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  1. I tested again today with good success but then idiot me managed to snap a piston ring when removing them so time to learn how to hone cylinders as well I guess and buy some new piston rings... And off course everything is closed now because some long haired hippie died two thousand years ago....
  2. Oh, I fucked up a little bit then as I've left it for the last hour There was some moisture in the exhaust ports. But yeah, it's sat for the last hour so. Probably not that bad
  3. Cool. How long do I leave it sitting?
  4. So for the water test the valves need to be assembled with springs and everything?
  5. I was told to use windshield washer fluid by the guys who run the machine shop.
  6. Yeah if you search YouTube for "how to lap valves" there's a ton of videos where people use drills to spin the valve while lapping. Also several people explaining why you shouldn't As for the oil burning i definately can't rule out worn piston rings either, but I do feel that since each and every one of the valve stem seals shattered like glass upon removal that that's the main issue... I have yet to measure and inspect the pistons/rings and bore yet as I've been too occupied with other stuff these days. I'm crossing my fingers they're good but with the luck I'm having lately....
  7. I compared the L and the R yesterday and they both have the same curvature so I can't find any reason it wouldn't work. Yeah I noticed they're about 25€ each so not to happy about that but mine have started to crack on the ends. They're still pliable but yeah.
  8. Wasn't the plan no. I haven't checked their specs yet though.
  9. I have no idea, I bought the engine second hand from a motorcycle breaker. He said the engine needed new stem seals because it was using oil. So I thought easy peasy, until I took the head off and found the pistons, valves and chamber covered in thick carbon deposits. So it's obviously been burning oil for a long time.
  10. I'm at 1.1 now and haven't got all of the pitting away. This is looking bleak... If I have to drill the seats do I require new oversize valves? Or if the seats can be replaced do I reuse the valves I have or buy new ones? Mind you one valve is now at the upper tolerance limit. Yeah I would love to do a porting and bigger valves and cams and all that but it's just not in the budget. A simple overhaul with fresh gaskets and seals was basically all I could afford at the time being
  11. So I've got the head cleaned, and now I've started to lap the valves. Intake valves came out good. But the exhaust has some pitting still after a couple of rounds with coarse paste. I measured the ribbon on the valve to be about 0.97-1 mm and the service manual says 0.9-1.1mm So do I keep grinding or do you think its to far gone?
  12. I see wemoto is out of the R ones and sets of four sold on Eblag all have the same part number on all fours. So is there any difference? Cant I just flip two of them 180 degrees?
  13. Like if your just changing the cylinder foot gasket for example? Assuming everything is within spec
  14. Tbh i hadn't set a limit as I didn't know what all of this would cost. But the more I'm looking into it the more I realise I might not have it in this years budget all the stuff I wanna do... So I might have to settle with just replacing the valve seals and refreshing gaskets and be content with a working stock engine for now. It's still 30hp over the standard 750 so I guess it ain't too bad.
  15. That's similar to the Harris 4-1 I have already which is seriously banged up and flattened underneath because it bottoms out. And that was on a stock bike. It's much lower now with the sv1000 forks so any staggered 4-1 collector is gonna bottom out and might send me flying off the road, not a risk I'm willing to take.
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