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  1. Dragged the old girl out the shed today and went for a blast,struggled with road shift after spending most of my time in race shift on the blandit Stopped for a quick photo at my usual place
  2. With OSS at the Donington Classic weekend
  3. Yes E25 is the Netherlands ,looking at my parts manual E25 variant lists a different headlight unit at least by part no and isn’t shared with any other country for the F model.
  4. Couple of action shots from Blyton Park
  5. Track day at Blyton Park today,bloody hot but great fun 2stroke only with 16 smokers out on track,plenty of RGV250s ,a couple of RGV 300 conversions and 2 RGV 500s plus lots of other makes. Smoker went well with no blowups, the road tyres weren’t the best with a couple of big slides but they scuffed up eventually and kept me shiny side up,home now having a beer after much sweating all day
  6. The frame,engine and panels all the rest is GSXR slingshot
  7. Cheers for that I will be transferring most parts from my Et so this would be my ideal solution
  8. I reckon you could be right a plot by the diesel mob
  9. Back from the Dyno Day and good to catchup with some old friends and new faces to.Russ the dyno man was a top bloke and told me the smoker was running a little rich but that’s ok for now as I prefer it safe than too lean especially as it will mainly be used for track days. Showed 54 bhp on the dyno he reckons he could get me another 3bhp with a few tweaks and test runs.Track day beckons this Thursday will try to get some pictures.
  10. Starting to plan upgrades to my 7/11 ET but before I go any further what reg plate will I end up with if I order a new trick frame?
  11. E01 normally denotes general export not a race frame
  12. Back from my hols so had a bit of time to kill,got the smoker out and fitted the new race step kit. As with all these things had to do a bit of adjusting with a file to get the old parts to meet the new,all done and changed to race shift. Checked over and a bit of a clean,all ready for dyno day next Sunday, then a track day a week on Thursday
  13. New Tyga footrest kit arrived today just need to fit and change to race shift before the track day outing later this month
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