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  1. Yes indeed, but unfortunately rarely things as epic as in the UK, due to vehicle laws in France and quite a different approach as far as love of bike building hobby goes
  2. Ah, well i bought this engine 2 years ago, it was built 10 years ago, I've done a bit of archaeology to find the topic. It's here but no photos left just descriptions of the jobs done http://forum.airhuile.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=20462&hilit=1216
  3. I missed that He parted out his project because he had to finish building his house, and this track bike 11R built throughout with race/endurance parts was holding a lot of cash. That and the fact that he decided to track his 750 SRAD This engine build was detailed on my french message board, he seemed pretty anal about it, it's completely new (cometic gasket set throughout, new shells and bearings. NOS gearbox, Ti valve shells and APE springs etc etc). Not sure why he messed up in the clutch department but it seems tight otherwise He never had it running, i'm the first to
  4. Right. I got the whole clutch basket out Using the hydro clutch system, with what i think is the correct parts for a 11F as far as rods and plates go However, @no classwas correct for the fat washer/spacer, it has not been fitted behind the basket. No ball bearing or anything else home made as far as the clutch goes
  5. Well looks like an F crank with helical basket to me Need to take it all out to check those fat washer/spacers are there. Beyond that i can't see what else to check
  6. So what is the problem with the clutch then ? Since that initial equipement was assessed the current setup i am aiming for is a total F assembly but it's stuck somewhere. I just hope it's an F crank and basket, but i guess it's not
  7. I'll have to check that. That would mean 11R crank in 11F case and therefore the potential beginning of a big headache ?
  8. My engine case is V706 so that is F, and the reason why he used them and i forgot what he said is explained in that article, basically a straight swap for the box (provided you drill the shaft) and 100% clutch compatibility I'll take it all out to check if any aforementioned washers are missing
  9. And as for the clutch mix and match : GSXR1127 89-on and B12 have a diaphragm spring, the GSXF/G have normal springs.The GSXR and B12 have a straight cut gear, the GSXF/G have a helical cut gear.Because of the different gear on the clutch basket, the clutch basket is not swappable.Since the types with a diaphragm spring have a longer shaft to accommodate the bolt for thecentral spring, these parts are also not swappable. It is possible to use the internal clutchparts from a ‘normal spring type’ in the basket (or actually on the gear box shaft) from a‘diaphragm spring type’, but you need t
  10. Ok, i went to have a look, this is what is said : 4. 750R 6 box in a 1127 motor The only hard thing here is to have a hole drilled through the gear box shaft, for the pushrod. The 750 6 boxes have a single row bearing on the output shaft, and the clutch does not have a diaphragm spring. So the easiest 1127 engines to put a 6 box in are the ones with a single row bearing on the output shaft, and no diaphragm clutch, ie. only the GSXF1127 engines. In these engines the 6 box drops straight in, only the shaft has to be
  11. Hi Engine i bought rebuilt. It has been modified (1216, cams, ports) and has been fitted with a 6 speed box from an 88 or 89 7R I have had the bike on the road, but its no good. Engine with bike on the stand revs well, holds a normal RPM idle Since tinkering with it i have found out that it was supplied with - 4 spring pressure plate clutch basket from F - 11R discs (so not as many as F, and, there was a steel disc contacting at the bottom of the basket - 11R clutch plate pushrod That allowed the bike to ride, but no speed, no actual acceleration but eng
  12. With 11R discs (2 less) and the R clutch side push rod, it was operating but not engaging enough, just slipping. That said with that setup it was a steel disc at the bottom of the basket. That is what how the engine was set up when i got it
  13. Just checked on cmsnl it actually gives 2.5 mm thickness for that washer. Doesn't explain whats going wrong with the clutch side pushrod sticking out too much however
  14. Ah ! That is interesting. I will pop off the whole thing tomorrow. Any trick i need to know or is it just a socket on the impact gun ?
  15. Center hub looks far out in the photos, i've just measured 1mm protusion of the hub compared to the outer basket
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