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  1. What i said was perfectly clear and was based on OP info added to the bearing failure symptoms he seems to be experiencing What i wrote does not imply anything about how all GSXR and Bandits in proper running order should sound like. Do read again if any of that or my previous message sound unclear.
  2. Could be down to an engine rev/load vibration frequency correlation ?
  3. It's indeed not an 1100, it's a 750 Frame is there with the tank too Anyways indeed, just an example of what can be done with "a bit" of work (just polishing all of those K8 components must have been a ballache though blimey) It's also mainly that we need more info from OP as far as what project is intended, in order to be able to reply
  4. Great looking bike. Sounds bad though But on a serious note it will be cheaper to do sooner rather than later when it has really shat the box. How good are you with engines ?
  5. Well it looks like fuel spilling that made the spray paint run so maybe just try with that ? It would not affect the original finish either.
  6. It's not a hard or long job to do a full rewire on a GSXR with a custom system. That and relocating the accessories on a custom bike is done on a daily basis on this forum nothing worth mentioning there If you got stuck by your original system, electricity is electricity, it could be down to poor condition or fabrication of it. Motocabbage still needs all the wires to the lights, still needs wires to the dash and dash lights, still needs to wire the ECU, the brake switches, the neutral and oil and tank senders etc etc ? What wiring does it save you having to do ? (Genuine question)
  7. Can't see how using motogagdet micro electronics is going to simplify stuff. When that goes wrong (and it will) it won't be the case of changing a fuse on the side of the road. And you won't be at home either, sod's law systematically applies to electrical failures A GSXR and the like are so simple, there is nothing to them, it's basic basics as far as electrics and equipment goes
  8. They are the same dimensions externally so it would have been plug and play to fit 11RW carbs on the 750
  9. From the archive Watercooled carbs have the following spacing : 85-90-85 (total 1-4=260) Oilcooled head port spacing is : 82-95-82 (total 1-4=259) Oilcooled carb spacing : 78-90-78 (total 1-4=246) Oilcooled intake boot offsets are : 2,5mm on 2 and 3 and 6,5mm on 1 and 4 You can use the same intake boots on cylinder 2 and 3 because spacing of the WC and OC is the same, but on cylinder 1 and 4, the WC carbs are almost inline with the intake, so the 6.5mm offset is too much for the carbs to fit. With a nº3 boot on cylinder 1 and a nº2 boot on cylinder 4, you're left with only 2mm of misalignment, so it is easy enough to push them in with a bit of persuasion.
  10. If you don't want to weld on your swingarm just weld two plates on the frame to replace what has been cut off, and you can use the GSXR torque arm Easy to do and it's steel so no fancy welding required.
  11. I've been reading just that topic on my french gsxr forum. A couple of guys confirm that F cams on b12 fit and make for a nice beefy increase
  12. The hanger he is showing is likely a slingshot one ? so it's a moving hanger with the bushing and seals. @TrunKzturn it over if it is a slingshot one you should see what i mean This is how it is built (parts 4-5-6) :
  13. Whats the difference ? Do you have side to side pictures ?
  14. 1127F same as 1052R i believe, so that will indeed make a difference
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