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Found 6 results

  1. Having restored a slabbie recently I am ready to do some summer TLC on it but thought I could share my story and maybe inspire or assist with info for the countless others out there doing the same.
  2. Just whipped out my arm and it measures 61cm end to end near enough. Could any helpful OSS tell me what the same dim is for a 750 G or H? They are apparently longer (25mm) but was the measurement end to end or centre to centre? Could really do with the info so thanks in advance guys.
  3. Hi, Does Anyone know how to identify a 1985 gsxr 750 ecu/cdi, the F model? Mine is missing and I am trying to identify correctly the model to look for it. thanks!
  4. Hello all. New member here. I am building a Slabside 7/12 and have used a bandit donor including its loom. My problem is what to do about the speedo and rev counter as the bandit ones don’t suit the slabby race replica style that I am going for. Ideally, I don’t want to do too much electrickery so a plug and play solution would be best if possible. Surprisingly, given that the bandit is such a magnet for modifiers, I can’t find much out there as a direct replacement. I am not against a digital dash but I would want a decent size screen. Not one of the little ones that you see on MX bikes (Vapor etc.) I have considered, as a last resort, butchering the bandit clocks and mounting them on a plate with a foam surround to try and get something close to the look I want but I think this would be a bit half-arsed. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
  5. My slabby coils died recently so I managed to convince the boss, that I should replace them with a set a dyna coils and Taylor leads,purchased from grumpy1260. I removed the tank today and after a short fight with the old screws holding the original coils managed to get the first coil off. Opened the box with my new coils in and set about dry fitting just to check the fit was ok. Then came the reason for the post recommended fit as per the instructions was followed but the buggers won't fit with the original fittings/spacers whatever orientation I try they are either hard up against the frame or need extra spacers at which point the ht lead output fouls the underside of the tank. Anyone else fitted dyna coils and found a cunning way of getting round this? BIke is slabby 750H coils are Dyna Dc1-1 Thanks
  6. Rebuilt my slabby last year and had it running pretty fine,took it out yesterday in the heat and it developed a new problem. Wouldn't tick-over when hot and stalled at every chance, when I got it going again it misfired and wouldn't rev cleanly any ideas? It has previously run perfectly during the cooler months It's standard apart from exhaust, running VM29s with std airbox with KN replacement filter, carbs ultrasonically cleaned and repair kits fitted.
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