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  1. Right It's also the first oil change i've done since the running in change and engine had total rebuild. that was around 4500km ago
  2. Ok ! Thanks for the tips. Indeed engine specs i could have mentioned, it's my ported 1216 with 6speed box... It's supposed to take me on my holiday trip tomorrow
  3. Joseph


    Bear in mind the slingshot frame has stubs moulded into the frame, that the subframe tubes push onto before being welded. Obviously this was for strength purposes, should be able to do without but worth mentioning. You could always reweld the stops on the new frame, weld fill the frame number stamp and restamp it
  4. Also bear in mind that the fact that the original cooler is curved adds a lot of overall surface compared to the flat slabside one. Worth considering when buying an aftermarket one, that although in looks is bigger may not offer more
  5. https://oldskoolsuzuki.info/archives/738
  6. Hmm thats weird. So you've got switched +12 at the orange/white wire ? And ground is properly connected ? - Have you sorted out the kill switch system ? - Have you bypassed the sidestand/neutral security cut off system ? Both those will prevent spark at the coils. Also, what exactly is this "loom" we can see in your photos ? Could be the ECU, some are known to vibrate to bits but at your state of a project difficult to assess that.
  7. Joseph

    1/2 throttle ?

    Yeah, all the cheapo casting marks and thick paint to cover the sloppy fitment. You're being hard on China, their stuff looks better than what MP does
  8. Joseph

    1/2 throttle ?

    That sounds nice. That's for double cable action and compatible cables readily available ? I'm usually not too bad at finding stuff on the internet but the QA throttle subject has so far eluded me for some reason
  9. Joseph

    1/2 throttle ?

    Motion pro is kind of crap, and as you say it is not a Quick action throttle since it has more travel than a stock one
  10. The man said all he's got left in his hands is the cylinder block welded to the upper case, so i'm guessing he didn't forget a screw or the crank
  11. Joseph

    Fuel leak if...

    Also i found that i had to not go by the manual as per float heights, the carbs would leak when at Mikuni said spec, but yeah, now i use inline taps without all the tank fitted crap and i close them when i get off the bike
  12. Session in the oven ? That said, if it can fit in the oven A prop under the liners should make the alloy upper case plop down once dilated ?
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