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  1. Over here in Austria you pay a lot more for machining work, because there are only a few companies doing this
  2. Holy F...k !!! What's the outside diameter of the liners ? And do you have a pic from top ?
  3. So, my Bandit 1157 block is now bored to accept the used Haybusa GSX-R 1300 pistons. Was a challenge for the machine shop, the sleeves came loose and needed to be pressed out, glued in again. Now i´m scratching my head for piston ring end gaps of the standard Suzuki piston rings that came with the pistons (they are used, but look OK to me). All 4 pistons measured identical, also all ring end gaps on top and 2nd ring i measured in the bore are 0,25mm. As this engine will get boosted, i was wandering if that is OK or if i need more end gap (@Blower1: are you referring to Std Busa pistons and rings, or aftermarket ?) Wiseco and JE have more gap, but as this is a OEM piston and ring, i don´t know what to do right now.
  4. When shifting up and down is it disengaging properly or not ? Usually downshifting is more critical. I have a YZF 1000 with a problematic clutch as well, this is a really annoying problem.
  5. If the engine has been on the shelf for ages, and you dont know milage, you are better off taking head off. That way, you can clean up valves, and install new valve guide seals, as the old ones will definitly be hardened out.
  6. FJD

    Mongrel motor

    Cant contribute, but is that already with camchain tensioner in ?
  7. I've built a few engines over the years, but never re-used a head gasket so far. I know they have a few layers, and are held together with these pressed rings(rivets, eyelets etc). But i have never seen these rivets for sale, neither any sort of reconditioning spray paint, so i'm curious to find out about it.it's never too late to learn though
  8. So....waiting for details....what rivets ?
  9. Can you explain furthermore about the riveting ? I've never seen the MLS gasket disassembled, repainted ?, and re-riveted. What rivets do you use ? And what paint ?
  10. Is it sparking ? New plug ? Otherwise check the carb
  11. Yesterday i took the studs out, and put the upper engine case on the milling machine. Looks like it is a 18° angle from vertical.
  12. Did you build the engine yourself ? Have the liners been shaved on the outside ? At the moment im stripping my cases to get better measurements.
  13. No, that was not my question, the cylinder base gasket (and head gasket etc) surface is inclined to the horizontal engine mating surface between top and bottom engine half. Will have to measure this, and adjust milling machine table, to be able to bore vertically towards the crankshaft.
  14. i bring this thread up now, because i´m playing with my big block and would like to fit this in V719 engine cases (Bandit 1200 and Inazuma), which should be a street-sleeper with no external oil lines to the head. Is there a preferred model where there is enough meat around the oil feeds, that you don´t break through when machining for big block ?
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