking clean with little wear
  12. I only found out as my sister in law lives across the road from GIA and always chatted with him
  13. Yes since Gav unfortunately died they have relaunched for want of a better word under new management from what I’ve been told
  14. Rear shock arrived from Colin at 100% Suspension, price includes some suspension setup at a round of my choice next season to
  15. Provisional race schedule for next seasons FP3
  16. Car sold today to put some cash in the race fund
  17. Haven’t made my mind up yet but will be more than likely selling the slabby lump to fund something with a little bit more power if my plan works out…watch this space
  18. I’m in the process of starting to build my slabby race bike but will be using a 750 M engine, I haven’t got the M engine yet and I’m not familiar with any differences from my R705 motor. Anyone with the knowledge know if I can simply use the slabby down pipes I already have or do I need to source some 750M ones?
  19. I only asked them last week and they said no problem we’ll send you some for free
  20. Looking good Mark roll on next season, I might be getting a mildly tuned M motor instead of using the original slabby one just to give me a fighting chance
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