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Found 3 results

  1. Whilst following @wraith hellcat build it came to light about the braces across the frame and this set me to wondering if the teapot frames are noticeably stiffer than a bandit frame for track day use, see @DezzaOSS race series in general chat, or even fast road use I know @fatblokeonbanditbuilt one for track use as did @teapot I know everyone will say get a gsxr, but this is just a question that popped to mind,I did own a 'boons arse 600 once as a hack for a short while but never really touched it anyway opinions / abuse welcome pics from @Omegasteve and @teapothope that's ok ?
  2. I'm part way through my GSXR750 Engined GSX600F "Teapot" Cafe Racer project and need some advice on carb set up to run Ramair sock type foam filters. The motor is a 749cc long stroke Slingshot motor with BST34mm carbs lifted from a GSX750F, they have stock jets, needles etc. As it sits at the moment I have a Nikko Strada 4 into 2 into 1 headers and collector but no link pipe or end can as I need to find a suitable link pipe to fit over the 53mm collector pipe (they all seem to be either 48 or 51mm) but that's another question. So, bearing in mind the exhaust is less an end can at the moment, what are the base settings on these carbs to run the Ramair filters? I've chosen these over K&N's as researched knowledge has lead me to the conclusion that I'll never get CV carbs to work with K&N type pod filters as the air flow lifts the slides too early or something?? Before I'm flamed and told to stick the air box back on, I'll hold my hands up and say I'm doing this purely for appearance and aesthetics :-) Am I right in thinking the foam sock type filters will "mimic" the original air box and not increase the air flow as much??
  3. Mate has a teapot. Has 1998 teapot loom and bike but carbs from a 1995 teapot 600 with no tps fittings. Now he wants to know if the carbs will be fine with tps loom setup. Does the tps connector need to have a link wire installed or will it just run fine. I did think fine seeing as mine is done this way but I am less sure seeing as I haven't got a manual for one? Ta Mark
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