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  1. I'm in Paul, and anything I can do to help? Bakker, EZ, Mongrel, Pip's GS1000?
  2. Had a blast over to the first Ashby Foville meet of the year with brother Matt. The Bakker is awesome, such a pleasure to ride. Quite cold on the way home
  3. Good afternoon. I thought I bought an 1100 Metmachex arm but it turns out to be a 750. Which combination of knuckles/shocks etc is going to work or do I have to get something made. I thank you 750 knuckle in poor condition 1100 knuckle Ta
  4. I also have a few Slingy rear caliper hangers, one of them is yours if you want it
  5. Excellent choice of mo'sickle Sir, run a blown EZ here too, even toured it 2 up around Europe. 1/4 mile pah.... 2000 miles that trip Bluedog XX
  6. Seat was done by a friend of mine Ian Cherry at Car and Coach Trimmers near me in Nottingham. Alcantara.
  7. why didn't I think of that, you're on
  8. Mr Dunlop is making progress on his huge Katana. The aim is for hitting 500bhp through those carbs, 32 psi was mentioned. Nutter Watch this space
  9. After a protracted false start where DVLA lost, or never received all the documentation pertaining to registration, I finally have a UK registration document and number. The weather was shit but a quick 85 mile blast to celebrate it's new found legal status. The GS can have it's number plate back now Cleaned and away waiting on slightly more clement weather.....
  10. Havoc

    Lucky Swine

    I've spoke to Pip and he is sending me some pictures and VBS stickers so I can recreate the original look.. Thanks for looking though man
  11. Havoc

    Lucky Swine

    Any luck finding any photos? I'm ready to paint it now, want to put the VBS logo back on to, need to see position
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