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  1. Things are going well. I have been screwing in the pilot screw thinking it was set to 3.5 turns out. I had actually set it to standard 1 3/4 turns out. Seems like the bike was "lean surging". I have set the pilot screws to 2 turns out and the bike is transformed on closed throttle.
  2. I did indeed remove the dyno jet kit (CV slide springs and needles), replaced the main jet with the standard ones and used a carbtec kit to replace all rubber o rings the running of the bike improved. After I refitted the carbs the bike ran better but I have erratic idle and "surging/wobble" at small throttle openings. If I adjust the idle screw it changes the nature of the surging and moves it in the rpm range. The bike runs rough on choke, idle speed fluctuates, it can bog down on occasion during warm up. It's looking like I will have to remove the carbs again and replace the em
  3. Bikes done 22k Miles. It's always had this issue though during my ownership. "mark35gun" worn emulsion tubes is an interesting one. I was thinking pilot screw setting (3.5 turns out) , float height (standard), chain and sprockets (runout) or fuel tap vacuum leak. I have a spare set of carbs so I could rob the tubes from the other set, seems like this fault could be a slow burn...
  4. Driving ban lifted, i've been riding the bike again for a while now (2k miles). During my driving ban I sonic cleaned the carbs, swapped the needles + springs back to standard (have another modified bike). The bike no longer has the issue of surging due to the original needles and needle springs being refitted. The main jets of the carburettors are not standard. Obviously balanced the carbs when I refitted them. I still have an issue with difficult cold starting and shaky running under low throttle. If the bikes run in the last few days it will start immediately or quickly. Give it
  5. Just found a 750 shock on facebook, very happy!
  6. I'm looking for some advice on the reincarnation of my 87 7/12. Currently running standard 1200 engine, carbs, loom and rear wheel, old skool micron 4-2-1 (dyno @ 120bhp) Handles really well compared to the 18" deamon it was before. I've been collecting parts for a while now and I now want to start the strip down and reassemble. My questions are, I have an ohlins 1100 rear shock, is it possible to get the length and stroke adjusted? Can a gsxr 750k1 rear wheel be made to fit the swing arm? (so rear wheel matches the front) Would a slingshot curved oil cooler f
  7. Sorry for the late reply, I found the carbs had a dynojet kit in them. I sonic cleaned them and then got banned so haven't got any further...
  8. The advice is great thank you. When I raised the needle I could see wear in the coating of the needle, not something I saw when I raised the needle on my 7/12 back in the day. I bought new standard pilot jets from Fowlers of bristol Wednesday morning and for £6 they turned up today (Thursday). Very happy. I'm going to fit them at the weekend and hopefully all will be well. Thanks again for the advice, for those who care/need to know I will post again soon.
  9. Thanks for taking the time to read what is one of the most posted questions on the internet regarding 1200 Bandits? (possibly) Bought the bike recently after a 3 year break and im so happy, the suzuki engine is amazing. This is my third one. When I test rode the bike all seemed well. After a week I found the carburettors needed balancing. Balanced the carbs and found there was a 1000-3500 rpm flat/wobble spot while under load. So I raised the needle to the second clip and while things are better the revs through the 1000-3500 rpm range are erratic. So as I approach the apex of a
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