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Found 21 results

  1. Having restored a slabbie recently I am ready to do some summer TLC on it but thought I could share my story and maybe inspire or assist with info for the countless others out there doing the same.
  2. Good evening everyone. I just found this site when I was searching a question, and I hate to ask right off the bat but I need help. About a month and a half ago I picked up an ‘81 GS850 GL that had previously been used for parts. Now I’ve got an ‘82 parts bike and GSX-R forks i picked up to avoid the need to rebuild front forks and calipers, not to mention the added looks and added handling benefits. This is my first build but I wouldn’t say that I’m in over my head, just short on time and money so things are moving along slowly as parts arrive. Right now my biggest focus is getting a title so I’ve put a hold on things until then, but thats all beside the point. Now that I’ve given a brief introduction of my bike and myself, I have a question. Someone on a Facebook group recently mentioned to me that a VX800 rear wheel will bolt right up to a GS850. Is this true? If so which caliper should I use? I thought the 5 point design would look cool with the 3 point look of the GSX-R wheel up front. Then both wheels would be 17” but im not sure if that would cause any issues. Lastly, what would be a good tire size and psi to run front and rear witb the wheels mentioned? Sorry if this is a stupid question, if you’ve read this far thank you and I look forward to learning in this group.
  3. Hi, Just hoping to get some thoughts, I’ve got a gsxr 750l engine I need headers for and can’t decide wether to go stainless or titanium!? I’ve got no experience cleaning up or working with titanium but the weight saving - while minor - will definitely keep with the weight reduction theme. so question is: gsxr 1000 k1-k4 titanium headers Blandit 1200-600 stainless headers Or fairly mad looking 4into 2 Stainless set for slab side on eblag? any thought or opinions would be very much appreciated!
  4. After borrowing other ther peoples bikes to compete in the 2014 World Wheelie Competition I thought it was about time that I pulled my finger out and got my own. 18.8.14 The day after the wheelie competition I sourced a local bike. A 13 owner K model Gsxr1100. "Just needs a clean mate" he blurbed on the phone a bit more and declared the asking price of £1000 As with most used bikes of this era it resembled nothing of the advert that lured me in. £500 later and I'm drinking beer looking at it on the back of the trailer outside the pub knowing that Iv just commuted myself to debt and social exclusion. Again. The idea? A "cheap turbo Gsxr". People laughed. I now know why. Honestly. The bike sat in the garden for a few months and I did nothing with it, I stole the gearbox from it to give life back into the EFE to enable me to race at Santa Pod in October. Ok, now Iv had to remove the engine to liberate parts from it I suppose I might as well start building this thing.. They come apart so easy... I through a leg over the Busa and collected the barrels from the engineers and opened my wallet for the first time, an exercise that has become a lot more frequent lately.. Iv spent money on it now so Im in it for the long haul. Mates rates (free, we like free) Soda Blasting on the engine. Let's skip forward a few months of scraping 26 years of crud off the engine and spending stupid amounts of money on a £500 motorcycle. Engine Spec: Re Shelled crank Hayabusa Gen1 rods and pistons 1216cc 81mm bore Refurbished gearbox Refurbished cylinder head Bandit cams with APE adjustable sprockets DID HD cam chain and APE CAM chain tensioner All new seals and gaskets Finished in VHT gloss black sounds easy huh Forgot about the chassis... Il just do the engine I said to my dad. With that complete I thought I was on a winner... Dad wheeled in the Karcas from the garden said engine had been extracted from. No way way I going to be using this bike in its current condition. Down to the frame for a degrease and polish. With the Metchamehemexxxmex rear swingarm sold as it was too long for the job a 750K swinger was sourced. New bearings all round and a rebuild of the forks it started looking like a bike again. The rear wheel was swapped from the standard 4.5" to the later 5.5" to give a bit more contact. Powercoat and new shoes later it's starting to veer off the "Cheap turbo bike" idea I had in my head. After learning that the original shock was knackered it was back to eating beans on cardboard for another month. Maxton the local suspensions gurus up in thems there hills commissioned a one off shock built for me to my weight (Oi!) and requirments. For the front. New genuine bushes seals and oil were purchased, let's face it the front won't be doing much mileage.. New seals, pads, Ti Disc bolts etc on the front cleans everything