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Found 7 results

  1. The racing blandit is sold so a trip down south today to collect next seasons race project,back home now here’s a couple of pics before putting her in the shed.I’ll document the build as it progresses,hopefully get her ready for some racing next year
  2. I've just bought a 1999 gsxr 600 srad and I'm wondering if a 1999 750 fro t end will fit straight on Any advice will be greatly appreciated
  3. Hi, Does Anyone know how to identify a 1985 gsxr 750 ecu/cdi, the F model? Mine is missing and I am trying to identify correctly the model to look for it. thanks!
  4. Hi! Finally i decided to join this great Suzuki page. I am in the army now and i will update my project when i have time. GSX-R 1100 year: 1992 Streetfighter project 1100 Almost ready for summer. GSX-R 750 year:1989  !Updated say what now!? project!: Extended swingarm, aluminum tail, mikuri rs 38 carbs, mgm mask, crashpads. (Coming: Exhaust, bellypan and overal cleaning/polishing) 
  5. Unfortunately as of today as i was going to clean out the head and lap the valves, i discovered a crack between the sparkplugwell and an inlet valve in cylinder 2 and 3. So i guess ill be needing a new head. The rest of the engine looks REALLY good, pistons, walls, cams, rockers etc. What head will be my best option? I've read that a GSXR1100 (86-90) or GSXR750(87-89 short stroke) would be a good improvement cause of better airflow. Are one of these a straight bolt on or what should i be expecting?
  6. hi all so I've migrated across to the new site but still got my project 89 K 750 in the shed slowly coming together. I've started sanding back the panels ready for paint around Xmas time . Today I went and saw my local sign maker to get the graphics sorted and all good except for the big r that sits on the belly of my bike. I've got the vector image but haven't got the dimensions. If some one could measure length x height in millimetres it would help me a lot. Here's an example of what I'm looking for below. btw here's my projects first day out since rolling into the shed around two years ago http://youtu.be/pDt_llniFPY
  7. I've got hold of a 750 motor that came out of a GSX750F (1990) but it looks like a GSXR750 motor? The clutch actuating lever (where the cable connects) is on the right hand side, like on the 750J and there's a a dimple in the clutch cover, I'll upload a picture when I've taken one but hopefully this engine number may identify it? It's R716-101635 or the last digit may also be a 3?
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