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  1. Simbec1863

    F or G?

    H model battery box,it doesn’t list an alternative for F or G models but I can’t confirm this only the H as this is what I have on mine,I assume the G is the same?
  2. Simbec1863

    F or G?

    My UK H model slabby registered on an E plate in 88 comes up as a J slingshot according to DVLA and V5 I told them and no surprise they weren’t interested in changing it
  3. Nice day for a ride,after passing the mot
  4. For what good they do I’ve left mine on and had them blanked off internally
  5. I’ve got them in my RGV make a big difference not as good as a cartridge conversion but good value for not much money
  6. Any pictures of the set-up??
  7. I’m happy to be corrected but I had this same issue a couple of years ago,the conclusion I came to was that the bolt was used on both GSXR 750 and 1100 from 85 onwards and other models into the water cooled era such as GSXR WP etc plus busa and GSXR 600 I used CNMSL parts fiches or alpha sports I remember it saying that the part was used on 20 odd models. I reckon I’d buy the cheaper option as long as it quotes OEM part no 0910607009
  8. I've used hiflo for a while now, sometimes when I've been lazy I've even left it on for 2 years.. and just dropped the oil instead on the slabby.When I took it off last year it didn't look any different to when I changed it yearly, and it was used on the road and track days.I wouldn't recommend my behaviour just saying i think they're ok.
  9. This ones special....I call it the runt....
  10. Well worth it,I've only got the p/v controller as I ran out of funds but they do a CDI/PV box that gets rid of the standard kit and is fully programmable and even has a quick shifter option I'm told they give better gains on the VJ22 than the 21.Can't believe the difference in the bike now
  11. Rode over to Sleaford Saturday to get the Zeeltronic fitted and set-up.Bottled doing it after looking at the multiple unfinished wires and not wanted to start chopping plugs off just in case I killed the electrics I got Sean at the Tuning Works to sort it for me. I made the tea and did the strip down and rebuild while Sean did the leccy/tech jobs. Nice clean install and the ability to unplug and replug the existing loom back in just in case the box is ever faulty. Plug into Sean's laptop and set the parameters for valve opening(8,000 to 10,600rpm), quick test ride and all's now good with the motor.The ride home was a blast ,the lightly tuned motor is now on song ready for Dyno day in July.I have a handheld programmer so can just plug in and set the rpm to valve opening % if I need to further fine tune, without the need to take a laptop with me. Ran out of fuel on the way home as I was getting excited and missed the petrol station while on reserve....short push to the next one. Even getting 29 to the gallon which is good for the grin factor and lifts the front end in 1st and 2nd gear from a standing start
  12. I’ve got 1100 slingshot ones on mine
  13. I've got them on my slabbie the boots on the leads stop any movement and they've been fine for 2 years so far
  14. Simbec1863

    ETG 490 V

    Gov website says it not been taxed since 1986
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