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  1. It certainly will not make any difference on an EFEs turning capacity on rough surfaces either, indeed
  2. Granted, but still won't make an ounce of difference on a 240 kilo bike. Its like saying you can feel the acceleration capacities of your bike increase as the weight of the fuel in the tank decreases, because it's making the bike lighter. It takes a lot of work and even more money to reach tangible improvement in the weight loss department on a vehicle.
  3. A quick calculation based on 2 mil thick aluminium plate weighs in at a whopping 20 grams for 2 block off plates I'll sit back and wait for someone to tell me that would be noticeable on a barge weight of a bike on crappy everyday roads. LoL
  4. alloy plate cut to shape and drilled, gasket paper and put the antidives back on ? Shouldn't be harder than that
  5. If you have the frame and V5 with matching serial number registered to your name what does this change ?
  6. I think the general theory is that smaller tubes will increase the torque low down at the detriment of the top HP ?
  7. I put mine on the floor, put my foot on the tube on the floor, and pulled on the first one closest to me, and basically they splayed out pretty evenly Took a bit of force to do but no heat involved
  8. Joseph

    Lifepo Battery

    What i suggest in this topic here : https://oldskoolsuzuki.info/forums/topic/15598-new-regrec/ Works great with a lithium battery
  9. Thanks for the examples @Reinhoud I have that Marving exhaust on my katana because with the Srad fork it lowered it alot. Works great for clearance Bear in mind the quality of the chrome whether white or black is really shit. I had mine dechromed and ceramic coated after just one year
  10. I must say i have been experiencing with RS carbs for the first time on the bike i just finished, and i agree, they are great i' use. Didn't know about the shorter exhaust line effect, thats interesting. Is it really noticeable ?
  11. Joseph

    New reg/rec

    Same issues on either i believe If you don't ride it that much it should be ok for a while
  12. Joseph

    New reg/rec

    Won't solve the weak spot of the GSX engine charging system though. But it will fix the bike of course.
  13. I have a k7 600 rim in my 750W ? It did need spacers done but not an offset sprocket. RF900 = Bandit 1200, also, and yes the older GSXR rims have a smaller sprocket to wheel center than K rims, they are maximumly offset to the sprocket side hence the slight headache to get them to fit
  14. If it is just a top speed limit and not a HP limit like in france, isn't it just a matter of changing the ECU to a uk one ?
  15. Joseph

    New reg/rec

    I'll add my 2 pence The reg/rec from yamaha R1 which is a mosfet fh0012 (also on ducatis, Triumph etc) Cheap second hand, the connectors are available on Ali, or kojaycat, It fits as does the original one (same size and bolt spacing) I fitted this to my first katana, my GSX750E and 1100, and my current 1135 kat It supplies 14.5V stable and constant throughout the rev range
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