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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I'm planning on turbocharging my 99 b12 to around 180 hp. I'll be using gen 1 Hayabusa pistons in a blow through setup with a Td04 off a wrx, and I'd be using stock ignition. I'll be splitting the cases to replace a few gears, and was curious if it was necessary to replace the crankshaft shells since the motor is approaching 70k miles. I'm also unsure if I should install APE studs, or if I wouldn't be making enough power to need that; I find conflicting info on here. I'm already installing an APE cam chain and tensioner. Thanks for any input, and my apologies if this has been
  2. Merry Xmas friends Sitting in a garage in Thailand and trying to get a Proboost turbo kit working on a Inazuma 1200 (same set up as blandit 12). Looking for information on how much fuel pressure should be coming thru the malpassi regulater. Currently 0.2 bars fuel pressure at idle. Bike kills pistons between 6000 and 7000 rpm (see pics). Boost gauge indicates between minus 0.5 bar at idle and 0 bar boost at pistons killing rpm. Scratching heads. Any info and ideas appreciated. Cheers and sawasdee krup.
  3. Got a spare 98' Bandit 600 that I'm bored of and want to make into a little fun project. Would love to turbo charge it. A few things to consider: Blow through or draw through? I'd like to go draw through as there are less things to tinker with/modify and just looks a whole lot easier and possibly cheaper. Oil feed for the turbo. Best way to go about this? What turbo to use? Something easy to spool, something that won't create too much power. Cooling? Obviously the bike is oil cooled. You don't need an intercooler to run with a draw through turbo setup. Would a bigger oil cooler rad
  4. hi all new here with this project always had Suzuki but never a turbo,any help appreciate because I think I need some.its a 92 750 with 750 engine, water cooled front end with srad front calipers, 99 busa rear swingarm and k6 rear shock. so far ive got a dyna 2000 ingnition system with coil and taylor leads,turbo is off a saab 93 2l,and a mate has made my plen and all the pipe work. few questions are what fuel pump and fuel reg do people use ,and wheres the easiest place to pipe the return oil using a scavange pump,my carbs have been rebuilt aswel to standard and have replaced all new seals an
  5. Glad to see OldSkool properly back, will reconstruct my build thread over the next few weeks
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