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  1. So i don't have to plug them or connect them to a closed circuit ?
  2. Digging this up but it illustrates my question perfectly On the last photo, at the back, the left hose is the petcock vaccuum, right hose the fuel intake. What are the two hoses for on the front, stemming from carbs 2 and 3 ?
  3. Indeed, but as usual, a lack of common sense Glass fibre is a fabric done with fibres made of glassg So glass fibre is the logical term because it is indeed made with hot stretched to the max strands of glass that create fibres that are then chopped up glass and carbon are used as adjectives, hence carbon fibre, because it describes what the fibres are made of. Thats also why you don't say fibre carbon. a fibre glass if sense is used, describes a glass and the product it is designed to contain (like beer glass, wine glass etc)
  4. Doesn't look any thinner than Airtech or Ragged edge products, does indeed look precise in moulding details though How good is the headlight captive nut fixing ?
  5. That's a 1990s GS500e fork And p.o. has done a pig of a job to that poor bike
  6. I woluldn't bother messing around with that type of "mod" on that kind of "motorbike"
  7. Well not that i'm an expert, but if you fit a more freeflowing air filter than stock without touching the jetting of the carbs it will probably not run anything other than like crap ?
  8. Right so this turned up from the cutters The top edge will be rounded using a quarter cut off a 60mm tube
  9. Has the search engine come up with any tips ?
  10. Keyword was cost effective. BST34s are cheap and work well But lets put it another way. Sell those VM before butchering them and put a set of Mikuni RS34
  11. More cost effective to fit some BST34 off the 11 or teapot
  12. Indeed, but this was mid nineties on iffy carbs. Plus how could it drop 30 Nm on the following bikes ? Thats a considerable difference for seemingly not that many changes ?
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