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  1. Mot booked so thought I best drag the smoker out and give her the once over,fired up ok but died straight away when warmed up as soon as I tried to test the electrics.Guess the battery is knackered so need a new one before next weekend. The annual track outing is looming so knocked a few jobs off the list before the thunder and rain stopped play. 1/4 turn throttle tube fitted,new grips and the now compulsory brake lever guard.
  2. Back from a 50 mile blast,mot and taxed no advisories
  3. Back home for a few weeks so it’s Mot day first time for 2 years so fingers crossed
  4. If it’s just the relay I got one from wemoto for around a tenner a couple of years ago,I imagine they still sell them
  5. Not back in the UK until the weekend but then remembered I haven't updated this thread for a while, junked the old cans last month and replaced with some louder shiny ones until the next phase of the project, starting to collect parts already but mainly parts that are just knackered and need replacing anyway.At least she's breathing a bit better although a nasty carb leak on the way home nearly caused a small roadside fire,I had enough piss to put it out , managed to limp home so now need to get the carbs off when I'm back in the UK, although she's bottom of the list behind 2 MOTs, track prepping the smoker for the annual Big Bang and getting the race blandit ready for Cadwell... I really need a job that means I'm home every night
  6. A few action pics from Donington and Castle Combe
  7. He hardly brakes, jumps the mountain,is super fast..and a top bloke who won the Bandit challenge a few times
  8. First chance in a while to do anything with the old bus,brakes bled up and wired the fart blade brake light switch.All tested and working ok,probably need to give the brakes another bleed to get the last bit of air out but had to abandon the outside shed when it started to rain.Stuck a cable tie on the brake lever after giving them a good pump will check tomorrow to see if the last bit of air has gone.
  9. Sat waiting for my flight to work this morning and a spooky moment on eblag when you see your original bike for sale, it is still alive and up for sale just down the road from me for over £6000, I might email them to tell them their lovely original condition barn find was well and truly crashed by me in 1988 and is on its 2nd frame with repaired and replaced bodywork and has only 1 key,I still have the spare hanging in the shed
  10. Back in hotel quarantine in Denmark so here’s a race report from this weekend’s Blandit Challenge at Castle Combe. Dry and sunny Saturday so no tyre decisions to make,bike was running shit after Donny so treated the runt to fresh oil,plugs and a few more bits and bobs.Practice went ok but my times were slow,TQ came round and managed to gather some speed went faster than the races last year but still qualified 21st. Race 1 soon arrived, sat on the grid in 21st with a plan,start fast,don’t lose any places and try to get in amongst the front boys by the 1st corner….lights out and go it’s worked I’m up to 16th in the 10 lapper.I hit my markers and grab another place, just keep plugging away until the flag,I head back to the pits and my lad says I’ve done my fastest ever lap and came 13th overall and 4th in the Seniors class a mate came to congratulate me and said you were brutal on your overtakes and I couldn’t stick with you that’s a compliment I’ll gladly take. A few beers to celebrate Saturday night then off to bed only to be greeted by mist and rain Sunday morning, I try to be calm and resist the need to change tyres until last minute as the weather is sunny,then it’s pissing it down….eventually I go to wets with only 5 minutes to my race start the ff..ing suns out and I roll up to the grid in 13th the only person on wets,the tracks drying rapidly so I think I’ll just ride as hard as I can until the tyres are destroyed and I probably crash I manage to get to the end in 18th place chasing my mate who looks at my tyres at the end of the race as if to say how did you chase me all race on wets .The last race arrives and another decent finish with more points in the bag,I’m up to 6th in the Seniors cup with my favourite track Cadwell up next so fingers crossed for a decent weekend. Only 2 rounds left for me on the blandit before the runt goes up for sale as I’m confirmed running slabby power in FP3 next season big thanks to @Markz9for agreeing a fair deal on his spare bike
  11. I dream of that sometimes but it hasn’t happened yet probably my only chance of glory
