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  1. Havoc

    Has anybody?

    He started the frame surgery after about 8 pages. Not very neat though. I will do the same dimension changes to top rails, bottom rails and front rails but so as you'll not be able to tell. It'll be cool I have a cut up frame to nick correct extrusion bits from. Head stock will be about 6mm higher than stock, will not overly effect rake with standard forks. The new CNC router at work will make the slugs...
  2. Havoc

    Has anybody?

    Perfect Arttu, I reckon I could do the frame neater than that
  3. Havoc

    Has anybody?

    Dan Hegarty gave me the motor just before he went off to Macau, he took an OSS Slabby round the classic TT the year before. XR41 ish tribute bike.
  4. Havoc

    Has anybody?

    Like putting an FJ in a GSX then but ally. I do have access to 2 chopped up Slabby frames so sourcing short lengths of the necessary extrusion won't be an issue. I've got other stuff to do first, like rebuild the engine and the shafty to fiddle with. I've been more sober over the last couple of months than at any other point in the last 35 years... X
  5. Havoc

    Has anybody?

    Is there any info on the site or the available archives that details the modifications required to fit a GS1000 lump in an 1100 Slabby frame? Thanks
  6. Havoc

    Is an AiResearch T04 a decent option?

    I've spend nearly £800 in the last 2 years rebuilding mine, twice, and it's just gone again. Not rebuilding it again....
  7. Havoc


    I reckon I can get a spindle made up for less wonga than a couple of bearings and a spacer..
  8. Havoc


    Need to make a new front spindle though. DR 800 is 15mm and the Talon hub is 16mm, I wouldn't feel comfortable with a 0.5mm walled spacer.
  9. Havoc


    Don't know, I suspect Borrani but they were pretty rough before I had them powder coated. Accel rims from a DRZ400SM would be as good as any..
  10. Havoc

    3 cylinder SRAD

    Next I would look for an air leak between carbs and head, can often be the cause of reluctant return to tickover. Cracked inlet rubber or missing balance plugs..
  11. Just for info, heavy turbo charged GSXs aren't suitable....
  12. Havoc


    I'm using Talon hubs and rims originally on an XR600 back in the 90s. The hubs were in production from 93 until 2002. The bearing are the wrong size so spacers required. The disk is massive on the front and I'm using a Harrison Billet 6 caliper so new hanger being made. Viz's way is loads easier but I had the wheels...
  13. Belgian mate had his 50th organised at the 'Bikers Loft' just outside Ostend. Suzanne suggested we take the long way round, so we did. 1500 miles taking in Brussels, Down through Luxemburg to Trier Then followed the Mosel river up to Koblenz. Past some ace castles. Then back up the Rhine to Cologne. Then through Holland to Antwerp. Then party time. Suzanne says it is without doubt the most uncomfortable bike we've ever been away on. And that's quite a lot of bikes.
  14. Havoc

    Probably a stupid question....

    I have an 1100 head that is surplus to requirements. Came from Dutch drag racer Erik Jennes
  15. Havoc

    Katana build

    Gorgeous. And welcome