up (it's still a cheap turbo bike.mum) Billet top yoke and renthals on loan from Dodge from the original Record Holding Egg built "Plumbers Turbo" Refit of the bodywork made all the hard work look rather tatty and that just won't do Strong like Bull Good on Plough Paying a friend in beer we got the motor in using stainless engine bolts Paint had begun with a pearl white base. Id asked for a new take on the original slingshot colours with a little extra thrown in and the obligatory oss logos airbrushed in. Now with more lunch money saved it was ready to be sectioned at the FBM house of pain.... In the few weeks that my bike was at Dave Dunlop's things started to get very real very quick that this bike was actually going to be and there was a chance i might be able to make it to the wheelie competition! Dave and Sam took me in and let me stay a few days here and there so i could help (interfere and slow down) with work on the bike. Alot of you may see Daves pictures on his facebook page of silliness and banter but it is far from it! FBM is a family name for the Dunlops as they all seem to play there own role in creating these turbo bikes, so much goes on behind the scenes to get these bikes churned out. The man doesnt stop... hes a nightmare to get going but after a coffee n a fag the man is unstoppable until the small hours of the day. In-between working on my bike i seen him fabricate other kits, build numerous engines, tune bikes, deal with customers queries every day, day in day out. After seeing what goes on at FBM world headquarters i can vouch that youll be in good hands. so the pipe work started... The bike started to come together with only days to go before the bike was due to be collect for transportation to Elvington. It actually came down to the night before.. Untested the bike was as complete it was ever going to be in time for the World Wheelie Competition. I drove the bike from Daves to Elvington arriving at 11:30pm Thankfully Matt Butler and Zepp helped me assemble the awning etc making us look at right posh Me and Zepp stayed up until 2am to ensure the bike would pass for tech inspection the next morning. The bike unfortunately had some running issues with the bike being untested, no drive through the clutch all Saturday due to an incorrect stack height and air gap meant a brand new Suzuki clutch pack was turned a lovely shade of blue... This didn't dampen our spirits and we still partied with the best of them. Phil Wood drove from North Wales the Saturday evening to set the clutch up correctly, a quick spin up the return road confirmed i now had Drive! it really wanted to wheelie now and we all got our heads down excited for the next day. First out on track on Sunday. I started the run and all seemed well and out of nowhere the bike cut out(like someone just turned the key off) 3/4 the way into a kilometer wheelie. That fault would then haunt us for the rest of the day. So. a full Kilometer wheelie wasn't meant to be but we give it a damn good Go! Changes have since been made to the bike and we hope to have the bike doing Kilo's on every outing. The event organizers awarded me a trophy for the most dedication of 2015 for building a competition bike within a year. That trophy is for everyone who helped me out, you know who you are! Thanks for reading my babble. I shall add extra photos for dramatic value.
  5. Anyone no how many different types or models of throttle bodies will fit a MK1 1200 bandit/gsxr . also be nice to see some set ups. A bit of info on ECU's to use such micro squirt etc.
  6. I've just bought a 1999 gsxr 600 srad and I'm wondering if a 1999 750 fro t end will fit straight on Any advice will be greatly appreciated
  7. Hey everyone, new to the forum, already learning a lot! I'm sure something along these lines has been addressed before but after hours of searching I've still found very little. Just gathering insight at the minute on people's experiences with fitting a later type GSXR swingarm (Preferably k4 1000) and getting a shock to fit a slingshot frame. It is off at the minute getting spacers made to fit my 1100L frame and it's only the shock and linkage that will be holding me back from getting it rolling. Now come the questions. A few little birdies told me my place to go is OSS if I want to try get my hands on an adapter plate for lower shock mount to allow a later k-series shock and linkage to fit. Also, I have a chart for all the sizes and lengths of the shocks and upper and lower dimensions but I want to make sure. Will any of the GSXR linkages/knuckles fit the range of shocks or is there one best suited to my set up that someone would recommend? I also need recommendations/peoples ideas for a rear shock best suited to my needs that wont be awful to fit and a link/placename to a good set of adjustable dog bones that wont break the bank Thanks in advance for any help! It's much appreciated.
