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    Oil pump

    That's also what I have heard.
  2. Carbs are off. What worked for me: 1. Loosen airbox and push back to make room. 2. Spay WD40 on/in carb-rubber joint. 3. Wiggle carbs up, down. And pull, and wiggle, and pull. Thanks for the tips.
  3. Trying to remove the carbs without succes so far. Is this the correct methode? 1. Remove the rear section of the air filter box. The bit that holds the filter. 2. Loosen the rings that clamb the carbs to the inlet rubbers. 3. Pull varbs free from inlet rubbers 4. Loosen the air box (front section air filter) from carbs 5. Release throttle and choke cable 6. Pull out carbs Or, (point 2) do I leave the rubbers tightend on carbs and do I release them from engine so I pull carbs from engine with rubber attached to carbs? Or, do I first loosen the air box, so
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