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  1. Is it me or since COVID-19 has OSS become the googlers drop in centre........I’ll always help genuine OSS but find posts like this becoming the norm. Welcome by the way then RTFR.... start again with a nice intro then all us right nice folk will only be too glad to help
  2. Duly noted your first in the queue but you could be in it for a wee while yet
  3. Could be here’s a pic of my 750 slabby one for comparison
  4. @Nelsonglad you’re sorted that’s what OSS is all about
  5. Body work will fit either,I think from memory the 750 clocks aren’t the same but could be wrong and the swing arm on the 750 was steel rather than ali on the 1100.A resident ET expert will know better than me I’ve added 2 original spec sheets from 1981 just for info.The 750 frame will take the 1100 engine you just need different brackets made to bolt up the lower mount below the ignition cover.I’m sure there are other subtle differences, the 750 pump gear can also used to improve oil flow in the 1100 motor.I only speak from my experience I have a 750 frame with an 1100 engine in it.
  6. Yes that’s what I did and they worked fine for me
  7. The brush holder is £70 ish but I’m sure you can buy the brushes separately for a few quid or if not wemoto should do a kit for about £20 at least you can for my blandit race bike so would think you can for a slabby too
  8. I’ve always used a charged battery as my power source from memory you only need 12v to do the test,maybe I’ve been doing it wrong all these years but it’s got me by so far,hopefully it’s just the brushes or do as @wraithsays and swap it out for a blandit one, cheap as chips on eBlag or maybe someone on here has one you can borrow first to eliminate the fault
  9. As stated above and it sounds as though you have a manual, if you remove the alternator from the bike, then remove the end cover then desolder the reg from the plate after removing the whole assembly from the body.You can then test the reg as stated in the manual.Its not a difficult job just a bit fiddly. If it was me I’d be looking for a alternator swap once you prove it’s the reg, as the price for new one is bloody ridiculous, but I wouldn’t just get a replacement without proving the reg is knackered first.Maybe some kind soul on here has one in their shed
  10. A couple of action pics from last week, proof it doesn’t just get polished
  11. Annual 2T Big Bang at Blyton Park today,the smoker went well and never missed a beat.Some nice bits of kit but only posting the Suzuki loveliness
  12. Although I can only comment based on my MK1 race bike the clock connections are part of the main harness I believe that the mk2 is the same see pic, however our resident expert should be able to confirm though calling @fatblokeonbanditto the bridge
  13. Ride over on the bus to collect some coils for the race bike cheers @Paulm,home now so gave her a polish, couple of pics before I drink a cold one
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