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  1. I feel your pain Mark hope you get it sorted otherwise we can use the test day to finish building them
  2. Donington is only 2 weeks away so operation head gasket commenced today,everything stripped down and had a quick go at lifting the head,bugger won’t budge then the rain arrived so abandoned the outside workshop and it’s beer o’clock.Will have another go at it tomorrow.
  3. +1 with @fatblokeonbanditSBS dual carbon pads decent brake lines and some racing quality fluid. You can outbrake new litre bikes with ease, only reason to change from standard is if you needed some improved feel at the lever when racing.
  4. Early knock from work today so took advantage of an unexpected opportunity, brake pads in,calipers on and lines secured. Fitted a new brake light switch ready to cut the old slabbie item and stick a couple of spades on to get the brake light to function again,had to buy some non Suzook parts to get the new setup to work including a black lever to keep it looking similar Just need to bleed the brakes next then can get an mot on the old girl again.
  5. Calipers painted in random non suzuki gold, new seals and old pistons refitted. Halves rejoined ready for another day,need to sort the head gasket on the race bike next weekend before I run out of time so this job will have to wait a few more weeks.
  6. Everyone to they’re own....what’s the plans for this project.... polish it bikes are made to be ridden
  7. Same one hidden by quality crash protection
  8. It’s FIM European championship and CRMC if I remember correctly,no track day stuff
  9. Could make a bike available but depends on my racing schedule
  10. First race of the season getting nearer,rolled the runt out of the shed to find a weeping front brake seal,pulled the piston gave it a clean and stuck a new better quality seal in.Brakes bled hopefully now sorted. Dropped the oil and changed the filter,then removed the clutch cover took out the sight glass, cleaned and resealed let’s see if that stops the leak.Just need to retorque the head when the engines cold,then stick some oil in and she’s race ready for Donington in May.
  11. While I try to find some calliper paint thought I’d have an hour swapping the well knackered 1987 discs out for some new ones,think they look ok and can’t work any worse than the old ones. Even managed to get the bus to fire just before I flattened the shit motobatt battery....
  12. With getting the race bike ready the old girl has been left leaking brake fluid due to blown seals.Sun out today so felt like the right time to start the job.Pulled the once freshly painted callipers to bits to find most of the paint is knackered so decided to clean them up,then looked for some paint but had no joy in the shed so will buy some after the weekend.Decided to do the same upgrade as the race blandit so fitted a spare non suzuki master cylinder,had to adjust the reservoir a wee bit to clear the fairing stay but all seems ok.I’ve just got to get some paint now,then fit the nice new discs and bolts I’ve had for over a year but due to racing and working away haven’t found the time.It’s a job for another weekend once I source some paint for the callipers.Beer time now
  13. Stuck the new shock in today even popped in the NOS bolts I bought and never bothered fitting when I originally rebuilt the smoker. Pick with big bro in the background
  14. Thanks mate ,the few I've found are silly money and even the brand NOS from Suzuki are ng as the bump pad is discontinued but I bet you know this already so I've given up and will replace the tail section with a race unit instead when I find the right one
  15. Feeling weary from yesterday’s track action, so while the sun was out thought I’d give the new bus a once over just to see what isn’t right. Other than age related stuff everything looks ok,stripped off some dodgy stickers and gave the paint a clean and polish. The decals on the tank are knackered and some muppet has stuck a tank pad on with glue that’s fooked the paintwork but other than 30 odd years of wear and tear it cleaned up ok. Set the sag front and rear and had a nice surprise it’s even got a brand new YSS rear shock . Other than giving her a good service and junking the standard cans I plan to ride her this year then decide whether to turbo or race prep it for next year.I’ve got some brand news discs kicking about somewhere so if I change them I’ll either put the polished wheels in out the ET or get these ones powder coated. I blame @Wee Man I hadn’t needed one of these until I saw his bike at the last dyno day it’s took me this long to find one that matches the smoker that wasn’t stupid money
  16. Cheers @MeanBean49hopefully a retorque will sort it,otherwise I’ll be in touch,appreciate the offer
  17. First test of the runt blandit preseason today at Mallory. It was dry for once and the runt ran the best it has since 2019. Quick check at the end of the day and a slight weep of oil from the head gasket and the sight window has started to leak,hopefully a retorque of the head bolts cures it and a probably need to replace the sight window before the leak becomes a flood
  18. I’m at Mallory and all ok so far
  19. It will get ridden this year a bit to find any faults then will either become next seasons race bike or road bike turbo project.... not decided yet but won’t be a restoration job
  20. It’s done on trust only hoping we keep to the spirit of the rules which we try our best to do
  21. No that specific it states Mk1 must use Mk1 parts Mk2 parts can’t be used and vice versa,they do check engine numbers at each round though to make sure we’ve not stuck a slabbie engine or 1200 blandit one in
  22. I think@davecarahas a teapot he’s breaking maybe he can assist
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