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  1. It was warped & soon as i replaced it, the leaks stopped.
  2. So in theory a 750 cushion on an 1100 frame will drop it 40mm?
  3. Got a 6sigma jet kit for GSX1100F carbs. Destructions say to drill out slide lift holes, however it also says do not drill needle hole (obviously) & any new holes. So i have drilled out the very tiny hole to one side of needle hole & left the other side that's blanked untouched. Everything in description inc pics references holes (plural) however given the size increase with 1 hole, i would imagine 2 holes would be way too much. Does this sound right?
  4. Originally got it for a wiring setup on the GSX1100F CDI. Pretty sure it covers a host of others too though
  5. B12 Mk1 fronty in mine. Stem swap & done! Back wheel is a Busa with a lot of fettling Originally had a K series fronty in, but looked too modern.
  6. I did a full tour of Europe on a Z1000 & only had trouble once stuck in traffic outside Clermont. They don't like standing still for sure!
  7. Don't see why not, i have a OEM spare & i've also fitted an aftermarket one to mine. Although it hasn't run in anger yet!
  8. Managed to speak over phone & he confirmed that yes it was his & has only recently had the rebore etc
  9. So the St2 cams, 1230 bore & i have a set of CV36s or even CV34s?
  10. I do actually have a set of Stage 2 Kent cams here, despite the bigbore but they may be a bit much for road do you think?
  11. Cheers, apparently a guy called Con Skett owned the engine before, but tried to contact him but no reply
  12. Out of curiosity i popped the lid off the 1230EF? engine i acquired, & i was looking at cams & noticed the front had a worm drive on it. Now i know that is similar to the cams in my GS1000, but seeing as the Efe doesn't run a front engine tacho drive, i'm wondering what cams they could be?
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