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  1. Havoc

    Dyno Day 2021

    WhatsApp won't let me send video sized attachments. I'll bung it on YouTube and send link?
  2. Havoc

    Dyno Day 2021

    The Bakker did 238bhp spinning the back wheel and 148 ft lb of torque also running rich, but I'm happy to leave it rich for reliability reasons and, like the Turbo Scratcher, it does do a few miles...
  3. Havoc

    Dyno Day 2021

    I'm just happy the oil stayed on the inside 238 bhp and 148 ft lb of torque with a nice safe rich mix is cool. Thanks man, excellent day. Accommodation was outstanding too.
  4. I borrowed an alternator winding off Andrew up in Crieff so we could finish our trip round the NC500. I need to send it back and was wondering if, in the last 40 years, there is an upgraded winding that I could install? I thank you
  5. Just to reiterate in the correct place, get well soon Scott.
  6. Havoc

    Lucky Swine

    From the fella himself
  7. Havoc

    Lucky Swine

    It is definitely a dilemma. Not made my mind up yet. It's getting logo-ed up though somewhere
  8. Havoc

    Lucky Swine

    Tank coming along nicely Exciting
  9. Havoc

    Lucky Swine

    Never much liked the way the bike sat. Too low at the rear. Looks like a mutt with worms draggin' it's arse over the rug. So today it was raised 12cm. Sits loads better. Raised by adding 20mm to the Doofer. Baked with a bit of VHT crinkle to weather proof.. Happy Chappie
  10. Havoc

    Lucky Swine

    Mates rates to me, and still not cheap
  11. Havoc

    Lucky Swine

    GS1000 is getting a swish ally fluted tank:) Exiting
  12. Definitely coming up, are you doing Friday and Saturday night Paul?
  13. 1428 EZ draw through. 1216 Oil boiler in an EF frame built by BFT and FBM 1168 EZ of unknown providence And the gorgeous Bakker built by Sander
  14. As long as the mounting holes are correctly spaced and the overall shape is similar, what can go wrong
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