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  1. I still have all the parts except the fuel tank. Some day I might get that thing on the road.
  2. Fuel injected compound turbo intruder engine would be interesting. Using methanol as a fuel.
  3. If you want to upgrade your pump gears. Get a proper aircooled motor
  4. If you manage to weld some tubes in the headstock area it will be stifferJust make sure you have quality welds and good fitment. Best option is A. Angles and bracing tubes meet at the same spot.
  5. How about H*nda with EFE engine. In my mind it is not EFE
  6. Just bars. Nothing else ... Aand brakes, forks and wheels. Just bought tl swingarm
  7. Step 1. Remove head nuts Step 2. Instal cam cover Step 3. Start the engine Step 4. Rev it to the limiter Step 5. Wait until the head pops Sorry I had to. Have done this to a Gurls blouse engine. It was fun
  8. Ohlins shocks are quite reasonably priced at the moment Tempting
  9. Kawa 9r forks are quite beefy and long
  10. Maybe some restoration but no modifications.
  11. It is imported at some point so it could be. Handlebar and tank are definately from north america model.
  12. And now it is ready
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