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Found 3 results

  1. Collecting this at the weekend, will post better pics when I get her home.
  2. Hi everyone. New to the forum and am looking for advice. Just rebuilt a gsx1100et and having problems with fuelling. Float bowls in Carbs 1 and 4 were completely dry after turning the engine over for a while so checked fuel being sucked from tank and ok. Removed carbs and poured petrol in through intake tube all carbs filled ok. Put carbs back on bike and runs only on 2 and 4. Spark is ok on all 4 but seems to be no fuel getting to 1 and 4? Any ideas.
  3. I'm looking for input and tech advice on supercharging an 1100et motor. Opinions,experience and all advice welcome. Won't be starting anything with this until early next year as I have my RGV to finish but want to start gathering the vast knowledge of OSS asap. Cheers
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