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  1. Not mine, customer's bike. It's fluorescent yellow, I'm trying to flat a clear coat down on it at the mo, It's hurting my eyes...
  2. Havoc

    Lucky Swine

    Yes, Ian's a good friend..
  3. Havoc

    Lucky Swine

    Ian pulled an all nighter, cut and rewelded the base, fits perfect Happy chappy
  4. Havoc

    Lucky Swine

    Tank nearly done Ossum
  5. It was a 750 Kat frame I used. I only had the damaged frame so no Katanas were abused in this project
  6. Yes, although I haven't got it running yet, lost interest about 5 years ago but I do intend to finish soon. I had to adjust the the bottom loop a bit and take a little knick out of the base of the tank. So quite easy
  7. Once the generator had been swapped at Andrew's gaff in Comrie, the old girl never missed a beat. Thanks again
  8. Awesome, thanks #CSP2324 , really great to read that
  9. Havoc

    Lucky Swine

    Super cool, look forward to that, thanks man
  10. Dave Dunlop has asked to borrow an 1100 Slabby off me to do a header adjustment, but I've only got a 750. I'm sure I've put 1100 pipes on a 750, but they hung too low, and 750 pipes go on an 1100 if the sump is changed? It's been a while, thanks
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