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  1. Surely that header helps in the ground clearance department up until you have to take a right turn ?
  2. The seal is on the piston i believe ? So if it's the alloy body that is pitted...
  3. Should be able to find a round yosh silencer ? They usually have a brand stamped rear alloy cap, but you can buy an old sliencer, take it apart, and rebuild using that cap with a new carbon sleeve and new yosh badge, no one would tell the difference I feel your pain man, they both look fabulous in that photo. At least it was a static fall Good luck with the rebuild
  4. If you're talking factory fitted system, the tabs that fit to the passenger footpeg area are not located the same way so they do not line up
  5. If you don't have the original fairings, its a good occasion to fit yoshi replica fairings for slabside GSXR Simple and only required reason : They look awesome
  6. I would say it's the clock CPU that deals with translating the sprocket sensor. Check if the part number for the sprocket bit are the same between the 6 and the 12 and you'll probably get the answer you need
  7. I really can't see what they can legally do with that unless they actually catch you doing it. I'm guessing nothing
  8. Nope it won't correct mate, thats one of the forbidden words on here ahaha Re the swingarm its all down to what style you're looking for, i do like the katana arm as i said the design is really nice for a stock arm. But beefier stuff is available although i've read the bandit isnt exactly super stiff
  9. But indeed if you're staying with twin shocks as @Swiss Tonisaid the best option is the alloy Katana swingarm. Looks nicer than the bandit one too and does has room for slightly larger wheels
  10. Not the kind of part you want to see out of it's sealed package anyway, i mean, potential crud between the layers doesn't sound ideal ?
  11. Nah, that'll be the '93 black purple pink haha
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