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  1. As for mine, totally failed tap, swapped with a spare & all is good now
  2. Easy one that, float has stuck open. Just tap bowls with small mallet or screwdriver head to hopefully free it. If not, carbs off & strip down the bowls
  3. Admittedly i have replaced the cap this time, & fuel has enough for Res anyway. I'll play a bit more tomorrow.
  4. Having taken tap off, stripped & U/S cleaned, then rebuilt with a new kit it has to be said it's only marginally better. Fuel flows down pipe fine on prime, but engine pops & bangs with fuel starvation on the other positions. This is all before i even get it off ramp & under load! Having done the above, could it be the vac hose/carbs are not pulling the vac open enough?
  5. Was having trouble getting the Efe to start and eventually found the inline filter was strangling it. However in my efforts to find said issue, i used clear hose from the tap. Once i removed filter, the flow was still poor. On Prime/On/Res i got nothing, (I know 2 of 3 positions are nothing with vac taps) engine running the Res/On was enough to pull a small stream through, but not enough to fill the 8mm bore hose up. Time for a rebuild kit do you think, or a whole new tap?
  6. Excellent cheers, eblag for a reg/rec i go
  7. So having finally got the Efe up & running again, whilst tracing a brake switch fault back, i noticed the 3 (yellow) alternator wire covers had melted together! One in particular had gone quite black! I pulled them apart & they all are still intact & not touching eachother. Suggestions & what/where to look/test first would be appreciated
  8. Captive nut is underneath. I had the fairing fitted like this but took it off doing some work. Just tried to refit & the fairing seems to fit easier above the stay. Problem with that is, none of the mid fairing holes to engine rubber mounts line up anymore, so may have no choice but to put the fairing below!
  9. The bottom stay that has holes in & sticks forward. In the pic the fairing is under it.
  10. Does the front stay on the fairing mount go above or below the lower lip of the top nose fairing? Aftermarket one so no holes or guides!
  11. Had a new HD fitted on laptop, i'll have to search around to find pics!
  12. He's the guy who did my one off (yoshi copy) exhaust with flat collector on my GS quite a few years back. All S/S & i had it ceracoated after
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