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  1. Hi, looking for help identifying these carbs. Bike Year and model they came on? Also what are the nipple with red cap on the top right carb for? It’s the inly one that has them? Thanks! Top left 46EC K4X1 top right 17E4 K391 bottom left unknown number bottom right 17E1 K261 engine side (top row 36mm, bottom row 38mm) Air filter side Top left top right bottom left bottom right diaphragm and needle jet from top left, dynojet or factory pro? Top right needle and main jet, factory pro or dynojet? Any help is much appreciated!
  2. Current carb has sat forever it seems and I just wanna freshen it up.
  3. Need to rebuild my 93 gsxr carbs 1- recommendations on where and what to get? Links? 2- are Eblag kits any good? Thanks!
  4. Heartless GXSR! Sad! Lol! Pondered with the idea of modifying the frame down tubes and engine mounts, but may just get a WC engine and be done!
  5. Thanks! Please forgive the noob questions. I know water cooled started in the US with the 93 model year but: 11- what years are the slabsides? Frame letter codes? 12- what year are the slingshots? Frame letter codes? 13- did they change the frame between 92 and 93 beside bolted rear subframe? Thanks again!
  6. Thank you all for your replies! It’s truly appreciated! 9- What year frame does the b12 fit in easily? 10- Does is fit in the oiled cooled version of the GSXR WP (meaning the generation right before the water cooled but still same looking frame and shape)? thanks again!
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