  8. Hi guys i have bought a bandit 1200 MK1 that has gsxr 750 carbs (look like 1989 model ones with choke on side). The bike is running very rich black plugs running on tick over, bike will throttle up but cuts out after a while. Looking for advice on jet sizes it has 37.5 pilot and 102 main running on pods. Changed pilot to 35 and bike has correct mix at tick over but back fires and won’t rev just cuts out. All help accepted don’t have money to get it to a dyno at the moment.The 35 pilot jet I bought has no side holes the 37.5 has 8 would this make a difference
  9. Hi again everyone, would anyone know by any chance if a full exhaust system from a 89 1100 fit on a 91 1100? The numbers on the silencers are one digit different mine are 41c0 and the 89 are 40c0, also are the headers the same? Thanks in advance much appreciated as always
  10. I have a 83 gs750e and was wondering if a CDI swap from a order 80s gsxr or katana would work and which one would be better right now I have a CDI from a 82 GS 1100 because an 83e are hard to find And would putting one from a GSXR or katana improve my performance any
  11. Hi everyone, I have been meaning to post for a while as I bought a project last year and have finally got around to (money permitting) working on it. I don`t have any info on the frames origins but managed to spy it on a listing for a set of forks on fleabay, I messaged the guy and he said that he didnt think it would be of any interest to anyone and was going to scrap it. He said to come and have a look and he asked......... wait for it ......... £30 as that was its scrap value ! That included the tank and seat unit which are decent quality thick walled carbon (not the flimsy crap TYGA) that I have on my RS250. Anyway a year goes by and as I am not in any rush I have been looking on flea and when something cheap comes up I have a cheeky punt. The complete rearend is GSXR1100 89` i think with the obvious Metmachex "upgrade" Frontend is an R6 08 I have also played around with the R1 07 setup as you can see. Not sure if i want to keep the "original" tank but it just looks abit dated and rounded rather than the newer angular styling. This will be a long road to rebuild but should be classed as a budget build so as and when. Can anyone recommend a decent engine and engineering shop in Kent as I have a B12 engine already from a previous project (I will be using the frame/reg from this B12) but it needs abit of general work and damage repair to the lower part of the casing. I also have a 89` gsxr750 sitting in the garage so might go with this ?? thoughts. I also want to have a new removable R1 subframe grafted in. The very questionable welds around the headstock are in the process of being addressed but a good TIG welder friend (ground down and relayed). Thanks for looking, Dan
  12. Need to rebuild my 93 gsxr carbs 1- recommendations on where and what to get? Links? 2- are Eblag kits any good? Thanks!
  13. What is the general consensus on injector size , 1216 , 600 thb's looking 230 bhp ish. Difference in size per project is varied.
  14. Hi Anyone got a pic of, I think, the Harris race fairng mount ? Want to see what one looks like and if can make one It`s the one that clocks mount to and then has a centre arm that goes out to front of fairing, that it bolts to, to hold upper fairing in position. My headlight is lugless and was going to fill headlight hole in fairing, moulding thermo plastic to headlight to get shape and then, fingers crossed, weld it in position. Then cut a hole for a single gsxr,zxr,cbr 400 headlight
  15. Hello, I want to know if anyone has experience with the base jetting, when swapping out the carbs on a gsx1100 with a pair of bst36ss from a gsxr750. my gsx1100sz has no modification other than a free flowing racing exhaust. regards Morten
  16. I'm part way through my GSXR750 Engined GSX600F "Teapot" Cafe Racer project and need some advice on carb set up to run Ramair sock type foam filters. The motor is a 749cc long stroke Slingshot motor with BST34mm carbs lifted from a GSX750F, they have stock jets, needles etc. As it sits at the moment I have a Nikko Strada 4 into 2 into 1 headers and collector but no link pipe or end can as I need to find a suitable link pipe to fit over the 53mm collector pipe (they all seem to be either 48 or 51mm) but that's another question. So, bearing in mind the exhaust is less an end can at the moment, what are the base settings on these carbs to run the Ramair filters? I've chosen these over K&N's as researched knowledge has lead me to the conclusion that I'll never get CV carbs to work with K&N type pod filters as the air flow lifts the slides too early or something?? Before I'm flamed and told to stick the air box back on, I'll hold my hands up and say I'm doing this purely for appearance and aesthetics :-) Am I right in thinking the foam sock type filters will "mimic" the original air box and not increase the air flow as much??
