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  1. Thanks again @Markz9 I’ll take good care of her
  2. The racing blandit is sold so a trip down south today to collect next seasons race project,back home now here’s a couple of pics before putting her in the shed.I’ll document the build as it progresses,hopefully get her ready for some racing next year
  3. Road trip yesterday for a catch-up with the OSS crew at Stafford Show
  4. Maybe @Rossco(Iceman Josros)can advise think he had K series rims in his slabby at some point?
  5. After being stood for years I wouldn’t waste my time with anything else other than removing the carbs,fully strip,clean and rebuild with decent quality parts. Then stick the carbs back on, balance and at this point start working your way through the possible low compression issues, these engines are pretty good even with some miles on them if they’ve been looked after over the years. I took some carbs off my 1100K recently the bike still had an mot and was used a bit before I bought it and even this supposedly road worthy bike had the most shitted up carbs I’ve seen in years thanks to lack of use and modern ethanol content fuels. Keyster normally do a good quality rebuild kit not cheap but decent quality you can get them from NRP in Manchester or contact Allen’s Performance in Notts for genuine mikuni spares. Worth spending the cash and taking your time you’ll find the bike will run 100% better afterwards, it won’t sort any potential engine issues out but is a step in the right direction. Example of my 1100k’s float bowl with 30000 miles on would hardly run and leaked fuel out of the vac pipes plus most other of the rubber hoses
  6. Carbs done at last, rebuilt and bench synced just need to be home long enough now to refit to the bike.
  7. I can confirm I can only do the Saturday due to travel on Sunday and can ride over on whatever is road worthy currently RGV or Slabbie as the K is in bits waiting on parts from Suzuki.
  8. I think the hole spacing was 38mm so if they are the same as a blandit then a 5EB R6 tap will work as I run one on my blandit race bike, the fuel outlet is much larger than a Suzuki so you need the R6 pipe and filter with the tap. I reduced mine down by then connecting the R6 in-line filter to the original Suzuki fuel hose that feeds the carb
  9. I can ride over on the Killa K, RGV or Slabbie, as always depends on if I have to travel back to Denmark Sunday or Monday so may only be on for Saturday if I can't do both. If someone else can do both days and hasn't had the chance before I can live with not being on the list , would probably come over for a visit to talk bollocks anyway....
  10. I’m up for it depending on work /travel
  11. My short seasons over on the Blandit,only managed 2 rounds,got up to 5th in the Seniors championship, think I was on for a best of 4th if I hadn’t of missed Cadwell and Oulton Park due to illness and the runts now up for sale ready for a class change next season. So this story ends here for now with the blandit being replaced by slabbie power once I pay and collect it
  12. A bit more done today, carbs seem to be full of sand and rust Amazed the old girl even ran…..
  13. Carb 4 stripped and dipped in the fizzy bath
  14. That’s fair enough then,I suppose it’s just part of the fun of racing, hopefully you mend well and can be fit for next season
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