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Found 17 results

  1. Hey everyone, new to the forum, already learning a lot! I'm sure something along these lines has been addressed before but after hours of searching I've still found very little. Just gathering insight at the minute on people's experiences with fitting a later type GSXR swingarm (Preferably k4 1000) and getting a shock to fit a slingshot frame. It is off at the minute getting spacers made to fit my 1100L frame and it's only the shock and linkage that will be holding me back from getting it rolling. Now come the questions. A few little birdies told me my place to go is OSS if I want to
  2. Hi guys i have bought a bandit 1200 MK1 that has gsxr 750 carbs (look like 1989 model ones with choke on side). The bike is running very rich black plugs running on tick over, bike will throttle up but cuts out after a while. Looking for advice on jet sizes it has 37.5 pilot and 102 main running on pods. Changed pilot to 35 and bike has correct mix at tick over but back fires and won’t rev just cuts out. All help accepted don’t have money to get it to a dyno at the moment.The 35 pilot jet I bought has no side holes the 37.5 has 8 would this make a difference
  3. Having restored a slabbie recently I am ready to do some summer TLC on it but thought I could share my story and maybe inspire or assist with info for the countless others out there doing the same.
  4. Hi again everyone, would anyone know by any chance if a full exhaust system from a 89 1100 fit on a 91 1100? The numbers on the silencers are one digit different mine are 41c0 and the 89 are 40c0, also are the headers the same? Thanks in advance much appreciated as always
  5. I have a 83 gs750e and was wondering if a CDI swap from a order 80s gsxr or katana would work and which one would be better right now I have a CDI from a 82 GS 1100 because an 83e are hard to find And would putting one from a GSXR or katana improve my performance any
  6. Hi everyone, I have been meaning to post for a while as I bought a project last year and have finally got around to (money permitting) working on it. I don`t have any info on the frames origins but managed to spy it on a listing for a set of forks on fleabay, I messaged the guy and he said that he didnt think it would be of any interest to anyone and was going to scrap it. He said to come and have a look and he asked......... wait for it ......... £30 as that was its scrap value ! That included the tank and seat unit which are decent quality thick walled carbon (not the flimsy crap TYGA) that
  7. I've just bought a 1999 gsxr 600 srad and I'm wondering if a 1999 750 fro t end will fit straight on Any advice will be greatly appreciated
  8. Need to rebuild my 93 gsxr carbs 1- recommendations on where and what to get? Links? 2- are Eblag kits any good? Thanks!
  9. What is the general consensus on injector size , 1216 , 600 thb's looking 230 bhp ish. Difference in size per project is varied.
  10. Hi Anyone got a pic of, I think, the Harris race fairng mount ? Want to see what one looks like and if can make one It`s the one that clocks mount to and then has a centre arm that goes out to front of fairing, that it bolts to, to hold upper fairing in position. My headlight is lugless and was going to fill headlight hole in fairing, moulding thermo plastic to headlight to get shape and then, fingers crossed, weld it in position. Then cut a hole for a single gsxr,zxr,cbr 400 headlight
  11. Hello, I want to know if anyone has experience with the base jetting, when swapping out the carbs on a gsx1100 with a pair of bst36ss from a gsxr750. my gsx1100sz has no modification other than a free flowing racing exhaust. regards Morten
  12. I'm part way through my GSXR750 Engined GSX600F "Teapot" Cafe Racer project and need some advice on carb set up to run Ramair sock type foam filters. The motor is a 749cc long stroke Slingshot motor with BST34mm carbs lifted from a GSX750F, they have stock jets, needles etc. As it sits at the moment I have a Nikko Strada 4 into 2 into 1 headers and collector but no link pipe or end can as I need to find a suitable link pipe to fit over the 53mm collector pipe (they all seem to be either 48 or 51mm) but that's another question. So, bearing in mind the exhaust is less an end can at the moment,
  13. Sure I've read that the 750 and 1100 wp fairings are interchangable, any truth to this or does anyone know better? I know the tails are slightly different and they have different grab handles. Mainly it's the nosecone I'm curious about, last 3 digits of the parts number are different but that doesn't account for much does it. visually I can't spot any differences looking at pics online. So... Em yeah... Anyone know? tah!
  14. Hi All, I am currently working on my Bandit 600 which is lets say my first proper sports bike, anyhow to cut a long story short, bandit engine has high mileage, damaged rings, and damaged headers ie, all bolts well and truly seized and manifold rusted through. This is where I decide to go buy a GSXR 750 engine. Now me being a noob I dont look too much into it and just buy the first engine I see which is a R705 86 GSXR 750 Slabside engine. It came with a set of bandit carbs in miserable enough condition. I bought a small ultrasonic cleaner off Donedeal (craiglist in Ireland basically)
  15. Hey does anyone know the best place to get a 90-91 gsxr 750 engine?o
  16. G'day all. New to the forum. Hoping that this has not been covered before, and that I'm posting this in the right place... I am trying to find out if anyone has had any joy finding good rubber in the 170/60r17 to suit my 1990 GSXR750L. Or if anyone has experience with fitting a 180/55r17 to theses bikes? I'm running Pirelli Rosso Corsas on my 1200 Bandit, and was hoping to find something a bit stickier for the 750. I have found Michelin PP's, Metzeler M5's and Bridgestone S20's in the right profile. Diablo II's are available too and are great. But that's a backward step from what I am running
  17. Hi, sorry if this is a stupid question , bought a bandit 1200 mk1 engine to replace the tired 1127 engine I have in my slabby, took the cam cover off and immediately noticed that the bandit engine does not have a cam chain idler wheel as my 1127 GSXR engine does. My question is , I have some 1052 GSXR cams to drop in (changing the sprockets), I was assuming that these would bolt straight in, but the timing for these etc in the manuals I have for GSXR engines are with the idler wheel, do I need to fit one when bolting in to a bandit engine? if I do I assume there would be a specific model to u
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