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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys i have been scouring the manual but cant seem to work out what if anything this breather should be connected to, i'm assuming it was the airbox originally but i don't have one. should i just pipe it down? Thanks
  2. Hey guys. I have a B12 loom and engine in my 88 750 and I’m getting ready to do the DOT head swap. question is can I use the 750 CDI with the bandit loom?? I know a few pins are in different positions but I’m wondering what to do about the neutral switch wires as the 750 CDI doesn’t have pins for that. i have the 750 loom but I’m sure it’s trashed as the bike was In horrible condition when I got it (hence why I used the B12 loom) here’s how she’s looking now and thanks in advance for any advice Cheers O
  3. Hi new to the forum be kind, Looking to upgrade my Forks to a more modern set up, Ideas or thoughts ?
  4. Good afternoon all, I'm new to the forum so please be gentle....and if you cant be gentle please make it amusing :-) I'm soon to be the proud owner of a 1992 GSXR1100M albeit it is in a rather sorry state and requires a lot of TLC to get it back to its former glory. But, I've never been afraid of a bit of elbow grease and scuffed knuckles hence taking the challenge on. There's lots to do but before I submerge myself in a full restoration (bikes to keep by the way not 'do up and sell on again' as I have always wanted one) I wonder if the collective would be kind enough to answer a few questions regarding potentially making it into a 7/11 rather than keep it stock ? :- 1) Would the 1100 tank and seat unit fit a 750M model frame ? If not what mods would be required ? 2) What mods are required to fit a M model 11 engine into an M model 750 frame ? I understand the rear engine mount will need modifying but unsure on anything else ? 3) Are there any other issues in doing this swap ? (electronics, fuel taps and lines etc) There will likely be plenty more to ask but for now that seems a reasonable start. I'm torn with the option of keeping it as an 11 or doing a 7/11. My head tells me keep it 'as is' but my heart says 'why the hell not'!!!! If its fairly straight forward and I may go the 7/11 route but if it means far too much messing I will just restore it.....because I don't want to delay riding it for too long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you all in advance of any help and advice it will be much appreciated. Cheers. :-)
  5. Just saying a quick hello from Lincolnshire, as I've signed up this evening for the forum. I've presently got a couple of oil-boilers, plus one of my Dad's bikes, lurking in the garage that fit the OSS description. My 1989 750 Slingshot is a nice old bus, and I seem to have recently done a deal that's resulted in an '85 Slabbie being sat in there too... not too sure what to do about that one though, as I wasn't actually supposed to be looking for another project... d'oh. Let's see though. There's also my Dad's 1994 GSX600F that he doesn't know what to do with, it's a 12k bike that he's had from new and in pretty decent nick really. It needs a chain and sprockets, a repaint of the frame and the wheels refinishing but otherwise isn't bad at all. It's tucked up out of the way until we figure that out too. So yeah, hello!
  6. yeah so, long story short an 'unrelated forum bike' spat me down the road at a hundred and silly in what used to be my favourite corner haha and i sort of wound up inheriting an 1100 wp when i got out of hospital. the old man's circumstances changed, i was without a running bike / with many a project to be finished and i wound up with one of his bikes basically. bit weird, not really used to having things handed to me. have a soft spot for golden era bike looks but i didn't think this was my kind of thing with it being a big, heavy water boiler. wasn't even sure if i was even going to keep it but as it turns out i fucking love it in spite of its many flaws. pics really don't do the thing justice, it was proper tidy for a 93' w/ taz racing relentless livery. put a fair few miles on it at the arse end of summer. carbs were desperate for a clean and occasionally dropped a cyl at idle but was fine once warmed up so i ran it as was till winter kicked in and i had time to take it off the road and play with it, it pulled strong but not as strong as it should, pulled to redline in 5th nae' bother and crazy stable in the high speed sweepers, tyres were fucked about 6 years ago before i got it, well out of date and squared off, terrifying to ride in the wet for sure, shouldn't have been riding it like i was or digging into the old man's chicken strips, brakes were a bit sticky but other than that it was mechanically sound and like i said very tidy overall. just had new discs all round, a recent chain/sprocket set, what appears to be a full stainless 4-1 remus system, braided lines and hyper pro shock. parked up as soon as winter kicked in and out came the gs5 hack. // I'm about 5'' 11 / 6ft and riding the 11 is like sitting on a witches broom, agony on the knees after 30-45 mins so I'm thinking about dropping the pegs 10-25mm just so its a bit more usable. other than the riding position being extreme and its weight the biggest flaw is that it handles like a fridge, really need to keep it on the throttle to get round the corners which is probably down to a combination of the suspension needing setup and the tyres being well passed it. so anyway... after a bit of research i decided on and managed to find a braced arm from a 750 ws at reasonable cost and I've been putting the time in so i'll throw a writeup here for anyone who's interested. nothing that hasn't been done before like. already a fair bit into sorting the old beastie out but i'm not posting everything at once so updates are to follow //
  7. Sure I've read that the 750 and 1100 wp fairings are interchangable, any truth to this or does anyone know better? I know the tails are slightly different and they have different grab handles. Mainly it's the nosecone I'm curious about, last 3 digits of the parts number are different but that doesn't account for much does it. visually I can't spot any differences looking at pics online. So... Em yeah... Anyone know? tah!
  8. Hi All, I am currently working on my Bandit 600 which is lets say my first proper sports bike, anyhow to cut a long story short, bandit engine has high mileage, damaged rings, and damaged headers ie, all bolts well and truly seized and manifold rusted through. This is where I decide to go buy a GSXR 750 engine. Now me being a noob I dont look too much into it and just buy the first engine I see which is a R705 86 GSXR 750 Slabside engine. It came with a set of bandit carbs in miserable enough condition. I bought a small ultrasonic cleaner off Donedeal (craiglist in Ireland basically) and set about cleaning up the carbs. Stripped them all down cleaned them out and rebuilt them with a sigma 6 jet kit, I gave them the specs off the bike. So on Christmas Eve myself and the younger brother got the engine in the bike, over the next few weeks continued bit by bit. I have the bandit sump and oil pickup on there now. I have the bandit carbs on there, installed 4 new spark plugs, foam air filter socks onto the original boots. Bandit 600 oil cooler connected and the bike somewhat back together. Also fitted a new set of stainless steel headers from Black Widow Exhausts in the UK and a Danmoto GP Extreme exhaust. Now what brings me to being on here is the fact that I have a few questions to ask, this is the moment where everyone face palms and says use the god damn search box, well I have done quite a bit of research and I just can't find and definitive answers so any help would be much obliged. 1. Are the carbs big enough, the slabside originally came with 28mm so I presume 32mm is loads? 2. Will the Bandit 6 Oil cooler be sufficient or do I need to upgrade? 3. Will the exhaust flow enough air or is the bandit headers knows to cause problems? 4. When I got the engine it was just the engine, I got no sprocket cover so I tried the bandit one and discovered (well I presume) the actuator pin is too short, anyone know what size I should cut a new length of 6mm steel rod to? 5. All the connectors between the 86 GSXR Engine and the 99 Bandit 600 loom match up. i believe the GSXR has twin ignition pickups but the bandit has single, do I need to change the ignition pickups or can I simply connect the one with the matching connector and color cables and leave the other idle? If I do need to swap the pickups, is it easy to do? I am just waiting on an oil filter now and I will fill it with oil and try start her up. I still have no idea if the engine is good as I bought it off Donedeal hoping it will be fine. If everything works as I am hoping should have it running tomorrow night. Anyway as I said any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Ciath O'Riain
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