  17. Sure I've read that the 750 and 1100 wp fairings are interchangable, any truth to this or does anyone know better? I know the tails are slightly different and they have different grab handles. Mainly it's the nosecone I'm curious about, last 3 digits of the parts number are different but that doesn't account for much does it. visually I can't spot any differences looking at pics online. So... Em yeah... Anyone know? tah!
  18. Hi All, I am currently working on my Bandit 600 which is lets say my first proper sports bike, anyhow to cut a long story short, bandit engine has high mileage, damaged rings, and damaged headers ie, all bolts well and truly seized and manifold rusted through. This is where I decide to go buy a GSXR 750 engine. Now me being a noob I dont look too much into it and just buy the first engine I see which is a R705 86 GSXR 750 Slabside engine. It came with a set of bandit carbs in miserable enough condition. I bought a small ultrasonic cleaner off Donedeal (craiglist in Ireland basically) and set about cleaning up the carbs. Stripped them all down cleaned them out and rebuilt them with a sigma 6 jet kit, I gave them the specs off the bike. So on Christmas Eve myself and the younger brother got the engine in the bike, over the next few weeks continued bit by bit. I have the bandit sump and oil pickup on there now. I have the bandit carbs on there, installed 4 new spark plugs, foam air filter socks onto the original boots. Bandit 600 oil cooler connected and the bike somewhat back together. Also fitted a new set of stainless steel headers from Black Widow Exhausts in the UK and a Danmoto GP Extreme exhaust. Now what brings me to being on here is the fact that I have a few questions to ask, this is the moment where everyone face palms and says use the god damn search box, well I have done quite a bit of research and I just can't find and definitive answers so any help would be much obliged. 1. Are the carbs big enough, the slabside originally came with 28mm so I presume 32mm is loads? 2. Will the Bandit 6 Oil cooler be sufficient or do I need to upgrade? 3. Will the exhaust flow enough air or is the bandit headers knows to cause problems? 4. When I got the engine it was just the engine, I got no sprocket cover so I tried the bandit one and discovered (well I presume) the actuator pin is too short, anyone know what size I should cut a new length of 6mm steel rod to? 5. All the connectors between the 86 GSXR Engine and the 99 Bandit 600 loom match up. i believe the GSXR has twin ignition pickups but the bandit has single, do I need to change the ignition pickups or can I simply connect the one with the matching connector and color cables and leave the other idle? If I do need to swap the pickups, is it easy to do? I am just waiting on an oil filter now and I will fill it with oil and try start her up. I still have no idea if the engine is good as I bought it off Donedeal hoping it will be fine. If everything works as I am hoping should have it running tomorrow night. Anyway as I said any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Ciath O'Riain
  19. Hey does anyone know the best place to get a 90-91 gsxr 750 engine?o
  20. G'day all. New to the forum. Hoping that this has not been covered before, and that I'm posting this in the right place... I am trying to find out if anyone has had any joy finding good rubber in the 170/60r17 to suit my 1990 GSXR750L. Or if anyone has experience with fitting a 180/55r17 to theses bikes? I'm running Pirelli Rosso Corsas on my 1200 Bandit, and was hoping to find something a bit stickier for the 750. I have found Michelin PP's, Metzeler M5's and Bridgestone S20's in the right profile. Diablo II's are available too and are great. But that's a backward step from what I am running at the moment. Cheers in advance for any advice.
  21. Hi, sorry if this is a stupid question , bought a bandit 1200 mk1 engine to replace the tired 1127 engine I have in my slabby, took the cam cover off and immediately noticed that the bandit engine does not have a cam chain idler wheel as my 1127 GSXR engine does. My question is , I have some 1052 GSXR cams to drop in (changing the sprockets), I was assuming that these would bolt straight in, but the timing for these etc in the manuals I have for GSXR engines are with the idler wheel, do I need to fit one when bolting in to a bandit engine? if I do I assume there would be a specific model to use as the cam chain on the bandit is different I believe? if I do not have to use an idler, I assume I have to use the bandit timings rather than the GSXR manual settings?
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