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  1. Wiseco in mine & no issues for over 10 years. Mind you, it was done by Roger Upperton
  2. It does actually go under the edge of the casing, that's just a pic before i put carbs on. It's the hi point of the red cover that now touches the braided hose as it passes over it. I'll take a current pic later.
  3. As you can see in pic i've put a rubber/pvc cover on the starter motor lead. With the head cooler plumbing running above it. However (not in pic) when the other end is plumbed in the hose then literally sits on the lead cover. Once the bike is up to temp, the hose & the Amp draw heat is causing the cover to melt & short. So suggestions please for a better type of cover, ceramic would be good but that's probably impossible to find?
  4. Allegedly one for the Efe & other for GS1000. I'd guess the longer is for the Efe but just making sure
  5. Can anyone tell me the length of the rack, just the stem part, without the tophat? Or the length of a lockup one, i've got 2 here & ones 2-3mm longer then the other???
  6. Just fitted the VM29s on my Yosh & tbh the return springs are that strong it doesn't need a push cable. I fitted it anyway
  7. Could be end of stock etc etc, but i'd be the same & say fake
  8. Nah, 630 is so big ugly & pointless!
  9. Since learned the VM & CV head spacing on GS1000 is different. Also that a KZ900/1000 pre 79 rubbers should work. Ordered a set so we will see???
  10. Didn't think it'd be a straight swap to put the VM29s onto the CV34 rubbers. VM29: 38-50-38 & 40mm OD Inlet side CV34: 36-52-36 & 41.5mm OD Inlet side So do i need the earlier VM head rubbers to make them fit, or will a lot of wangling get them on that spacing?
  11. You def want the ones that are in 1st link.
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