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  1. Simbec1863

    Rgv VJ21

    On the last few jobs now, new cushion rubbers for the speedo,headlight seal ,top fairing,screen and indicators back on. Derusted fuel tank back on today to,stuck 5 litres of fuel in to check for leaks and thought sod it let’s see if she starts,3 kicks and ring a ding ding Got some tick over and sticking at revs issues to sort but shouldn’t be to difficult to sort. If the rain holds off tomorrow then I’ll bleed up the brakes,then a quick road test maybe.
  2. Simbec1863

    Rgv VJ21

    Cheers Dezza,it’s a typo should have read ACF
  3. Simbec1863

    Rgv VJ21

    This arrived today so got it fitted,bolts torqued and chain adjusted .Stuck some new grips on and refitted the hugger,gave it a coat of ACF just to bring out the shine on the old plastic.
  4. Simbec1863

    Slabbies and why we need them....

    Arrived cold and wet ready for the Manx
  5. Simbec1863

    Rgv VJ21

    Drained the water out today and added the coolant,ran a litre of fuel through the carbs to get the engine nice and hot,all seems ok. Airbox refitted with new filter,stuck the seat unit back on to,list is getting shorter,could be back on the road before the autumn at this rate.
  6. Simbec1863

    Slabbie headlight cover clear

    I got one off eblag a couple of years ago think the company was slipscreens or something like that
  7. Simbec1863

    Rgv VJ21

    Got the pipes fitted today,temp filled the system with water just in case of leaks. Connected the aux tank stuck a litre of premix in just to be on the safe side and it took more than 20 kicks but she’s alive . Ran up to temp to check for leaks,found a couple and sorted them,even got her to tick over without the air box on Happy days loads still to do but she sounds awesome and smells even better
  8. Simbec1863

    Rgv VJ21

    The orange rust is mostly gone,just a little bit of staining to the area,I plan to give it another few hours when I’m home next
  9. Simbec1863

    Slabbie/ slingshot sprocket fittments

    I’m in Germany until Friday but can do it on Saturday for you unless someone comes up with the info before
  10. Simbec1863

    Rgv VJ21

    Sunburnt head today took the dodgy leaking fork leg out ready to fit a new seal at the weekend. Fixed a few electrical gremlins -indicators now working,although one of the bullet connectors is knackered so needs replacing. Sorted the non working neutral indicator,cleaned the switch and refitted with a new o ring and all’s good. Test fitted one of the pipes before sticking it back in the shed.Roll on next weekend, nearly time to fill fluids and get her kick started for the first time in 2 years...
  11. Simbec1863

    main fuse slabside

    The picture is the location on a 750 H,the 1100 location may be different but will still be around the side panel seat area,as far as I’m aware there is only 1 fuse box,sounds like you’ve already found it if you’ve been able to change the signal fuse. I would check all fuses then look for a dodgy connection or poor earth if it was working then just lost all power.
  12. Simbec1863

    main fuse slabside

    The fuse box is next to the rear brake reservoir behind the rhs panel the one near the footrest,here’s a pic
  13. Simbec1863

    JMC slabside

    Here you go Clive
  14. Simbec1863

    Rgv VJ21

    Another few hours on the RGV today,rad and hoses fitted ,pv cables fitted and set up,oil pump feed adjusted and even stuck some power on to check the pv actuator worked. Neutral light not working so that’s a job for another day.
  15. Simbec1863

    Rgv VJ21

    Yes exactly that