  12. Well I’m back travelling to Denmark with work after 5 months at home writing this in hotel quarantine as other than going to work can’t leave my hotel. Just about recovered from the weekend which was a tough one due to minute by minute weather changes and a shitty one across most of the paddock due to crashes and bike failures,at one point the race schedule was paused for an hour as they had run out of ambulances. I was 4th fastest in class during free practice then came TQ,left the wets in due to a damp track and knew I could do max 2 or 3 laps if the track started to dry,it did but didn’t matter as on my 2nd lap the bike died on the straight so that was that.Ended up 24th on the grid which wasn’t in my plan.Back to the pits to try to fix the problem,while working on it my lad goes out on his new skool suzuki for TQ I hear other bikes come back but there’s no sign of him.Off to race control to find out if he’s ok,he is but has had a big off at 100+mph, the bikes in a bad way so after sending him off to the med centre I start working on both bikes,mines running again after borrowing a CDI off a mate. Now focussing on his bike I lose track of time and hear my race called, I look at the bike to realise I’ve forgot to put my drys in.....and the track is now dry...to race or not...I just go out and form up on my wets looking around at everyone else on nice dry tyres Lights out and a great start I’m up to 17th in a 7 lapper after 4 laps my wets are running me wide firing me out the seat but I manage to finish losing places every lap as I go slower and slower....oh well . Plan for Sunday is dry tyres in unless it’s standing water, lads bike is bodged and passes technical. My 20th place finish Saturday gets me a better grid position and another flying start in a 8 lapper and I’m in the points with 2 laps to go,I miss a gear coming out of the old hairpin and the freight train comes steaming past,end up 20th again but have done my best ever lap a low 1.28 of Donny 10 seconds faster than 2019 when we last raced here so still happy.Every year we get more ex racers returning to do cheap blandit racing and these boys are proper fast so I have to be happy with going faster each time and maybe getting a point or 2 now and then. Last race of the day and I’m knackered but still want some points,good start all going well and I’m up to 15th with 2 laps to go then the runt blandit drops onto 3 then 2 cylinders,my mate nearly crashes into the back of me when it cuts out then refires again,I get it over the line running on 3 having lost places and finish 20th yet again, in both races I was only .12 of a mph away from getting a signature for my national licence so you have to take the positives. Only a couple of weeks to Castle Combe and I’m not home in the week so hope to sort the bike ready to race in time.This was definitely one of those I’m packing up racing weekends those that have done it will know what I mean, my son was battered and bruised and a good mate of mine did his collarbone and broke some ribs.
  13. Race day tomorrow and all ok so far the runt survived the test day at Donny it’s beer o’clock now
  14. They could have done way back in the past it’s hard to tell now as it’s been painted and powder coated for so long that you can’t tell if its factory welded or fabricated by a previous owner
  15. That’s what I thought but my 75X frame has the brace although I’ve seen them without to
  16. My ET is a 750 frame with an 1100 engine in changed back in the 80s and the only real difference is the bottom engine mount,can’t confirm the swingarm as I have killer K front and rear ends in it.If you need a solid frame I would buy whatever you can find and imagine 750 frames are less of a premium and maybe easier to find?
  17. Blandit Mk 1 wheels have curved spokes and Mk2 wheels are straight spoked which may give you an easy option.See pic of 600 Mk2 wheel, readily available on the well known auction site for about 30 quid
  18. I resemble that remark
  19. Suns out and the runts done,no leaks was only running on 2 at first,changed the plugs and CDI and seems to have fixed it.Ran it nice and hot balanced the carbs and stuck everything back on,just need to check her over Thursday before I head up to Donny.This racing lark always seems to be last minute the runt needs to stay oil tight and upright next weekend only doing 4 rounds this season then the runt will be sold as I have plans to change class next season on a non Blandit race bike
  20. Less than a week to go until Donington so had to brave the shitty weather today.Oil tight,carbs on,cables connected,stuck some oil in and turned her over just to circulate a wee bit before I fire her up.Need to seal and fit the zorst tomorrow then check for leaks and rebalance the carbs.Hopefully a bit drier tomorrow.
  21. A few more hours today,refitted the cams,set the timing and rechecked the valves.Cam cover back on, hopefully get it finished Saturday as I’m working tomorrow
  22. Bit more progress today the head gave in after some swearing,surfaces cleaned, new o rings and gasket fitted and head torqued down.Helicoiled the exhaust thread on number 2 cylinder as well,hopefully it does the job.Will do a bit more tomorrow.Pistons looked pretty good for a 30000 mile ex road bike.
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