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  1. Mot passed a couple of weeks ago,spent a few hours today sweating in the sunshine. 30 year old coils,ht leads and caps replaced, short plugs fitted to ease removal due to the straight plug heads.Fitted some titanium calliper mounting bolts and a carbon oil pump cover after I lost my original last year when the screws came loose.Quick blast round the block in my shorts and T-shirt before refitting the fairing, all working fine. Pricing up a cougar red clutch and new radial master cylinder to see which body parts I need to sell .
  2. No problem, there is a GSXR1100 89-92 (K,L,M,N) service manual on the list.
  3. You’ll find a downloadable manual here https://www.carlsalter.com/suzuki-service-manuals.asp
  4. Mot booked so thought I best drag the smoker out and give her the once over,fired up ok but died straight away when warmed up as soon as I tried to test the electrics.Guess the battery is knackered so need a new one before next weekend. The annual track outing is looming so knocked a few jobs off the list before the thunder and rain stopped play. 1/4 turn throttle tube fitted,new grips and the now compulsory brake lever guard.
  5. All the best, just send it
  6. Back from a 50 mile blast,mot and taxed no advisories
  7. Back home for a few weeks so it’s Mot day first time for 2 years so fingers crossed
  8. If it’s just the relay I got one from wemoto for around a tenner a couple of years ago,I imagine they still sell them
  9. Not back in the UK until the weekend but then remembered I haven't updated this thread for a while, junked the old cans last month and replaced with some louder shiny ones until the next phase of the project, starting to collect parts already but mainly parts that are just knackered and need replacing anyway.At least she's breathing a bit better although a nasty carb leak on the way home nearly caused a small roadside fire,I had enough piss to put it out , managed to limp home so now need to get the carbs off when I'm back in the UK, although she's bottom of the list behind 2 MOTs, track prepp
  10. A few action pics from Donington and Castle Combe
  11. He hardly brakes, jumps the mountain,is super fast..and a top bloke who won the Bandit challenge a few times
  12. First chance in a while to do anything with the old bus,brakes bled up and wired the fart blade brake light switch.All tested and working ok,probably need to give the brakes another bleed to get the last bit of air out but had to abandon the outside shed when it started to rain.Stuck a cable tie on the brake lever after giving them a good pump will check tomorrow to see if the last bit of air has gone.
  13. Or Moto Brain......
  14. Sat waiting for my flight to work this morning and a spooky moment on eblag when you see your original bike for sale, it is still alive and up for sale just down the road from me for over £6000, I might email them to tell them their lovely original condition barn find was well and truly crashed by me in 1988 and is on its 2nd frame with repaired and replaced bodywork and has only 1 key,I still have the spare hanging in the shed
  15. Back in hotel quarantine in Denmark so here’s a race report from this weekend’s Blandit Challenge at Castle Combe. Dry and sunny Saturday so no tyre decisions to make,bike was running shit after Donny so treated the runt to fresh oil,plugs and a few more bits and bobs.Practice went ok but my times were slow,TQ came round and managed to gather some speed went faster than the races last year but still qualified 21st. Race 1 soon arrived, sat on the grid in 21st with a plan,start fast,don’t lose any places and try to get in amongst the front boys by the 1st corner….lights out and go it’s wor
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