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  1. Excellent choice of mo'sickle Sir, run a blown EZ here too, even toured it 2 up around Europe. 1/4 mile pah.... 2000 miles that trip Bluedog XX
  2. Seat was done by a friend of mine Ian Cherry at Car and Coach Trimmers near me in Nottingham. Alcantara.
  3. why didn't I think of that, you're on
  4. Mr Dunlop is making progress on his huge Katana. The aim is for hitting 500bhp through those carbs, 32 psi was mentioned. Nutter Watch this space
  5. After a protracted false start where DVLA lost, or never received all the documentation pertaining to registration, I finally have a UK registration document and number. The weather was shit but a quick 85 mile blast to celebrate it's new found legal status. The GS can have it's number plate back now Cleaned and away waiting on slightly more clement weather.....
  6. Havoc

    Lucky Swine

    I've spoke to Pip and he is sending me some pictures and VBS stickers so I can recreate the original look.. Thanks for looking though man
  7. Havoc

    Lucky Swine

    Any luck finding any photos? I'm ready to paint it now, want to put the VBS logo back on to, need to see position
  8. Havoc

    Lucky Swine

    Baffle needs to come out, it's running a little rich at the moment. In fact it needs putting on a DYNO, power is considerably down compared to the pipes that came with it
  9. Havoc

    Lucky Swine

    I'd be very interested in a detailed spec list I have had some contact with Pip about it but only really to confirm it's providence. It was on Eblag for months with a very vague description and (for a non standard GS1000 with no details of changes) a high price. I picked it up in Halifax earlier this year, the seller knew nothing about it at all. It hadn't been on the road for nearly 20 years, the Tax disk on it was from 2003, the tyres were rock hard but it was/is in really good condition. It had obviously been stored in a sympathetic environment , I had the impression it was bought in a pr
  10. Havoc

    Lucky Swine

    That's really cool. A couple of weeks ago it took me and the wife over to Holland and back, didn't miss a beat. It needs a paint freshen up, but that's what I do now. So all good
  11. And now it's in my garage. Well, with my MOT guy..... after an interesting COVID-19 effected road trip. Last time the tyres are on Dutch tarmac, for a while.. And into the van. An evening of beer then happened in Sander's rear garden and a night in Sander's spare room.. Stopped off at Rene's to pick up two extra engines at his lock up.. Then the 500 mile drive back over the Channel... and off to the MOT station first opportunity possible. Now to brave the UK registration bureaucracy... Happy chappy here
  12. A google search found a response you had given someone on the Proboards site which I passed on to the chap that was asking the question Thanks Wraith, and Clive
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