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  1. A wee health issue has stopped my racing plans this year,on a waiting list to get fixed so lost my mojo with the race bike but thought I should get my finger out and do a bit in prep for next season.Having the frame strengthened and the swinging arm modified so needed to get it dismantled.Only took 2 hours from start to finish took longer to tidy up afterwards,bloody knackered now Pictures of the slabby in kit form
  2. Found another pic @clivegtonot quite the same these were £95 last time I checked
  3. Looks similar to the Team Classic Suzuki Blandit seat unit,think that was a copy of the RGV one.When I raced in the series I’m sure Highfibre supplied them
  4. Not a lot of folk do down pipes for these bikes off the shelf,Delkevic do bandit systems so may do something if you only want link pipes and an end can give these boys a call https://a16roadnracesupplies.co.uk/product/exhaust/?model=gsxr-750-slingshot they did me some link pipes and end cans for my 1100K
  5. Engines ready and looking like new
  6. Coils and ht leads arrived thanks @Josephanother bit of the jigsaw gathered
  7. I use NRP carbs regularly if its the same company based in Manchester UK? They've always answered my emails and never let me down for rebuild kits
  8. @TonyGeehere you go a couple of old ones she’s buried in the shed with race kit on top of her
  9. Not much happening with this old girl but nipped out on the smoker today and after visiting 3 post offices managed to find someone who knew what they were doing.She’s now registered historic and zero tax paid,just need to sort a few jobs on her and she might be back on the road this summer I’ll stick her in the queue with the other non running projects she’s number 3 on the list
  10. What bike is it for? You can buy end can repack kits on eblag,Fuel and Delkevic make them and probably a few others to. A16 Road and race in Lincoln will probably have an end can that will fit,I’ve run them on 2 race bikes and they pass noise testing no problem with or without the baffle fitted. They will mod existing cans that they sell if you need any adjustments to, they’ve done it for me when my link pipe wasn’t quite the right size and a tight enough fit.
  11. @Paulmforgot about that version Still got your old bits in the shed
  12. I’ve got some in my road slabby and will be having some in my race slabby once I’ve saved up some cash
  13. I can confirm Maxton still do them I think it’s an SD20 or 25 cartridge kit as I rang them a couple of months ago to enquire about my K,if you email them they’ll send you the spec sheet and prices
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